QnA Formatting data in MS Excel

Fill in the Blanks

  1. Merge & Center
  2. Orientation
  3. Alignment
  4. Format cells
  5. Number

True and False

1.       False

2.       False

3.       False

4.       False

5.       True


1.       iv. Fill Color

2.       iii. Right

3.       iii. Font Color

4.       iv. All of these

5.       iv. Styles

Short Answer Questions:

Q – 1 What is formatting?

Ans. : Formatting refers to the presentation and appearance of data on the page. There are certain formatting commands available in MS excel that doesn’t affect the original value of the cell.

Q – 2 What is font?

Ans.: A font is a text and numbers style installed in the computer. It has different styles with its name. For example Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial etc.

Q – 3 What is alignment?

Ans.: Alignment is the position of the data in current cell. It can be horizontal or vertical. It can be left, right or center in horizontal or top, middle or bottom in vertical.

Q – 4 What is orientation?

Ans.: Orinetation refers to the relative physical position or direction of text. The by default direction is is horizontal.


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