Important QnA Barriers of Effective Communication Class 10

In this article we are going to discuss Important QnA Barriers of Effective Communication Class 10. So here we go!

QnA Barriers of Effective Communication Class 10

As usual, we will discuss objective types of questions of 1 mark from the topic barriers of effective communication class 10. This portion consists of fill-in-the-blanks, MCQs, and True/False type questions. So let’s start!

  1. Effective communication follows which of the following principle?
    • 7Cs
    • 4Ps
    • 3Ds
    • 3Cs
  2. The _______ barrier is the environmental and natural condition that acts as a barrier in communication in sending message from sender to receiver. (And. physical)
  3. Text messages are more effective than face-to-face communication. (True/False)
  4. Inability to communicate using a language is known as _______ barrier. (And. linguistic)
  5. Which of the following is a common barrier and causes misunderstandings and misinterpretations between people?
    • Physical Barriers
    • Linguistic Barriers
    • Interpersonal Barriers
    • Organizational Barriers
  6. When a sender sends a message which received differently from how it was intended will be considered as __________ barrier. (Ans. interpersonal)
  7. Which of the following can be considered as interpersonal barriers?
    • Stage Fear
    • Slang Language
    • Natural condition
    • Religion colloquialism
  8. The superior-Subordinate relationship is a type of organizational barrier. (True/False)
  9. The _________ barrier leads to stereotypical assumptions about others based on their cultural background. (Ans. cultural)
  10. To overcome the linguistic barriers take the help of a stenographer. (True/False)
  11. Which of these is NOT a common communication barrier?
    • Linguistic barrier
    • Interpersonal barrier
    • Financial barrier
    • Organizational barrier
  12. Which of these are ways to overcome communication barriers?
    • Respecting each other’s differences
    • Using a translator
    • Not communicating at all
    • Using your own language for comfort

In the next section of QnA barriers of effective communication class 10, we will discuss subjective type questions.

  1. What are the 7Cs of communications?
    • The 7Cs of Communications are as following:
      • Clear
      • Concise
      • Concrete
      • Correct
      • Coherent
      • Complete
      • Courteous
  2. Explain the 7Cs of communication in short.
    • Clear – to the clear message content should be delivered
    • Concise – to the point of what to be said and use simple words
    • Concrete – to the exact words and facts
    • Correct – use proper spellings and grammar
    • Coherent – words should make sense and relate to the main topic
    • Complete – include all the needed information in the message
    • Courteous – Be respectful, courteous, and honest
  3. List out the barriers to effective communication.
    • There are 4 barriers to effective communication.
      • Linguistic
      • Cultural
      • Physical and organizational
      • Interpersonal
  4. Explain the physical and linguistic barriers.
    • Physical Barrier
      • The environmental and natural condition that act as a barrier is known as a physical barrier
      • A gesture, posture, or body language could not reach the receiver makes communication less effective.
      • Text messages are less effective compared to face-to-face communication
    • Linguistic Barrier
      • This is the most common barrier.
      • It can cause misunderstandings and misinterpretations between people.
      • Slang language, professional jargon, religious colloquialisms
  5. Explain the interpersonal, organizational, and cultural barriers.
    • Interpersonal Barrier
      • The message received in a different way from how it was intended.
      • The person is not willing to talk or express their views.
      • Stage fear, lack of confidence, personal differences are some interpersonal barriers
    • Organization Barriers
      • The rules and regulations framed by the organization can be a barrier to communication.
      • The relations between superiors and subordinates also can be a barrier to communication.
    • Cultural Barriers
      • The people coming from different cultures are unable to understand each other’s customs.
      • It creates inconveniences and difficulties among the people.
      • People make some stereotypical assumptions about others based on their cultural background that leads to a major barrier to communication.
  6. What are the ways to overcome the barriers of effective communication?
    • The below-given ways can be adopted to overcome the barriers
      • Use simple language
      • Do not form assumptions on culture, religion, or geography
      • Try to communicate in person as much as possible
      • Use visuals
      • Take the help of a translator to overcome differences in language
      • Be respectful of other’s opinions

That’s all from the QnA barriers of effective communication class 10. I hope you enjoyed this article barriers of effective communication class 10. If you have any doubt or query related to this article feel free to ask in the comment section.

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