Important QnA Self Management Skills Class 10

Important QnA Self Management Skills Class 10 provides important questions and answers on the topic of Self-management Skills for class 10. It is the second learning outcome of Employability skills for the CBSE department of skill education vocational courses. If you are looking for term 1 important MCQs for IT 402: Click Here

QnA Self Management Skills Class 10

Here I will provide the objective type questions which comprise fill-in-the-blanks, True/False or MCQs. Here we go!

Self Management Skills – MCQs and 1 mark Questions

  1. _________ refers to ‘self-control’ means the ability to control one’s emotions, thoughts, and behavior effectively in different situations. (Ans. Self-Management)
  2. Which of the following is one of the self-management skills?
    1. Motivating Oneself
    2. Setting Goals
    3. Work Independently
    4. All of the above
  3. Asking about honest feedback, gathering personality traits, think about daily interactions are related to which of the following skills?
    1. Responsibility
    2. Adaptability
    3. Time management
    4. Self-awareness
  4. If an employer has assigned a task to an employee with a specific timeline. But due to a few reasons, the employee couldn’t complete his work. The employee must
    1. Ignore to report
    2. Must report it
    3. Remains absent for that day
    4. Ask for additional time without a report
  5. When an individual is prioritizing the work, it is considered as ___________ (Ans. Time-management)
  6. Staying with the current situation with new updated information and preparing yourself for new challenges is called _________.
    1. Responsibility
    2. Adaptability
    3. Time management
    4. Self-awareness
  7. _________ can be defined as our emotional, mental, physical, and social reaction to any perceived demands or threats. (Ans. Stress)
  8. Stress can be impacted positively also in our life. (True/False)
  9. Which of the following is the most effective technique of stress management?
    1. Healthy Diet
    2. Exercises and Yoga
    3. Positivity
    4. Time Management
  10. Which of the following technique help you to become more active physically?
    1. Exercises and Yoga
    2. Sleep
    3. Healthy Diet
    4. Sleep
  11. Which of the following technique provide you with the strength to do your daily work efficiently?
    1. Healthy Diet
    2. Sleep
    3. Holiday with family or friends
    4. Completing work on time
  12. Which of the following help to recharge your brain and your body to function better?
    1. Healthy Diet
    2. Sleep
    3. Holiday with family or friends
    4. Completing work on time
  13. Which of the following refreshed your routine?
    1. Healthy Diet
    2. Sleep
    3. Holiday with family or friends
    4. Completing work on time
  14. Becoming self-aware, self-monitoring, and self-correcting, knowing what you do, taking initiative rather than being told, recognizing your own mistakes, not blaming others, and the ability to learn continuously referred to as ____________.
    1. Self Dependent
    2. Ego
    3. Self Controlled
    4. Emotional Intelligence
  15. The ability to understand and identify their own emotions and other emotions as well is known as emotional intelligence. (True/False)
  16. The ability to identify and name our emotions is called ____________
    1. Emotional Awareness
    2. Harnessing Emotions
    3. Managing Emotions
    4. All of the
  17. The ability to apply emotions to tasks like thinking and problem-solving is referred to as harnessing emotions. (True/False)
  18. Managing emotions refers to the ability to regulate our own emotions when necessary and help others to do the same. (True/False)
  19. Being emotionally intelligent enhances your chances of failure and an imbalanced life. (True/False)
  20. Which of the following technique help you to keep calm?
    1. Meditation and Yoga
    2. Watching TV and Web Series
    3. Playing mobile games
    4. All of these

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Self Management Skills Class 10 – 2 Marks Questions

From this unit, 2 marks questions will be asked. So let us discuss them now.

[1] What is self-management? What does it include?

[2] State any four areas that help to develop a personality.

[3] Mention some skills to be mastered to succeed in life.

[4] Milan is a class 10 student. He is learning self-management skills. Help him to understand Self-awareness and time management.

[5] Differentiate between responsibility and adaptability.

[6] What do you mean by stress? What are stressors?

[7] Write any two instances where stress can be helpful.

[8] Write any two adverse effects of stress.

[9] What is the ultimate goal of stress management?

[10] What is the ABC of stress management?

[11] What are the stress causal agents?

[12] Identify the kind of stress causal:

  1. Mansi is a class 10 student. She looks tensed as her exam is going on. She is feeling chronic anxiety and stress.
  2. Miken is feeling frustrated due to a pimple on his face.
  3. Prit has a responsibility to run his family without disturbing his study as his father is not able to earn for a few months due to an accident. He looks worried about what to do!
  4. Suresh and Mahesh are twin brothers and studying in class 10. Suresh is performing excellently in exams and got a 95% average result for every exam. Whereas Mahesh is scoring 60% on average. So his parents force him to do well as compared to Suresh. Mahesh is looking stressed due to this reason.

[13] Stress has some positive impacts also. Write any four benefits of stress.

[14] Snehal is a class 10 student. Her teacher asks her to make a list of a few signs that suggest stress. Help her to make a list.

[15] What symptoms may reflect stress at the mental level? Make a list.

[16] Pradeep is working as a team leader in a multinational company. He wanted to know some simple stress management techniques. Suggest to him a few stress management techniques.

[17] Mohit is an entrepreneur. He wants to know the steps to manage stress. Suggest 3 steps to him.

[18] What do you mean by the ability to work independently?

[19] Jayesh is a manager in the company. His boss asked him to make PPT on the ability to work independently. He wants to make a slide on the importance of the ability to work independently. Help him to complete the slide.

[20] What do you mean by emotional intelligence? Which skills does it include?

[21] Write steps to manage emotional intelligence.

[22] Define the following:

  1. Self-awareness
  2. Self-Motivation
  3. Self-Regulation

[23] Enlist the important factors to help to understand the person and to analyze him.

[23] What do you mean by strength and weakness?

[24] Write a few techniques that help to identify the strengths.

[25] How to find the weaknesses of a person?

[26] Differentiate between interests and abilities.


Things that you like to do in your free time
that make you happy.
An acquired or natural capacity
Things you are curious about or would
do even if no one asked you to do it.
Enable you to perform a
particular job or task with

[27] What are the types of motivation? Explain them in short.

[28] What are the qualities of self-motivated people?

[29] What are the steps to be followed to build self-motivation?

[30] Write the importance of goal setting.

[31] Expand SMART with respect to goal setting.

[32] State the questions to be answered for the term Specific in the SMART method.

[33] Give an example of measurable and not measurable goals with example.

[34] Write some time management outcomes.

[35] What are the four steps for effective time management?

[36] How organizing things helps in effective time management?

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Self management Skills Class 10

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