Important questions ICT skills Class 10

In this article, we are going to important questions ICT skills class 10. ICT Skills is the third unit of Employability skills Class 10. It is applicable for all kinds of skill courses of Class 10. Let us begin!

Important questions ICT skills class 10 asked in the Board exam

As per CBSE question papers pattern, there are two major type of questions framed for employability skills.

  1. One Marks Questions such as MCQs, Fill in the blanks etc.
  2. Two Marks questions or short answer questions.

So let us begin the article with 1 mark questions. Here we go!

Important ICT Skills questions class 10 – 1 Mark Questions

Let us see one-mark questions from ICT skills first in the first section of basic ict skills class 10 questions and answers. Here we go!

[1] ICT Stands for ____________________

[2] ________ refers to all the methods, tools, and concepts related to storing, recording, and sending digital information.

[3] Which of the following is not a correct method of recording or storing information?

a) handwritten

b) written text using a typewriter

c) written text using a keyboard

d) data collected orally on the phone

[4] When data is written on registers, stored, and recorded on electronic devices it takes ________ form.

a) digital

b) automated

c) binary

d) decimal

[5] Which of the following is not an ICT device?

a) computer

b) smartphone

c) calculator

d) laptop

[6] State True or False – Everyone should acquire ICT skills and build them to stay updated with the latest software and applications.

[7] ICT helps to _______________

a) communicate

b) run a business

c) Stay connected with family and friends

d) All of these

[8] A computer system has two major parts:

a) Footwear and Cookware

b) Peripherals and Users

c) Hardware and Software

d) Keyboard and Mouse

[9] Which of the following is incorrect about hardware

a) We can see them

b) They provide an interface to us for work

c) We can touch them

d) They are physical parts of a computer

[10] Which of the following is a hardware

a) CPU

b) Browser

c) MS Word

d) OS

[11] Which of the following are responsible to make the hardware run?

a) Freeware

b) Shareware

c) Humanware
d) Software

[12] When we start a computer, we get the application interface on the screen. This is done by

a) Hardware

b) Software

c) User

d) None of these

[13] State True or False: Software would not be able to function without hardware.

[14] Which of the following starts working as soon as the computer is started?

a) MS Word

b) Notepad

c) MS Excel

d) Operating System

[15] Which of the following is not a common OS for computers?

a) Windows

b) Symbian

c) Ubuntu

d) Mac

[16] Which of the following is one of the popular mobile operating systems?

a) android

b) DOS

c) Linux

d) Unix

[17] Rearrange the steps which start the computer before its ready for work

i) Operating system will start and display the desktop

ii) Power on the switch

iii) Press the power button on the CPU

a) i) – ii) – iii)

b) iii) – ii) – i)

c) ii) – iii) – i)

d) i) – iii) – ii)

[18] Naveen appeared for an interview for the post of Office Assistant. He has been asked about the program which runs automatically as soon as the computer is gets switched on. Suggest him the program name.


b) Notepad

c) Control Panel

d) Desktop

[19] BIOS stands for

a) Basic Input/Output Structure

b) Basic Input/Output Software

c) Basic Input/Output Socket

d) Basic Input/Output System

[20] The BIOS first does a self-test for the computer. This self-test is known as

a) Start Up Selt Test (SUST)

b) Power On Self Test (POST)

c) First Run Self Test (FRST)

d) Power On Start Up (POSU)

[21] Minesh wants to protect his computer from unauthorized access without his permission. Select the appropriate mechanism to help him out of the following:

a) He requires to lock the room

b) He requires to shut down the computer when he leaves the place

c) He requires a login id and password

d) He requires a pen drive and stores the password-protected file

[22] State True or False – When you shut down, the operating system will not close all the opened applications nor prompt any message to close them and closes them automatically then shut down the computer.

[23] Identify the control keys from the given set of keys:

enter, shift, space, capslock, semicolon, F1, F7, Delete, backspace, windows, tab

[24] Which of the following key is the command key?

a) ins

b) home

c) alt

d) windows

[25] which of the following task cannot be performed by a mouse?

a) Turn on the computer

b) Hover on the object

c) Shut Down

d) Drag and Drop

[26] Shreya is a beginner she just pressed and hold the left mouse key and move the mouse around. Her teacher saw her and asked her about the term and what she is doing. Help her so she can answer.

a) Hover

b) Dragging

c) Selecting

d) Moving

[27] As you have your racks to keep your belongings. The computer also provides a container to store your files. This container is known as

a) Extension

b) Control Panel

c) Briefcase

d) Folder

[28] The filename and extension are separated by

a) , (Comma)

b) . (Dot)

c) – (Dash)

d) _ (Underscore)

[29] The folder is also known as ___________

a) directory

b) File Container

c) extension

d) File holder

[30] State True or False – It is okay if we do not take care of dust and cleanliness of computers as it does not affect the functions of the computer.

[31] Gayatri kept the charges plugged in even though the laptop is charged 100%. This cause

a) Blast the battery

b) Damage laptop screen

c) Burn the keyboard

d) Overheat laptop

[32] Select a step that helps to protect the laptop from overheating

a) Fan should be not covered

b) avoid leaving a device in the direct sunlight

c) do not leave a device in a closed car

d) All of these

[33] State True or False – While connecting the USB device to the laptop and if it is difficult to plug in forcefully.

[34] Dharmesh is working on the computer but his computer becomes very slow after some time. What can be the possible reason?

a) too many programs are running

b) listening to songs while working

c) taking up phone calls while working on computers

d) Using internet through wifi hotspot

[35] Which of the following task can be a part of daily maintenance?

a) Full virus scan

b) Deleting unwanted contacts

c) download email attachments

d) Disk defragmentation

[36] Sometimes we get emails from companies who are advertising a product or trying to
attract you to their website. Such emails are called _______________________.

a) Spam

b) Trash

c) Draft

d) Bulk

[37] Archana is getting spam emails in his email. He is confused about what to do with this type of email. Select an appropriate option for him out of these.

i) She should never respond

ii) Delete those emails regularly

iii) Set filters in email settings

iv) Move them to inbox

a) i) and ii)

b) i), ii) and iii)

c) i) and iii) only

d) All of them

[38] Read the following traits of software and identify the software:

i) It can prevent vulnerable attacks on computer

ii) It can clean any malware that affects the data

a) disk defragmenter

b) disk cleaner

c) operating system

d) antivirus

[39] Suman is working on the internet to download some information for her project. She visited some websites but was not sure if they are secured or not. Now she is aware that we can surf data on a secured website. Suggest appropriate options for her out of the following:

i) It should start with HTTPS

ii) A small lock icon should appear on the address bar

iii) Always requires username and password

iv) Ask for OTP every time

a) i) and ii)

b) ii) and iii)

c) iii) and iv)

d) ii) and iv)

[40] Distributing unlicensed copies of computer programs or software is known as _________

a) Virus

b) Software Piracy

c) Open Source


Important ICT Skills questions class 10 – 2 Marks Questions

In this section of questions ICT skills class 10, we are going to discuss some 2 marks questions. Here we go!

[1] Expand and Define: ICT.

[2] Gunja is class 10 stuent. Her teacher asked her to make a list of ways to store and record information. Assist her to accomplish her task.

[3] What is a digital record? Enlist some popular ICT devices.

[4] How ICT is helpful to us?

[5] Define: hardware and software

[6] What is Operating System? Write a few examples.

[7] Explain the use of the following keys on a keyboard:

  1. Control Keys
  2. Enter Key
  3. Punctuation Keys
  4. Navigation Keys
  5. Command Keys
  6. Windows Key

[8] Prathmesh asked about the difference between mouse rollover and drag and drop. Help him by writing at least two points of each.


RolloverDrag and drop
It can be done by simply rolling the mouse on an object.It can be done by a single click on the object then holding the mouse button down and moving the item to the new location.
When the mouse brought over a file explorer it will show details of that file.Drag and drop are mostly used to move objects into various locations.

[9] Rushi has purchased a new computer. Help him to keep his keyboard and monitor screen clean.

[10] Dhwani is a Social Science teacher. She purchased a new laptop but after some time her laptop generates heat and becomes very hot. Assist her in how she can keep the laptop cool.

[11] Write any four tips for weekly maintenance.

[12] Nitin wants to increase his computer’s performance. Write two tips that help him.

[13] Mention any two ways in which personal information can be lost or leaked.

[14] What are the different types of theft?

[15] What is a virus? Write few examples.

[16] What do you mean by Worms? What are its effects?

[17] What is Trojan Horse? Write its causes. or How it damages data?

[18] Who are online predators?

[19] Miska is a new internet user. She wants to create a user account but is not aware of the password. Help her to choose a wise password for her new account.

[20] What is data encryption? Which feature of windows allows to do the same?

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