Important QnA Creating and Publishing Blog Class 10

Let’s start the article Important QnA Creating and Publishing Blog Class 10. This article provides some questions based on learning outcome 5 – creating and publishing web pages and learning outcome 6 – Using offline blog editors of Unit 4 web applications and security. So here we go!

Important QnA Creating and Publishing Blog Class 10

In the first section of Important QnA Creating and Publishing Blog Class 10 you will get Objective Type Questions like MCQs, fill in the blanks or True/False. These questions re mostly expected questions in the exam. So let’s start!

  1. A ______ website that can share knowledge and ideas on the internet. (Ans. blog)
  2. Through a blog, user can share their
    1. Thoughts
    2. Images
    3. Videos
    4. All of these
  3. To manage a blog you need which of the following software?
    1. Notepad
    2. Web browser
    3. MS word
    4. MS Excel
  4. The person who writes the blog is known as ____________. (Ans. blogger)
  5. The word blog comes from _________ and __________. (Ans. web, log)
  6. __________ is an official record of events or dairy of information maintained on the web. (Ans. log/blog)
  7. To write a blog a person needs to complete knowledge of website development coding. (True/False)
  8. A __________ is a software that can be used without the internet to write an article on a blog. (Ans. Offline Blog)
  9. Which of the following is a website that can be used to write a blog?
    1. www.wordpress.coom
    4. all of these
  10. You must have n account before starting a blog. (Ans. True)
  11. Which of the following can be used by the readers to view your blog?
    1. Blog address
    2. Email address
    3. IP address
    4. Residential address
  12. The __________ has to be given for managing the blog account on WordPress. (Ans. username)
  13. A combination of uppercase, lowercase, digits, and symbols make a strong password. (Ans. True/False)
  14. A blogger can create a blog of any language. (Ans. True/False)
  15. If you have a google account then you can create a blog using _______.
    1. WordPress
    2. blogger
    3. Weebly
    4. All of these
  16. The __________ is blog services provider by Google.
    1. WordPress
    2. blogger
    3. Weebly
    4. all of these
  17. You can use _____ or _________ to write articles on the blog.
    1. comment, feedback
    2. title, images
    3. post, pages
    4. description, URL
  18. An individual article of a blog is known as ___________. (Ans. post)
  19. User can add their comment under _________ section of a blog post. (Asn. leave a reply)
  20. Qumana is a one of the offilne blog editros. (True/False)

In the next section of QnA Creating and Publishing Blog Class 10, I will talk about subjective type questions.

  1. What do you mean by a blog? Explain in detail.
    • Whenever we are searching for something on the internet we are using search engines like google, bing, yahoo etc.
    • The keywords can be used for searching and the search engine provides a list of websites.
    • These websites are either blogs created by an individual or companies.
    • A blog is a website that can be written to share knowledge and experience with the public.
    • A blog can be also considered as an online diary or an official record of events.
  2. What are the basic requirements of starting a blog?
    • You need to have an email account to add and manage your blog.
    • You need the internet to publish the blog.
    • Basic knowledge about formatting and website structure, website design or content.
    • A web browser is required to browse the website and write articles also if no using the offline blog editor.
  3. What do you understand by a blogger? What is his role?
    • A blogger is an individual who writes and manages the blog.
    • A blogger can frequently update the information written on a blog.
    • He can share his interest or activities, express ideas or opinions to share knowledge on specific topics.
  4. What are the main purposes of using a blog?
    • A blog can be used for these purposes:
      • Convey a message about personal events
      • Happenings throughout the world
      • Important Annoucements
      • Provide Education
      • Entertainment and Infotainment
      • Share knowledge and experience
  5. Name some of the services that offer free blog websites?
  6. How to create a blog account?
    • First, decide which blogging service you want to use for a blog.
    • Now open a browser and type the address of the blogging service.
    • Sign up to set up a new blog.
    • Provide the required details like email id and password.
    • Now choose the blog address which can be used by the readers to view your blog.
    • Now provide the username and password for your blog account login.
    • Select the language for your blog.
    • Click on create. Click here read the detailed guide for the same I have used
  7. How to write a blog post or article?
    • The article written on a blog is known as the post.
    • First login with username and password.
    • The dashboard will appear.
    • Fins the option posts, and click on New Post or Add New whatever option is provided.
    • Add title, and description and choose the URL for the article.
    • Type the requires text for the article and images as well as other media to make it more attractive.
    • Follow some SEO practices for the good reach of readers.
    • Apply proper headings, and desired formatting to the contents.
    • Save and publish the blog.
  8. Name some offline blog editors.
    • Some offline blog editors are as following:
      1. Qumana
      2. Windows live writer
      3. Blogdesk
  9. Write steps to use Qumana blog editor.
    • Click Start > All Programs > Qumana.
    • Now configure the Quamana with your blog service.
    • Log in with the blog service username and password.
    • Click on finish.
    • Click on Add blog or if the blog is already added, click on new Post.
    • Write the article and apply formatting as per the requirements.
    • Click on publish when you want to make a post live on the internet.

That’s all from the QnA Creating and Publishing Blog Class 10. If you have any doubt or queries related to this article – QnA Creating and Publishing Blog Class 10, the comment section is waiting for you!

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