Important QnA Objects in MS Word Class 5

Objects in MS Word

Fill in the Blanks:

a. Insert
b. Text fill
c. Text Direction
d. Illustrations
e. Cropping

True or False

a. True
b. False
c. True
d. True
e. True


a. iv. All of these
b. i. Format
c. iv. All of these
d. i. Corrections
e. i. Arrange


Short answer question (2 marks questions)

Q – 1 What are the objects in MS Word? What is its role in the document?
Ans.: Objects are pre-defined shapes, or text styles or graphics available in MS Word gallery. These objects make the document more presentable and attractive. It represents the document in a creative way.
Q – 2 What is WordArt?
Ans.: WordArt is a creative styles sets available in Insert tab of MS Word. This contains a pre-designed and formatted text with different styles.
Q – 3 What is the text box?
Ans.: The textbox is an additional box that can be added into the document to write some text which can be the points to be remembered or notes or remarks. It can be placed anywhere in the document.
Q – 4 What are the ways to insert pictures in MS Word?
Q – 5 What do you mean by cropping?
Ans.: Cropping means removing the unwanted part from the inserted picture in the document. The image or photo can be cropped from the edges only.
Q -6 What is text wrapping?
Ans.: Text wrap refers to the process of moving or shifting the text to a new line when word or sentence reaches the boundary of the objects like textbox, picture, cell, or page margin.

Long answer questions (3/5 Marks)

Q – 1 Write steps to insert WordArt in MS Word.
Ans.: To insert WordArt follow the given steps:
Step 1: Click on the Insert → WordArt option from the Text group.
Insert WordArt in MS Word
Step 2: Select the desired WordArt style from the drop-down list.
WortArt Dropdown
Step 3.  Now a box will appear in the document with the text “Your text here“.
Your text here
Step 4.  Type the text now.
Q – 2 What are the formatting options of WordArt?
Ans.: When you insert the WordArt you will notice one change in the ribbon i.e. an additional tab → format available on the ribbon. You can change the WordArt object formatting with the following options:
  • Fill Color: To change the fill color into the text. It can be color or image.
  • Text Outline: To change the outline color, width, line style etc.
  • Text Effects: You can add effects like shadow, reflection, glow, bevel, 3D rotation, transform, etc.
  • Shape Styles: By using this option you can change the shape style like shape fill color, shape outline, shape effects, etc.
  • Wrapping: It is used to wrap the text around the WordArt object. Some of the commonly used options are in line with text, square, tight, through, top and bottom, behind text, etc.

Q – 3 Write steps to insert textbox and write the text inside the textbox.

Ans.: To insert the textbox and write text inside the textbox follow the given steps:
  • Place the cursor when the textbox is required.
  • Click on Insert → Textbox → Draw Textbox option from the Text group.
  • Draw the textbox according to the requirement.
  • Now right click on the box and select Add Text option.
  • Type the text and format it as per the need.

Q – 4 How to insert a shape in the document?

Ans.: To insert a shape in the document follow the given steps:
  • Click on Insert → Shapes option from the illustration group. A drop-down list will appear.
  • Select the desired shape from the drop-down list.
  • The cursor now changes to + sign.
  • Drag the mouse as per your requirement to draw the shape.
  • If you want to add text in the shape then add the text.

Q – 5 How to insert the picture from computer in the MS Word document?

Ans.: To insert the picture from the computer follow the below-given steps:
  • Place the cursor where picture is required.
  • Click on  Insert → Pictures option from the illustration group.
  • The insert picture dialog box appears, open the folder from where you want to insert the picture.
  • Select the picture.
  • Click on the insert button and adjust the picture size.

Q – 6 What are the options available for formatting the inserted pictures in MS Word.

Ans.: Click here to read the answer. (Write any 5 options)
Watch the complete guide in the following video lesson.

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