Important QnA Data Storage and Memory for Class 4

In this article, you will get Important QnA Data Storage and Memory for Class 4. So here we start!

Data Storage and Memory for Class 4

Here I will provide assignment questions and answers for the chapter Data Storage and Memory. Read the answers and write them in your notebook. Dear students in some of the answers links are provided. Click on the respective links to read the answer, read them carefully and up to the point.
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Q – 1 Fill in the blanks:(Answers)

  1. Byte
  2. Flash
  3. ROM
  4. Volatile
  5. Only

Q – 2 True or False:(Answers)

1. True             2. False          3. True             4. True            5. True

Q – 3 MCQs:(Answers)

    1. iii. DROM
    2. iii. Internal Hard Disk
    3. ii. SD Card
    4. iv. 8
    5. i. RAM

In the next section of Data Storage and Memory for Class 4, we will talk about short answer questions.

Q – 4 Short answer questions: ( 2 marks)

1. What is computer memory?
Ans.: A computer memory is a space in a computer which stores data either temporarily or permanently.
2. Draw a block diagram of the computer’s memory unit.
Data Storage and Memory for Class 4 - Block Diagram of Computer's Memory Unit
Data Storage and Memory for Class 4 – Block Diagram of Computer’s Memory Unit

3. Write full forms of the following:

    1. RAM: Random Access Memory
    2. ROM: Read-Only Memory
    3. PROM: Programmable Read-Only Memory
    4. EEPROM: Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
    5. SD Card: Secure Digital Card
    6. CD: Compact Disc
    7. DVD: Digital Versatile Disc
    8. SRAM: Static Random Access Memory
    9. DRAM: Dynamic Random Access Memory

4. What are data and information?

    1. Data: Data means raw fact, figures and text without any meaning. Ex. 1001, Madan, 7985005261
    2. Information: Meaningful data is known as Information. Ex. SrNO – 1001, Name-Madan, Contact No.- 7985005261

5. What do you mean by secondary memory?

Ans.: The secondary memory is the permanent storage location of the computer.
Click here to find the answer.

Q – 5 Long answer questions: ( 3/5 marks)

Q – 1. Explain the concept of primary memory in detail.
Q – 2. What are memory units? Write a memory unit structure.
Q – 3. What is a hard disk? Explain in detail.
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