Communication Skills class 10 Important Questions Answers

Communication Skills class 10 is the first learning outcome of Information Technology class 10 code 402. In this article, we are going to discuss Communication Skills class 10 questions and answers. So let’s start!

Communication Skills Class 10 Questions and Answers

Let’s start communication skills class 10 questions and answers with objective type questions. This section consists of 1 marks questions like MCQs, fill in the blanks and true/false. Here we go!

Objective type questions Communication Skills class 10

  1. Which of the following are abilities to communicate properly?
    • read
    • write
    • speak
    • all of these
  2. Mother tongue refers to the language one has been exposed to since birth. (True/False)
  3. The word communication comes from the Latin word __________. (Ans. commūnicāre)
  4. The Latin word commūnicāre means ______
    • to deliver
    • to present
    • to share
    • to sacrifice
  5. Which of the following are important parts of Communications Skills?
    • transmitting
    • listening
    • feedback
    • all of these
  6. The process of encoding refers to what the receiver understands. (True/False)
  7. ________ refers to what the communicator means. (Ans. Encoding)
  8. Which of the following is not an element of the communication cycle?
    • sender
    • message
    • receiver
    • programming
  9. The receiver’s acknowledgment and response to the message refer to ________. (Ans. feedback)
  10. Which of the following method helps the message to be understood clearly and quickly?
    • face-to-face informal communication
    • e-mail
    • notices/posters
    • business meetings
  11. Body language adds more effectiveness to the communication in face-to-face meetings. (True/False)
  12. __________ can be used to communicate quickly with one or many individuals in various locations. (Ans. Email)
  13. Which of the following is effective when the same message has to go out to a large group of people where email communication may not effective?
    • face-to-face informal communication
    • phone calls
    • notices/posters
    • business meetings
  14. Clients can be also part of business meetings. (True/False)
  15. If an employee wants to apply for leave at work, which of the following communication method can be used?
    • Website
    • e-mail
    • notices/posters
    • business meetings

After communication skills class 10 MCQ or OTQ, now in the next section of the Communication Skills class 10 questions and answers we will discuss subjective type questions.

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Communication Skills class 10 Subjective Type Questions

  1. What do you mean by communication?
    • Communication refers to the process of sharing ideas, thoughts, views, opinions, beliefs, or information between more than one person by speaking, writing, or using some other medium and means of sending or receiving information.
    • The word communication comes from the Latin word ‘commūnicāre’, which means that ‘to share’.
  2. What is the importance of communication in a professional career?
    • Communication plays an important role in a professional career.
    • Being communicate properly is one of the crucial and important life skills.
    • Communication skills are needed to communicate effectively with people and customers.
    • It plays an important role in understanding the ideas, thoughts, views, and information to the audience.
    • It also makes your work and process very easy.
    • It also develops the interpersonal skills of a professional.
    • Anyone can express themselves effectively and with maximum efficiency.
  3. What are the three important parts of communication?
    • The three important parts of communication are:
      • Transmitting: The sender transmits the message using any medium
      • Listening: The receiver listens or understands the message
      • Feedback: The receiver conveys their understanding of the message to the sender in the form of feedback to complete the communication cycle
  4. Explain the process of communication with an example.
    • To understand the process of communication, have a look at this example:
      • Teacher: Do you understand the concept of communication?
      • Student: Yes Sir, Thank you.
      • Teacher: If you have any doubt, feel free to ask.
      • Student: No doubt, sir.
    • In the above example, the information or message transmitted orally by a teacher to a student. The teacher is the sender and the student is the receiver here.
    • The receiver’s (student) response is the feedback.
    • Here teacher gets an idea that the student understood the concept or not.
  5. What are the elements of the communication cycle?
    • The following are the main elements of the communication cycle:
      • Sender: the person beginning the communication.
      • Message: the information that the sender wants to convey
      • Channel: the means by which the information is sent.
      • Receiver: the person to whom the message is sent.
      • Feedback: the receiver’s acknowledgment and response to the message.
  6. What are the various methods of communication?
face to face communication - communication skills class 10 questions and answers
face to face communication – communication skills class 10 questions and answers
  • The various methods are communication are as follows:
    • Face-to-face informal communication: This is the most effective communication method. The parties involved in the process understand the message clearly and easily. Body language adds more effectiveness to this communication.
    • e-mail: It is the most convenient mode of communication when the sender and receivers are different at locations. It can be used to convey or share information with a group of people. It offers flexibility, convenience, and low cost.
    • Notices/Posters: When you need to share information with a group of known or unknown people you can use this communication method. It is generally used where e-mail is not fruitful. You can use this for broadcast or public notifications.
    • Business meetings: This method is generally used to address a group of people within the community. It is mainly organized for taking decisions and to fulfill management agendas.
    • Other methods: There can be various other methods like social networks, messages, phone calls for communication, newsletter, blog, etc.

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