A comprehensive notes for Informatics Practices with Python – CBSE Curriculum Class 11 and 12

informatics practices with python

Informatics Practices with Python is one of the courses in the CBSE curriculum. In this article, you will get detailed comprehensive notes and QnA as well as practical study material

This page is made for a simple (But complete) guide for the Informatics Practices subject. On this page, you will find details about Informatics practices subject code 065 for class 11 and 12 CBSE curriculum. All the notes, assignments, and practical solutions are designed based on the new syllabus of 2022-23. The topic-wise detailed and easy study material is given to help students and computer teachers. 

Informatics Practices with Python

Download CBSE syllabus for class 11 and CBSE syllabus for class 12.

Informatics Practices Class XI

According to the revised syllabus, there are four units of this course for class XI.

  1. Introduction to the computer system
  2. Introduction to python
  3. Database concepts and the Structured Query Language
  4. Introduction to emerging trends

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In this course, you will learn about the identification of computer systems, creating python programs with different data types, if conditions, loops, lists, dictionaries etc.

From database concepts, you will learn about the basics of databases, RDBMS, queries, etc.

The emerging trends allow you to identify the various emerging trends in the field of Information Technology.

Informatics Practices Class XII

This course offers you four main units as follows:

  1. Data handling using pandas and Data visualization
  2. Database query using SQL
  3. Introduction to Computer Networks
  4. Societal Impacts

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This course offers an opportunity to learn data science concepts like Python pandas data structures such as series and data frames.

It extends learning towards data visualization using pandas and python to prepare reporting tools like dashboards.

In database concepts, you will learn about SQL queries using aggregate functions.

Networking allows you to learn terminologies related to networking and internet, internet security issues, and configure the browser settings.

Societal impacts explain the impact of technology on society including gender and disability issues.

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