Comprehensive Guide NCERT Solutions Introduction to Styles Class 10 IT 402

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NCERT Solutions Introduction to Styles Class 10 IT 402

First of all, I will discuss Part A Multiple Choice Questions. Here we go!

Part A Multiple Choice Questions – NCERT Solutions Introduction to Styles Class 10 IT 402

[1] Which of the following features in LibreOffice Writer is/are used to create the given document?

a) Page Borders

b) Envelop

c) Picture From File

d) Indexes and Tables

Images are not clear

[2] Styles menu (from sidebar) in Writer provide options to work on

(a) Paragraph Styles
(b) Frame Styles
(c) Page Styles
(d) All of the above

[3] What is style template in LibreOffice writer?

(a) Pre-determined form and mode of document file
(b) One kind of model style
(c) One type of document
(d) Cluster of documents in Writer

[4] Which of the following gives the status of your document like page numbers, number of pages?
(a) Status bar (b) Standard toolbar
(c) Formatting (d) Title bar

[5] Which of the following can be used to access a style menu?

(a) F11 function key

(b) Sidebar Menu

(c) Formatting toolbar

(d) All of these

Part B Fill in the blanks – NCERT Solutions Introduction to Styles Class 10 IT 402

[1] A ___________ is a collection of different formats.

[2] Styles are especially handy in __________________.

[3] Proper use of styles improves _________________ in a document.

[4] The first five buttons at the top of the Styles window select the category of _____________________

[5] Using predefined ________________________creates Bookmark in the document.

[6] On opening a new file ___________________ Style is used for formatting the document.

[7] In page layout documents, you can arrange ____________________ like text boxes and graphics.

[8] Character styles are often integrated in ____________________ Style.

[9] _________________ allows to apply style at different places in the document.

[10] Predefined Style ____________________ be updated by Drag and Drop method.

Part C Short answer questions

  1. What do you understand by styles in LibreOffice writer document?
    • Styles are set of formatting saved as a single unit under a specific name. These set of formatting applies as a combination on any paragraph, text, images or tables in the document.
    • Example: For Chapter Title – Font: Arial, Size: 16 , Colour: Blue can be a style for document
  2. Write advantages of using Style over manual formatting, for designing a document.
    • Consistent format becomes difficult when manual formatting is used. Styles reduced the inconsistency in formatting
    • Reduce time and efforts in formatting a document
  3. What are the different categories of style in LibreOffice writer document?
    • Paragraph styles
    • Character Styles
    • Page Styles
    • Frame Styles
    • List Styles
    • Table Styles
  4. Write down the steps to update a style.
    • Select the style to be updated
    • Apply the formatting for a style
    • Open Styles dialog box and click on Style action button then choose Update selected style or Click on Style –> Update Selected Style
  5. What do you understand by custom styles in LibreOffice writer?
    • Custom styles refers to a style created as per user’s need which is not present in the style gallery.
  6. In a document Introduction paragraph is to be designed extensively by setting its font (face, size, weight, colour), space above it and giving number to heading. Given below are the steps used to do so.
    (i) Select the Introduction (paragraph)
    (ii) Open Font list from Toolbar
    (iii) Select the font
    (iv) Open Font size from Toolbar
    (v) Select the desired font size
    (vi) Select Font weight (Bold) from the toolbar
    (vii) Open Font color from Toolbar
    (viii) Select desired color
    (ix) Using Format menu option, select Spacing > Paragraph > Indent and Spacing (x) Edit space above paragraph
    (xi) Add number by Selecting Numbered list from Toolbar.
  1. Give two examples, where instead of Style, using manual formatting will be beneficial.
    • Applying character formatting where only font needs to be changed or very less formatting is required
    • The format needs to be applied on one or two content in the document
  2. Give one situation, in which you will prefer to use Fill Format for styling your document.
    • Fill format is used when a specific style is required to be applied frequently on series of content
  3. Write steps to load style(s) from a template.
    • Open a document in which styles needs to be loaded
    • Click on Load Styles from template option from through style action button from Styles dialog box or Click on Styles -> Load Styles from Template

Follow the given link to read notes for Applying Styles:

Applying Styles in Document

Assignment Questions given in between NCERT book

Assignment 1

Select each of the Styles – Character style, Frame style, Page style, List style and Table style and list the styles under each category. (Page No.: 16)


Character Style

Character Styles in Digital Document

Frame Style

Frame Styles in writer

Page Style

Page styles in libre office writer

List Styles

List Styles in libre office writer

Table Styles

Table Styles in Libre Office writer

Assignment 2

(i) Try applying Landscape option on one page of a large file.

Ans.: Follow these step to apply landscape in wirter:

  1. Select the page on which landscape option is required
  2. Open Styles dialog box
  3. Go the Page Styles Category
  4. Select Landscape style from the list
  5. Choose Fill format icon
  6. Drag fill format on the page

(ii) Explore, in which situation Conditional Styles filter, given in Paragraph category of styling, can be used?

Ans.: The conditional styles filter can be used when the document have the specific criteria for the styles can be matched. The conditional Styles button will show the list of styles can applied on the content. The default styles in this filter is Body Text.

Watch this video for more understanding:

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