Important QnA creating forms in base Class10

In this article you will get important QnA creating forms in base Class10, Let’s begin the article!

Important QnA creating forms in base Class10

The first portion of Important QnA creating forms in base Class10 contains Objective types of questions. So let’s start!

Objective Type Questions

  1. The ________________ provides an interface in a user-specified layout that allows users to view, enter, and change data directly in database objects such as tables. (Ans. Forms)
  2. The are ___________ ways of creating forms in OO base. (Ans. 2)
  3. The form wizard has __________ steps. (Ans. 8)
  4. Which of the following option provides the contents in the table in a separate form?
    1. Add subform
    2. Set Data Entry
    3. Join fields
    4. Arrange Controls
  5. Which of the following option allows to align the controls left or right?
    1. Label Shifting
    2. Label Position
    3. Label Placement
    4. Label Arrangement
  6. Which option allows to set the layout of the form like columnar, datasheet or in blocks?
    1. Set up Forms
    2. Set the layout
    3. Apply styles
    4. Arrange the controls
  7. The Add Record button is available on form control toolbar. (True/False)
  8. The form design toolbar contains various shapes and drawing tools. (True/False)
  9. You can create a form in such a way where user cannot add, modify or delete records through forms. (True/False)
  10. Forms can be also created for data entry. (True/False)
  11. To search null record through forms which of the following option is used?
    1. Field content is null
    2. Column value is null
    3. Record is null
    4. Text is null
  12. You can search a record using all fields or a single field. (True/False)

Now in the next section of QnA creating forms in base Class10 we will provides you the questions for the topic.

Subjective type questions

  1. What is a form? What are the uses of form?
  2. What are the ways to create form in OO base?
  3. How to create a form using wizard?
  4. Enlist the steps of the form wizard.
  5. What is subform? Is it necessary to add subform in every form?
  6. Explain the options available for adjust controls.
  7. What are the options available for data entry? Explain each of them.
  8. List out the tools available after creating form?
  9. How to remove record using form?
  10. Write the steps to modify the data using form directly.
  11. Write steps to change the label text in the form.
  12. How to change the background color of the label?
  13. How to search records using form? Write the steps in detail.

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