This article provides you with Class Test Class X Create Apply Styles.  The first section is starting with objective type questions. 

Class Test Class X Create Apply Styles

1. When you open OO Writer you get ________ settings.
Answer: Default
2 A ___________ contains a list of different styles in style and formatting window in OO Writer.
Answer: Style Category
3 The shortcut key to open style and formatting dialog box is ________.
Answer: F11
4 To add a your own styles in OO Writer style category use __________ option.
Answer: Create new style
5 The __________ button allows you to use style on contents of document.
Answer: Fill Format
6 Which of the following is an option of formatting?
  1.       Save
  2.        Margins
  3.        Mail Merge
  4.        Export file
7 This option allows to apply different kinds of formatting to newly created styles:
  1.  Alter
  2.  Update
  3. Modify
  4. None

8 Which of the following option allow you to add styles from another document?
  1. New from selection
  2.  Update style
  3. Load Style
  4. Fill Format

9 Which of the following is not a button of styles and formatting window of OO Writer?
  •  Character style
  • Frame Style
  • Paragraph Style
  • Border Style

10 Which of the following is not an option of paragraph formatting?
  • Alignment
  • Dropcap
  • Margins
  • Indents

The next section of Class Test Class X Create Apply Styles contains subjective type questions. 

11 What is a style?
12 How to create a new style in OO Writer?
13 Write steps to apply different formatting to newly created styles.
14 Write steps to load Style from an existing document.
15 How to create a style using drag and drop?

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