Important Questions AI Class 7 Chapter 1 Introduction to AI

In this article, we are going to discuss important questions forAI Class 7 Chapter 1 Introduction to AI of Class AI. So lets we begin!

AI Class 7 Chapter 1 Introduction to AI

I will start the important questions for AI Class 7 Chapter 1 introduction to AI with some definitions and descriptive type questions. So here it is!

  1. What do you mean by Intelligence?
    • Intelligence refers to the various abilities of an individuals
    • These abilities are one of these:
      • To deal with new situations
      • To solve problems or answer the questions
      • To devise plans
      • To apply knowledge
  2. Name a few activities involved in intelligence.
    • The intelligence involved some of these activities:
      • Learning – obtaining and processing new information
      • Reasoning – Manipulating the information in many ways
      • Understanding – Consideration of results of information
      • Determining the validity – Verifying the data
  3. List out the types of intelligence.
    • The types of intelligence are as following:
      • Naturalistic
      • Linguistic
      • Visual/Spatial
      • Kinesthetic
      • Musical
      • Logical
      • Intrapersonal
      • Interpersonal
  4. Identify the intelligence:
    1. An individual strong shapes, designs, graphics, and visualization – Visual/Spatial
    2. Verbal intelligence use words while reading and writing – Linguistic
    3. Intelligence related to recognizing patterns and logically analyzing problems – Logical-Mathematical
    4. Good at body movement, performing actions, and physical control – Kinesthetic
    5. Good at understanding and interacting with people – Interpersonal
    6. Good at rhythms, and sounds – Musical
    7. Being aware of their own emotional states, feelings, and motivations – Intrapersonal
  5. What do you mean by Artificial Intelligence?
    • Artificial means that things which are made by human or things which are not occurring naturally
    • Intelligence refers to the ability to learn and apply knowledge
    • Artificial Intelligence refers to the ability of digital computers or computer-controlled robots to solve the problems with higher intellectual capabilities of humans.
  6. Write definitions of AI according to the following organizations:
    • NITI Ayog
    • Word Economic Forum
    • Encyclopedia Britannica
  7. Who was John McCarthy?
    • John-McCarthy is an American computer scientist and cognitive scientist.
    • He coined the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’
    • He was one of the founders and researchers of the field of AI
    • He defined AI as – “Getting a computer to do things which, when done by people, are said to involve intelligence”
  8. What do you mean by Turing Test?
    • The Turing Test originally called the Imitation Game
    • It was started in 1950
    • It was a test of the Machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior or equivalent to that of a human
    • It was proposed as an evaluator for judge natural language conversations between a human and machine
    • It checks two partners in conversation would be limited

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