20+ Important Questions Use Consolidating data Class 10

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Important Questions Use Consolidating data Class 10

Let’s start the article Important Questions Use Consolidating data Class 10  with very short answer questions of one mark.

Very short answer questions (One mark questions)

1. The _____________ feature provides the contents of one cell from more than one sheet that can be combined in one place.
2. You cannot combine more than one worksheet cell data into different sheets and use the formula. (True/False)
3. How to open a consolidated dialog box in OO Calc?
4. To create a range, which of the following option is used?
    a. Insert → Names → Rang      b. Insert → Names → Define  c. Insert → Range       d. None of these
5. Which of the following button is used to define a range after typing name?
    a. Add                     b. OK                    c. More                d. Delete
6. The row labels and column labels options will only available when you click on _______ button.
7. The __________ option is used to update the value in consolidated worksheet formula cell automatically when the user changes data in source cell.
8. Which of the following option allows to select the source of data for the consolidation?
    a. Function            b. Consolidation Ranges             c. Source Data range               d. Copy results to
9. Which of the following option of consolidate dialog box allow to select destination cells?
    a. Function            b. Consolidation Ranges             c. Source Data range               d. Copy results to
10. Once ranges are added to consolidated dialog cannot be deleted. (True/False)

Find the answers for Objective Type Questions for Use Consolidating data Class 10.


1. Consolidate
2. False
3. Click on Data → Consolidate option.
4. b. Insert → Names → Define
5. a. Add
6. Consolidate by
7. Link to source data
8. c. Source Data range
9. Copy result to
10. False

In the next section of the article Use Consolidating data Class 10 you wilto l get short answers questions of 2 marks.

Short answer questions:(2/3 Marks questions)

Q – 1 What do you mean by consolidating data?
  • Consolidating data is a process to gather data from various separate worksheets and add to a master worksheet.
  • In other words, data consolidation takes data from a series of worksheets or workbooks and summaries it into a single worksheet that can be updated easily.
Ans.: Follow these steps to consolidate data:
  1. Create separate worksheets as per the requirements.
  2. Place the cursor in the target worksheet where data consolidation is needed.
  3. Click on Data – Consolidate option. A data consolidate dialog box appears.
  4. Select the required function from the Function drop-down button.
  5. Add the ranges by selecting the Source data range and Add button as you need.
  6. Select the copy results to cell to display the result.
  7. Click on OK button.
Q – 3 Write the options available in the Consolidate dialog box.
Ans.: The following options are available in consolidating the dialog box.
  • Function
  • Consolidate Ranges
  • Select data range
  • Copy results to
  • Labels
  • Link to source data
  • Button – OK, Cancel, Help, Add, Delete, More
Q – 4 What is the role of function option in consolidate dialog box?
Ans.: The function option in consolidate dialog box allows to select the function in the destination cells. This is the first thing that has been done by the user in the consolidating data process.
Q – 5 What is the consolidation ranges list?
Ans.: The consolidation ranges list displays the list of selected ranges from where the input is coming. It is the ranges of other sheets or input values. It is displayed like this: $Sheet1.$A$6.
Q – 6 How to add input value cells without creating ranges for data consolidation?
Step 1: Click on the source data range option.
Step 2: Click on the shrink button.
Step 3: Move to the source worksheet and select the cell.
Step 4: Now again click on the shrink button.
Step 5: Click on the Add button.
Q – 7 How to define ranges?
Ans.: Follow the given steps to define ranges in OO Calc.
  1. Select the cells for which range is going to be defined.
  2. Click on Data – Define Range option.
  3. Name for the range.
  4. Click on OK button.

Q – 8 What is the significance of Copy results to option in Data consolidation?

Ans.: Copy results to option in data consolidation provides the option to select the cell where the result will be displayed. Basically, it contains the function and target cells to calculate the result.

Q – 9 Name a few functions available in the data consolidation function drop down.

Ans.: The data consolidation function drop-down has the following functions in the Function drop-down list.

  1. Sum
  2. Count
  3. Average
  4. Max
  5. Min
  6. Product etc.

Q – 10 Explain the option Link to source data.

Ans.: The option Link to source data is given to insert the formulas. Basically, it produces the results in the target range instead of the actual results.

If this option is clicked in data consolidation, then any values modified in the source ranges are automatically updated in the target range.

The corresponding cell references in the target range are inserted in consecutive rows, which are automatically ordered and then hidden from view. Only the final result, based on the selected function, is displayed.

Q – 11 What is the use of consolidate by? What are the options provided by OO calc under this option?

Ans.: The option consolidate by is used to select the matching the row label or column label. It has two options:

  1. Row labels
  2. Columns labels

To consolidate by row labels or column labels, the label must be contained in the selected source ranges. The text in the labels must be identical so that rows or columns can be accurately matched.

If the row or column label does not match any that exist in the target range, it will be appended as a new row or column.

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