15+ Important QnA Subtotals in OO Calc Class 10 IT 402

In this article, we are going to discuss important QnA Subtotals in OO Calc Class 10 IT 402. This is the second learning outcome for Unit 2 Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced). Watch the following video lesson for the understanding of the concept:

important QnA Subtotals in OO Calc Class 10 IT 402

Let’s begin the article on important QnA Subtotals in OO Calc Class 10 IT 402 with very short answer questions or objective types questions like fill in the blanks, MCQs, True/False etc. 

 Very short answer questions : (1 Mark)

1. The ___________ feature allows us to make a total of given data into a group with row labels and column headers. 
2. Click subtotals option is available under __________ menu to open subtotals dialog box.
3. Which of the following tab is not a part of the subtotals dialog box?
A) First Group         b) 2nd Group                    c) Third Group                d) Options
4. The sort option is available in __________ tab of subtotals dialog box. 
5. You cannot apply custom sort orders into subtotals. (True/False)
6. You can apply subtotals according to column order which is given in the worksheet only. (True/False)
7. The ________ option pops up a drop-down list which contains columns to group by for subtotals.
8. You cannot apply subtotals if the worksheet doesn’t have proper row labels and column headers. (True/False)
9. To display the sum of values _________ option must be checked in the subtotals dialog box.
10. To see the different levels of subtotals the _________ is generated in front of row numbers. 
Just check the answers for the short answer questions of important QnA Subtotals in OO Calc Class 10 IT 402. 


1. Subtotals
2. Data
3. A ) First Group
4. Options
5. False
6. False
7. Group By
8. True
9. Calculate subtotals for
10. Outline or Hierarchy of row labels
In the next section of important QnA Subtotals in OO Calc Class 10 IT 402, we will talk about short answer questions, can be asked in 2 marks. 

Short Answer questions : (2 Marks)

Ans.: SUBTOTAL is a function listed under the Mathematical category when you use the Function Wizard (Insert > Function). Because of its usefulness, the function has a graphical interface. It is available under Data menu. 
2. What are the common functions available in subtotal dialog box?
Ans.: The common functions available in the subtotals dialog box are as following:
  1. Sum
  2. Average
  3. Max
  4. Min
  5. Count

3. List out different tabs available in the subtotals dialog box?

Ans.: The subtotals dialog box has the following tabs:
  1. 1st Group
  2. 2nd Group
  3. 3rd Group
  4. Option

4. Explain the 1st group tab in short.

Ans.: The 1st group tab in the first tab of the subtotals dialog box. It provides 3 options:
  1. Group By: This option provides on the drop-down list of column headers used in the worksheet. Select the column name which you want to display in the subtotals group.
  2. Calculate subtotals for: It is used to select the value to display the result in a group.
  3. Use Functions: This option is used to select different functions like sum, count, max, min etc.
5. Explain the options tab of the subtotals dialog box in short.
Ans.: The options tab of the subtotals dialog box has mainly two options: 
  1. Groups
  2. Sort

The group’s options are applicable to the group and provide the following options:

  1. Page break between groups: Display each group on different pages.
  2. Case sensitive: Check the case sensitive data i.e. matches upper and lower case text
  3. Pre-sort area according to groups: It will sort the data according to results

The sort group option provides sorting options like ascending or descending order and custom sort order according to users.

In the next section of important QnA Subtotals in OO Calc Class 10 IT 402 I am going to talk about long answer questions that can be asked in 4 marks. 

Long answer questions: (4 Marks)

1. Write steps to create or apply subtotals in a worksheet. 
Ans.: To create subtotals or apply subtotals follow the given steps:
  1. Prepare your data.
  2. Click on Data → Subtotals. A subtotals dialog box will appear.
  3. Select the group options like group by, calculate subtotals for, and functions.
  4. Repeat step 3 for more groups. (if required)
  5. Click on the OK button.

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