Important QnA queries in base for class 10

Important QnA queries in base for class 10 provide you with the QnA. Read the complete article – QnA queries in base for class 10 and enjoy the learning!

Important QnA queries in base for class 10

Let’s start the article Important QnA queries in base for class 10 with objective type questions. In this section, you will get some 1 mark questions from the topic. So here we go for QnA queries in base for class 10!

Objective Type questions

As usual in this part of Important QnA queries in base for class 10 we will see some 1 mark questions like fill in the blanks, MCQs, True and False.

  1. A ________________ is database object that is used to retrieve/extract data from the table by using some conditions. (Ans. query)
  2. You can join multiple tables in a single query. (True/False)
  3. A ____________ means the condition for the data that you want to see. (Ans. criteria)
  4. Which of the following is the first step of the query wizard?
    1. Sorting Order
    2. Field Selection
    3. Search Conditions
    4. Detail or Summary
  5. In the field selection step, you can select fields only from the tables in the OO base. (True/False)
  6. The Sorting Order is must compulsory step of query wizard. (True/False)
  7. The SQL, generally pronounced as __________ (Ans. Sequel)
  8. Which of the following command retrieves zero or more rows from one or more tables?
    1. Create
    2. Insert
    3. Select
    4. Delete.
  9. The select command is which of the following category command?
    1. DDL
    2. DML
    3. TCL
    4. XML
  10. A select command has one mandatory clause. Which of the following clause is a mandatory clause for select command?
    1. select
    2. from
    3. where
    4. order by
  11. Which of the following clauses are optional for select command?
    1. select, from
    2. delete, from
    3. where, order by
    4. update, set
  12. A ______________ is a just drag and drop type facility provided by OO base to perform a query. (Ans. Create Query in a Deisgn View)
  13. A ________________ is step by step process to perform a query in OO Base. (Ans. Query Wizard)
  14. Which of the following task is used to type select command?
    1. Query Design View
    2. Query Wizard
    3. SQL View
    4. Datasheet view
  15. To execute the SQL query written in SQL view, you can press _____________ key.
    1. Enter
    2. Ctrl + E
    3. Space bar
    4. F5
  16. You cannot perform any calculation with field values using design view in OO base. (True/False)
  17. The _____________________ clause is used to restrict the data fetched from the table. (Ans. where)
  18. Which of the following clause is used to sort the data according to the particular field?
    1. Sort by
    2. Order By
    3. Group By
    4. Arrange by
  19. A _______________ enables users to view, enter, and change data directly in database objects such as tables. (Ans. DML comamnds)
  20. By default, data is arranged in _____________ order using ORDER BY clause. (Ans. Ascending)

Now in the next section of QnA queries in base for class 10, we will see some subjective type questions. Follow the below given links to find the answers.

Recommended for Answers – Queries in OO Base

Here are the subjective questions – QnA queries in base for class 10

  1. What do you mean DML command? Explain in the context of select as DML command.
  2. What is a query?
  3. What are the ways provided by OO base to perform a query?
  4. Write the mandatory steps of query wizard.
  5. What is the difference between the query design view and query wizard?
  6. How to write a select statement in SQL view?
  7. What is grouping records? Explain with example.
  8. What is the difference between order by and group by clause?
  9. What are the four ways to write select query through SQL view?
  10. Write steps to perform a query using the design view. Display records of your choice.
  11. What is the criteria in query design?
  12. How you can group records and use function using design view?
  13. Explain the mandatory clauses of SELECT command.
  14. What do you mean by NULL? How to display NULL records using design view?
  15. What do you mean by OR operator? Support your answer with a relevant example.

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