Advance features of excel Exercises for class 6 – Important for exams

Advance features of Excel Exercises for class 6 covers the topics like sorting, filter, conditional formatting and filling series in ms excel. So here we go!!!

Advance features of Excel Exercises for class 6

Objective type questions

We will start the article Advance features of Excel Exercises for class 6 with objective types questions.

Fill in the blanks

First we will see the answers fill in the blanks for Advance features of Excel Exercises for class 6.

  1. Auto Fill
  2. Clear Rules
  3. Flash Fill
  4. Styles
  5. Data

In this section you will find the answers of True/False for Advance features of Excel Exercises for class 6.


  1. False –> The Auto Fill features allows you to fill a range of cells with a series of data without actually typing it.
  2. False –> The given button is used to arrange data in ascending order.
  3. False –> The remove a filter criteria click Clear in Sort & Filter group on the Data tab.
  4. True
  5. True

The next part of Advance features of Excel Exercises for class 6, you will see MCQs answers.


  1. iii. Apr
  3. iv. All of these
  4. iii. Among

Read the following questions and answers of Advance features of Excel Exercises for class 6 and write into your notebook.

Short answer questions (2/3 Marks)

[1] What do you mean by autofill and flash fill?

Autofill refers to filling a series of numbers, months, years, or weekdays automatically without typing in cells.

Flash fill refers to filling a specific recognized patterns into cell ranges.

[2] What is sorting and filter?

Sorting means rearranging data into ascending or descending order. For Ex. rearranging data from A to Z or Z to A.

Filter means to show data according to the condition or criteria. For Ex. Display the of students who scored more than 60 marks.

[3] What is conditional formatting?

Conditional formatting allows to highlight data based on the criteria selected from the drop down list.

[4] What is a custom list?

Custom lists are those lists created by user with his own customization or own list.

[5] What do you mean by cell rules for conditional formatting?

Cell rules are criteria specification that is used to highlight data in a spreadsheet.

[6] Enlist the autofill options provided by MS Excel.

  1. Copy Cells
  2. Fill Series
  3. Fill Formatting Only
  4. Fill without formatting
  5. Fill Months
  6. Flash Fill

[7] Write steps to edit or delete a custom list.

  1. To edit the custom lists, do the desired changes in the list entry box and click on Add.
  2. To delete the custom lists click on the Delete button, it will ask to delete the list, click on OK button to delete it.

The last part of Advance features of Excel Exercises for class 6 consists of long answer questions.

Long answer questions (5 Marks)

[1] Write steps to fill a series of 1 to 20.

  1. Type 1 and 2 in first two cells.
  2. Now select both cells.
  3. Place your cursor at the right bottom corner.
  4. The cursor will change the into plus symbol, known as Fill Handle.
  5. Now drag the mouse pointer till 20 and release it.

[2] How to generate a custom list?

  1. Type the required data to generate a custom list.
  2. Click on File –> Options. A dialog box appears with the title Excel Options.
  3. Select Advanced option from the left pane.
  4. Find the General option and click on the Edit Custom Lists button.
  5. A Custom Lists dialog appears.
  6. Verify the cell range and click on the Add button.

[3] How to sort data in ascending order?

  1. Select the column to sort data.
  2. Click on Home –> Sort & Filter option from Editing group.
  3. A drop-down list will appear.
  4. Select Sort A to Z –> Sort Smallest to Largest option.

[4] How to organizing data into levels?

  1. Click on any cell of data.
  2. Click the Data –> Subtotal from outline group.
  3. Click on Subtotal option. A dialog box appears with the Title Subtotal.
  4. Select the function to display data and choose the column to add subtotal.
  5. Click on OK button.

[5] What are the difference between auto filter and conditional formatting?

Auto FilterConditional Formatting
Auto filter option is used to display data according to criteria. Conditional Formatting option is used to highlight data according to criteria.
The auto filter option is available under the editing group.A conditional formatting option is available under the styles group.
The auto filter option hides the unmatched data from the worksheet.A conditional formatting option didn’t hide any data from the worksheet.

Chapter 1 The Computer System

Chapter 2 Formatting Data in MS Excel

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