QnA create and use template IT 402

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Important QnA create and use template IT 402

Find the objective type questions for Important QnA create and use template IT 402.

Fill in blanks

  1. _________ is a sample based design driven or pre-formatted documents, help to create  new documents.
  2. To use template click on _________→ _______________ option from file menu.
  3. __________ category of templates save all the templates.
  4. ___________ option in File→Templates menu is used to manage various templates.
  5. ___________ application is used to change the template in OO Writer.

Below are the answers for Important QnA create and use template IT 402 fill in the blanks.

  1. Templates
  2. New > Templates and Documents
  3. My Templates
  4. Organize
  5. Template Changer

In the next section of Important QnA create and use template IT 402 you will get MCQs. Answers are already highlighted in the bold letters. 


1. Which of the following menu contains an option to handle templates?
    A. File                     B. Edit                   C. View                      D. Format
2. OO Writer does not contain any template in MyTemplates category. Which of the following options can be used to get templates?
    A. Load templates from another folder
    B. Get more templates online
    C. Import templates from other apps
    D. Download Open Office Themes
3. The default extension of OO writer template is
    A. .odt               B. .ott                C. .oot                D. .dot
4. The set as default template option is available under which of the following button in the template management dialog box window?                 
    A. Templates             B. Documents            C. File               D. Commands 
5. To open template management dialog box window click on this command of File→Templates:
    A. Organize        B. Address Book Source            C. Save            D. Edit
Short answer questions: 
Q – 1 What is a template?
Q – 2 How to create a new template? Write steps.
Q – 3 Write steps to change the default template to a custom default template.
Q – 4 How to update a template?
Q – 5 Write steps to change the template of the current document by template changer app.
Long answer questions: 
Q – 1 Write steps to download online templates in OO Writer?
Q – 2 Write steps to change template of current document in OO Writer.

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