In this article, you will get the important Scenarios Class 10 IT 402 questions. If you missed the notes Please go through this link.

Consider OpenOffice Calc for all the answers.

Objective Type Questions (1 Mark) – Scenarios class 10 IT 402 questions

  1. A ___________ function provides a tool to test and quickly change the arguments of formula and view the new results.
  2. You can use _________ to modify existing scenarios.
  3. Which menu contains the option of creating scenarios?
    1. File
    2. Edit
    3. Tools
    4. Data
  4. Click on _______ –> ___________ to open navigator window.
  5. Which of the following is a shortcut key to open navigator window?
    1. F2
    2. F5
    3. F3
    4. F4
  6. A ____________ is the information displayed in navigator when you click the scenarios icon and select the desired scenario.
  7. Which of the following option is not available under settings checkboxes in create scenario dialog box?
    1. Display Border
    2. Copy Back
    3. Prevent Changes
    4. Navigator
  8. The __________ option displays the arrow points to the cells directly dependent on the current cell.
  9. To edit a scenario including its name and comments, right-click on the scenario name and choose the _____________ option.
  10. You cannot delete a scenario once it is created. (True/False)
  11. A ____________ tool is used to create a formula array in OO Calc.
  12. Which of the following statement is/are correct with respect to multiple operations?
    1. It is a function that acts on other functions.
    2. It allows computing different results without having to enter and run them separately.
    3. You need two arrays for cell for multiple operations.
    4. All of the above
      1. Only Option 1 or only option 2 or only option 3
      2. Option 1, 2 and 3
      3. Option 1 and 3
      4. Only option 1
  13. Click on ____________ –> _____________ option to open multiple operations in OO Calc.
  14. You can only compute the results by input rows using Multiple Operations. (True / False)
  15. You can easily select the cell for the input cell by clicking _________ button in the Multiple Operations dialog box.
  16. In OO Calc, Data –> Multiple Operations option is enabled, by default . (True / False)

Find answers for scenarios class 10 IT 402 questions – objective types questions below:


  1. What-if Scenarios
  2. Navigator
  3. Tools
  4. View –> Navigator
  5. F5
  6. Comment
  7. 4. Navigator
  8. Trace Dependents
  9. Properties
  10. False
  11. Multiple Operations
  12. 2. Options 1, 2 and 3
  13. Data, Multiple Operations
  14. False
  15. Shrink
  16. False

In the next section of scenarios class 10 IT 402 questions we will see some short answer questions.

Short Answer Questions (2/3 Marks) – Scenarios class 10 IT 402 questions

[1] What do you mean by what-if scenarios?

[2] What are the basic requirements needed for using what-if scenarios?

[3] Explain the options available under what-if scenarios dialog box?

[4] What are the rules you should follow while giving the name of the scenarios?

[5] Which setting options do you need to check before creating a scenario? Explain each of them in short.

[6] How to edit an existing scenario?

[7] Write steps to delete a scenario?

Now we are going to discuss long answer important scenarios class 10 IT 402 questions. Here we go!

Long answer questions (4/5 Marks) – Scenarios class 10 IT 402

There is only one long answer important scenarios class 10 IT 402 question.

  1. Write steps to create scenarios.

Watch this youtube video for solutions for important scenarios class 10 IT 402 questions :

That’s all from important scenarios class 10 IT 402 questions. I hope you have learnt the questions well. Feel free to ask any doubts or queries in the comment section for this article scenarios class 10 IT 402.

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2 thoughts on “20+ Important Questions Scenarios Class 10 IT 402”
  1. rita puran says:

    Sir please send me answer of Write steps to provide results using multiple operations.

    1. Step 1 – Enter data for the result you want into rows or columns. Then select next rows or columns where the result should be displayed
      Step 2 – Click on Data –> Multiple Operations. Multiple Operations dialog box appears.
      Step 3 – Fill or select the relevant option available in the multiple operations dialog box like:
      Formulas – Select formula cell
      Row input cell – Select the cell for input values for rows
      Column input cell – Select the cell for input values for columns for more details read these notes: Unit 2 Electronic Spreadsheet advanced

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