Important assignment Tables in Digital Document 2020

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Assignment Tables in Digital Document

Tables in Digital Document
Tables in Digital Document
In this post, you will get questions on class 10 IT 402 Solved Assignment – Tables in digital documents. So as per CBSE board question paper 2020, there are 1 mark, 2 marks, 3 marks, and 5 marks questions can be asked. So here you will get questions in the same manner.

Very Short answer questions ( 1 Mark questions)

    1. A ___________ is used to represent the data in a horizontal and vertical manner.
    2. The horizontal representation of data in a cell is known as __________.
    3. The vertical representation of data in a cell is known as _________.
    4. The individual box or intersection of row and column is known as _________.
    5. To insert table from insert menu in OO Writer click _______ ➝  ________ option.
    6. Open office writer insert table dialog box provides ________ number of rows and columns by default.
    7. From ________ toolbar also you can insert a table in OO Writer.
    8. Table ➝ _________ option is used to adjust the table contents and window.
    9. To move one cell backward in table press _______ + ______ key.
    10. You can insert a row at _________ or ________ position.
    11. Mr. Aniket Patel is working on a table in his document. Now he wants to adjust all the rows and columns with equal width and height. Guide him about which option he should use for the same?
    12. Mrs. Vaishali wants to divide a single cell from one cell to multiple cells. Guide her by suggesting a step to fulfil her work demand.
    13. Ms. Alpa is preparing her own time table. She has completed the entry. Now she wants to add a heading in the first row of the table. How she can do this? Suggest your answer.
    14. Master Dhruv is confused about the merge cells option. Write one line about the merge cells command to explain to him.
    15. You cannot set vertical alignment in a cell in the digital document table in OO Writer. (T/F)

Short answer questions – I (2 Marks questions)

    1. Define:
      1. Table
      2. Row
      3. Column
      4. Cell
    2. What are the ways to insert a table in digital document software?
    3. How to insert a table using the following commands:
      1. Insert table using the Insert menu
      2. Insert table using Table menu
      3. Insert table from Standard toolbar
    4. Explain the table navigation in short.
    5. Write steps to select alternate rows/cells in digital documents.
    6. Write steps to insert row/column in the table in the document.
    7. Write steps to delete a row/column/table in the document.
    8. How to merge cells in a table?
    9. How to split cells into 2 rows 3 columns?
    10. Differentiate between merge cells and split cells.

Short answer questions – II (3 Marks questions)

    1. Explain the insert table dialog box in detail.
    2. Explain autofit options available in the table menu.
    3. Write steps to insert a row after the last row of the table by the keyboard.

Long answer questions (5 Marks)

  1. Write the importance of using tables in digital documents.
  2. Write steps to prepare the railway time table as given in the below screenshot:
    Table Demo
    Table Demo
  3. What is autoformat? Explain in detail.

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