In this article, I will provide QnA more on windows 10 for class 4.

More on Windows 10 class 4

Objective type questions

I. Fill in the blanks (Answers Only)

a. Folder
b. Live
c. Wallpaper
d. Ctrl + A
e. Ctrl

II. True or False

a. True
b. False
c. False
d. True
e. False


a. ii. This PC
b. ii. Ctrl
c. iv. Any of the above
d. ii. Theme
e. iv. Both i. and ii.

In the next section of More on windows 10, you will get descriptive questions.

Descriptive type questions

1. What is Windows?
Ans. : Windows is a popular user-friendly Operating System. It allows us to do the various tasks on computers.
2. What is the desktop?
Ans. The desktop is the top-most screen of the windows where you can see all the icons, folders, shortcuts, start menu, and taskbar. Observe the following screen of my computer’s desktop.
Important QnA More on windows 10 for class 4
3. What is an icon?
Ans.: The icon is a graphic or picture of any file, folder, or software in computers or devices like mobile, tablet or any other gadget. If you want to open anything in these devices you have to click on the particular icons for the same.
4. What is This PC icon?
Ans.: This PC icon is a mostly useful icon available on the desktop, whatever saved in your computer is saved in This PC icon. You can access any file or folder from This PC icon.
This PC window screen in windows 10
This PC window screen in windows 10
5. What is a file explorer?
6. What is the library?
Ans: The libraries are system folders created by the Operating system in windows. For example, Desktop, Downloads, Documents, User files etc.
7. What are the ways to create a folder in windows 10?
Ans.: There are two ways to create a folder in windows 10. Open This PC icon from the Desktop.
1.  Click on the Home 👉 New Folder option. Observe the following screenshot.
How to create New folder in windows 10
How to create New folder in windows 10
2. Right-click anywhere in the window and choose New 👉 Folder option.
New folder creation
New folder creation
I hope you like these questions More on windows 10. Thank you for reading this article.

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