20+ Important questions setup multiple sheets class 10

Assignments setup multiple sheets, this article is dedicated for Class 10 students of CBSE IT 402. In this article you will get questions based on setting up multiple sheets by inserting new sheets. So let’s start!

Objective type questions – Assignments setup multiple sheets

Fill in the blanks, MCQs and True/False

1 User can manage multiple sheets from which of the following part of spreadsheet software?

a) Status bar

b) Sheet tab

c) Formula bar

d) Worksheet Area

2 To insert new worksheet from Home tab click on ________–>_______ option.

Ans.: Insert, Insert Sheet (In OO Calc – Insert –> Sheet)

3 When user inserts a new worksheet in spreadsheet software, the new worksheet will be inserted to ___________

a) Next to the current sheet

b) Previous to the current sheet

c) At the end in sheet tab (Last Position)

d) At the beginning of the sheet tab (First Position)

(In OO Calc you have to choose the position)

4 The user cannot rename your worksheet with their desired names. (True/False)

5 Rename sheet option is available in _______ group of Home tab.

Ans.: Cells (In OO Calc Format –> Sheet –> Rename)

6 Once user deletes the worksheet it can’t be undone. (True/False)

7 The shortcut key to move to next worksheet (Right) is _________

Ans.: Ctrl + PageDown (PGDN)

8 The shortcut key to move to previous worksheet (Left) is ________

Ans. Ctrl + PageUp (PGUP)

9 The user can apply any color to the sheet tab. (True/False)

10 The user cannot delete multiple sheets at a time. (True/False)

11 To select multiple sheets, the user can click on the worksheet by holding which of the following key?

a) Alt

b) Ctrl

c) Shift

d) End

12 The user can move the worksheet anywhere in the workbook or in other spreadsheet as well. (True/False)

Recommended – Notes for the detailed answers.

In the next section we will discuss short answer questions of assignments setup multiple sheets.

Short answer questions (2/3 Marks) – assignments setup multiple sheets

  1. What is the sheet tab? Explain in short.
  2. Write the ways to insert a new worksheet.
  3. Write steps to insert a new worksheet through the Home tab.
  4. Write steps to insert a new worksheet using the sheet tab.
  5. Why do users need to rename a worksheet? How it is beneficial for users?
  6. How to rename a worksheet? Write steps.
  7. Write steps to delete the worksheet.
  8. Write steps to move your worksheet.
  9. Write steps to copy the worksheet into other documents (New Excel File).
  10. Write steps to change the sheet tab color.

That’s all from assignments setup multiple sheets assignments. If you have queries regarding this feel free to ask in the comment section.

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