25 Important Questions Create references in spreadsheet

Create references in spreadsheet – assignment provides you assignment based on link data and spreadsheet learning outcome of CBSE IT 402 class 10. I have made questions for you that helps you to learn and prepare for your exams as well.

Create references in spreadsheet – Objective type questions

Fill in the blanks, MCQs and True/False (1 Mark Questions)

1) A ________ refers to a cell or a range of cells on a worksheet and can be used to find the values or data that is used in formula to calculate.

Ans.: cell reference

2) You can’t use another spreadsheet data into the main worksheet. (True/False)

3) Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct to create a reference in the spreadsheet:

a) Data from one or more contiguous cells on the worksheet

b) Data contained in different areas of a worksheet

c) Data on other worksheets in the same workbook

d) All of these

4) To insert new worksheet, press _______ + _____ shortcut key

Ans. : Shift, F11

5) To create a cell reference in another spreadsheet you must need to start with = sign. (True/False)

6) Ms. Chandani is working on two worksheets named – Data.xlsx and profile.xlsx. She has created one cell reference into profile.xlsx from data.xlsx. The cell address is A3. So the destination cell looks like:

a) data!$A$3

b) data!$A3

c) data!A3

d) data!A$3

7) The ________ allows you to render to another document or website.

Ans.: Hyperlink

8) The hyperlink option is available under which group of insert tab?

a) Hyperlinks

b) links

c) Create Hyperlinks

d) Text

9) A ________ field of insert hyperlink dialog box displays the address which is hyperlinked in the spreadsheet.

Ans. Address

10) A ____ + ___ is a shortcut key of insert hyperlink.

Ans.: ctrl, k

11) You can do hyperlink on only the files saved in your computer. (True/False)

12) You can create a new file from insert hyperlink dialog box to create hyperlink. (True/False)

13) When you select Create New Document option from insert hyperlink dialog box and you can edit that document anytime by default. (True/False)

14) You cannot change the hyperlinked document once hyperlink is created. (True/False)

15) You will get remove hyperlink button from which of the following command?

a) Insert Hyperlink

b) Edit Hyperlink

c) Delete Hyperlink

d) All of these

Short answer questions (2/3 Marks) – create references in spreadsheet

Refer this article for the answers

[1] Describe the cell reference with example.

A cell reference

[2] Describe the purpose of linking data in spreadsheet software.

  1. Summarize data from several sources
  2. Create formulas that span different sources
  3. Making calculations using a combined local and linked data
  4. Organize the information in a good manner

[3] How to create a reference using keyboard in a same worksheet?

[4] If a reference is created in a spreadsheet, how will you know about that?

When a reference is created in any cell the cell displays:

  1. The sheetname!cellreference exclamation mark and cell reference in the same workbook. Ex.: Sheet1!A3
  2. it will display the [FileName]sheetname!cellreference from another sheet. Ex. [Book1.xlsx]Sheet1!$B$2

[5] Write steps to create references from other documents using a mouse.

[6] What is hyperlink?

[7] Explain all link to options available from insert hyperlink dialog box.

Long answer questions (5 Marks)

[1] Write steps to create a hyperlink and explain the insert hyperlink dialog box in brief.

[2] How to edit the existing hyperlink in the spreadsheet? Explain with a brief description.

[3] How to remove the hyperlink? Explain with brief description.

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