CBSE IT 402 Class 10 complete Study Material accomplish your goal

CBSE IT 402 Class-10 Study Material

CBSE IT 402 Class 10 is a skill-based course subject in the CBSE curriculum. This subject is also known as IT 402, CBSE Class X IT 402, Vocation IT, etc.

Download Syllabus for CBSE IT 402 for 2022-23

On this page, you will get content according to the latest CBSE IT 402 syllabus 2022-23. If you are looking for the revised syllabus click here to download the syllabus.

CBSE IT 402 Class 10 Study Material for 2022-23

The curriculum of CBSE Information Technology Class 10 Code – 402 consists of the following 4 main parts:

  1. Part A – Employability Skills
  2. Part B – Subject-Specific Skills
  3. Part C – Practical Work
  4. Part D – Project Work/Field Visit

Check out the study material provided by CBSE for class 10 Information Technology. Download the unit-wise CBSE study material from below given links:

In this course, you will study the basic office automation features of Documentation software, Electronic spreadsheet, database concepts, and web applications.  

The students will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of digital
documentation, digital spreadsheets, digital presentation, database management, and internet security.

Part A – Employability Skills

E-Book download from CBSE website

Study Material from CBSE website

Part B – Subject-Specific Skills

Click here to read notes published by CBSE

Unit 1: Digital Documentation (Advanced)

Unit 1 Digital Documentation Advanced is the first unit of Part B Subject Specific Skills for CBSE IT 402 Class 10. This unit has important learning outcomes like styles, inserting images, templates in documents, table of contents and implement the mail merge.

From this unit, there will be 8 marks of questions that can be asked in the board exam. Click on this explore now button and enjoy the content according to the learning outcome.

Unit 2: Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)

Unit 2 Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced) focuses on the concepts of spreadsheets. Students are able to analyse the data, understand the uses of various linking in a spreadsheet, share the data, review the changes as well as create and use macros in spreadsheet software.

From this unit, 10 marks questions can be asked in the board exam. Click on the following button and enjoy the learning.

Unit 3: Database Management System

Unit 3 Database Management System offers Database creation, managing databases, and manipulating databases including queries, forms, and reports. The learning outcomes focus on the basics of databases, creating databases, queries, forms and reports.

From this unit, 12 marks questions can be asked in the board exam. Click on the following button and explore them.

Unit 4: Web Applications and Security

Unit 4 web applications and security have learning outcomes like working with accessibility options, understanding networking fundamentals, introducing instant messaging, chatting, creating web pages, online transactions, internet security, workplace safety, accidents and emergencies, protect health and safety at work.

From this unit, 10 marks questions can be asked in the board exam. Click on the following button and explore the contents.

Let’s discuss the scheme of studies and the benefits of CBSE IT 402 Class 10. CBSE IT 402 Class 10 helps the students.

Scheme of Studies

SUBJECT 2Language 2
SUBJECT 3Science
SUBJECT 4Mathematics
SUBJECT 5Social Science
SUBJECT 7Language 3 / Any Academic subject other than those opted above
SUBJECTS OF INTERNAL ASSESSMENT{Assessment and certification at school level} SUBJECTS 8 AND 9Art Education Health & Physical Education (Work Experience subsumed)

a)*If a student fails in any one of the three compulsory academic subjects (i.e. Science, Mathematics and Social Science) and passes in the Skill subject (offered as 6th optional subject), then it will be replaced by the Skill subject and result of Class X Board examination will be computed accordingly.

b) Students offering additional sixth skill subjects may also offer an additional language III/subject as a 7th subject.

c) Computer Application (Code 165), Information Technology (Code 402), Artificial Intelligence (Code 417) and Media (Code 415) cannot be taken together.

d) For further details, please refer to the CBSE Secondary School Curriculum 2022-23.

The main objective of CBSE IT 402 Class 10 Course

  • The following are the main objectives of this course:
  • Familiarize the students with the world of IT and IT-enabled services.
  • Provide in-depth training in the use of data entry, internet, and internet tools.
  • Develop practical knowledge of digital documentation, spreadsheets and
  • presentation.
  • Enable the students to understand the database management system and have updated knowledge about digital record keeping.
  • To make the students capable of getting employment in the Private Sector, Public Sector, Ministries, Courts, the House of Parliament, and State Legislative Assemblies.
  • To develop the following skills:
    • Data Entry and Keyboarding skills
    • The concept of Digital Documentation
    • The concept of Digital Presentation
    • The concept of an Electronic Spreadsheet
    • The concept of Databases
    • Internet Technologies
CBSE IT 402 Class-10
CBSE IT 402 Class-10

Salient Features of the course CBSE IT 402 Class 10

To be a data entry operator/analyst, one requires a lot of hard work and practical hands-on experience. One should have an intensive knowledge of Office applications, computer operations, and knowledge of clerical, and administrative techniques, and data analysis.

Along with this, as a data entry operator/analyst, you will be expected to have fast typing speed, accuracy, and efficiency to perform tasks.
As a data entry operator/analyst, one should improve their computer skills, and numerical and literacy skills. These skills can help one expand into a new career path in the future.

So use this study material CBSE IT 402 Class 10 complete Study Material to accomplish your goal in the subject.

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FAQs on CBSE IT 402 Class 10

The following are FAQs on CBSE IT 402 Class 10.

What is the syllabus of information technology class 10?

The syllabus of Information technology class 10 includes two parts:
1 Employability Skills – This part has 5 units like Communication Skills, Self-Management Skills, Basic ICT Skills, Entrepreneurial Skills and Green Skills
2 Subject Specific Skills – This part has 4 main units Digital Documentation (Advanced), Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced), Database management System and Web application and security.

Is information technology main subject in class 10?

Information Technology in a skill course offered by Skill department of CBSE.

What is the importance of information technology class 10?

The importance of information technology class 10 is if a student fail in any subject like Maths, Science or Social Science, the marks can be replaced by this subject.

Students will learn basic concepts of data entry operator level job which helps them lot in the future.

What is the subject code of information technology class 10?

The subject code for information technology class 10 is 402.