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The following questions are based on Class 5 Chapter 4 Advanced Features of MS word.

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Class 5 Chapter 4 Advanced features of MS word

[1] What is header and footer? How to insert it?

The header contains additional information related to your document and available at the top of every page. Footer is available at the bottom of every page. The information can be a page number, chapter name, document name, date and time and author/authorization name.

To insert header/footer follow these steps:

  1. Click on Insert > Header/footer option. The header/footer area will be activated. Or Double click on top for header and bottom for footer area the header/footer area will be activated.
  2. Type or choose the require contents for header/footer.

[2] What is footnotes and endnotes? How to insert it in the document?

Footnotes and endnotes are explanatory text or references for text in a document. It displays the meaning of the word at the end of the page (Footnote) or end of the document. You can either add number or symbol to the footnote/endnote. To insert the footnote/endnote follow these steps:

  1. Select the word from the document which meaning you need.
  2. Click on References > Insert Footnote or References > Insert Endnote rom footnotes group.
  3. Now the footnote and endnote dialog box will open.
  4. Select Footnote/Endnotes as per the requirement and choose the number format.
  5. Click on Insert button. The cursor jump to the end of page or the document.
  6. Type the desired word or meaning and click back into the document.

[3] How to Add watermark?

Watermark is a picture or text displayed at the back side of your text content. To add watermark follow these steps:

  1. Click on Design > Watermark option from page background group.
  2. Select appropriate option for the watermark like built-in or custom and type the required text or choose the image.
  3. Click on OK when you finished.

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