Questions and Answers – More about Tux Paint

In this article, you will find the questions and answers – More about Tux Paint. Write descriptive questions answers in your fair notebook.

Text Book Exercises

1. Fill in the blanks with correct words:

a. Stamps b. Alt + S c. Slide show d. Esc e. Back

2. Write T for the true statement and F for the false one:

a. True b. True c. True d. False e. False

3. Choose the correct options:

a. iii. 1, 2, 3 b. ii. Slides c. Play d. i. Slides in the slide show move automatically

Descriptive Questions

Short answer questions: (2 Marks)

1 What is stamp tool?

A stamp tool is a tool that is available in the tools panel of TuxPaint. This stamp gallery contains various animals, birds, and other beautiful pictures like stamp or sticker that users can paste on storyboard.

2 What is storyboard?

A storyboard is page or main screen of TuxPaint window where user can place number of pictures that tells a story.

3 What is sound muting? How to to mute sound in TuxPaint?

TuxPaint play sound when you click on the specific tool. The process of disabling this sound is known as Sound Muting. It can be done pressing ALT + S. You can press this short cut key to enable it and disable it anytime.

4 What is quit tool? How to do exit from TuxPaint?

A quit tool is used to close or exit the TuxPaint window. Click on Quit tool from tools panel to exit from TuxPaint window.

5 Which options will you get after quit tool clicked?

When you click on quit tool, TuxPaint provides following two options:

  1. Yes, I’m done!
  2. No, take me back!

6 When you open TuxPaint you will get the image which is saved recently. How to load a new picture on the storyboard?

TuxPaint automatically reload the image previously saved by the user. To load new picture, follow these steps:

  1. Click on New tool.
  2. It will ask to replace the picture and provide you following two options:
    1. Yes, replace the old one!
    2. No, save a new file!
  3. Choose option no. 2 a new picture will load on the storyboard.

7 How to use print tool?

Click the print tool to print the picture. It will open a dialog box to print the picture with following options:

  1. Yes, print it!
  2. No, take me back!

Click on option 1 and select printer then click on OK button.

Long Answer questions: (5 Marks)

1 Write steps to paste some vehicle pictures on storyboard using stamp tool.

To paste some vehicle pictures on stroyboard using stamp tool, follow these steps:

  1. Load new picture on TuxPaint.
  2. Click on stamp tool.
  3. Use right or left arrow to find the vehicle pictures stamps.
  4. Now select the stamp that you want to paste on picture.
  5. Click on the place where you want paste them on the storyboard.
  6. Use number of pictures as you wish.

2 How to change resize, mirror and flip the picture of stamp tools?

TuxPaint provides button below the stamp tool to resize and flip the pictures.

To resize the picture follow the given steps:

  1. Select the stamp you need to paste on the storyboard.
  2. Click on increase/decrease the size of the image button available below the stamp tools.
  3. This button shows smallest to largest image option, select the size as you want.

To change he mirror side , click on mirror button available below the stamp tool.

To flip the image click on flip image vertically button.

3 Write steps to create a story.

To create a story in TuxPaint follow the given steps:

  1. Click on New tool and choose background picture for the story and click on open.
  2. Insert the desired pictures for your story and paste on the storyboard.
  3. Use the text tool to write the story text.
  4. Similarly, create multiple pictures to write a complete story.
  5. Save all the pictures.

4. How to view the story created in TuxPaint?

Follow the given steps to view the story created in TuxPaint:

  1. Click on Open tool from the tools panel. It will display the list of saved pictures.
  2. Click on the slides button available at the bottom left corner.
  3. Now select the pictures in a specific order for your story.
  4. When you finished selecting all pictures for your story, click on plat button to view.

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