30+ Important Questions Apply styles in OO Writer IT 402 Class 10

Apply styles in OO Writer QnA for IT 402 helps students of Class 10. Find the answers from the notes section and enjoy learning.

Objective type questions – Apply styles in OO Writer

In the first section of Apply styles in OO Writer, I am going to provide 1 mark questions or digital documentation class 10 MCQ with answers pdf or create and apply styles in the document class 10 MCQ. So here we go!

Fill in the blanks, MCQs and True/False (1 Marks Questions)

  1. Which of the is not a type of formatting supported by word processing software?
    • Character Formatting
    • Styles and Formatting
    • Page Formatting
    • Paragraph Formatting
  2. A _____is a set of predefined formats that can be applied to selected pages, text, frames, and other elements in the document. (Ans. Style)
  3. When a style is applied to the document it can be applied to the whole group of formats at a time. (True/False)
  4. Which of the following is not included in the Page styles category of OO Writer?
    • Margins
    • Header and Footers
    • Borders and backgrounds
    • Line Spacing
  5. Which of the following is not a part of the characters’ style category?
    • Fonts
    • Bold
    • Indents
    • Superscript
  6. Which of the is not included in the paragraph style category?
    • columns
    • indents
    • alignments
    • spacing
  7. To open styles and formatting dialog box or window click on ________–>_______ option. (Ans. Format, Style and Formatting)
  8. Press ___________ short cut key to open styles and formatting window in OO writer. (Ans. F11)
  9. A ________ mode is used to apply a style to many different areas quickly without having to go back to the Styles and Formatting window and double-click every time. (Ans. Fill Format)
  10. To quit Fill Format mode, press _______ key. (Ans. Esc)
  11. You cannot change the styles format once it is created by you in OO Writer. (True/False)
  12. You cannot modify the predefined styles in OO Writer. (True/False)
  13. To create a style click on _________ icon available in styles and formatting dialog box. (Ans. New Style from Selection)
  14. Click ___________ option from styles and formatting dialog box to apply style created from another document. (Ans. Load Styles)
  15. You cannot copy the styles from another document in OO writer. (Ture/False)
  16. Styles are logical attributes. (True/False)
  17. Nihar explained his class that to apply an existing style, except for ___________, position the insertion point in the paragraph, frame or page and then double-click on the name of the style in one of these lists. (Ans.: Character Styles)

For more MCQs follow the below given link:

Important MCQs Class 10 IT 402

In the next section of Apply styles in OO Writer, we will discuss short answer questions.

Apply styles in OO Writer – Short answer questions (2 Marks Questions)

  1. What is formatting?
    • Formatting refers to the different settings applied to the text, paragraph, and page of the document. Formatting helps to make your document more presentable and attractive.
  2. What are the categories of formatting supported by digital documentation software?
    • There are three categories of formatting supported by digital documentation software.
      • Character Formatting
      • Page Formatting
      • Paragraph Formatting
  3. What is an open office writer? Explain in brief.
    • Open Office Writer is one of the applications of Apache Open Office.
    • It is the word processing software or digital documentation software.
    • It supports the basic functionalities of word processing software.
    • OO writer open-source application which does not require any license or subscription.
  4. How to start an open office writer? 
    • To open OO writer follow these steps:
      • Click on Start -> OpenOffice 4.1.7 -> OpenOffice Writer.
  5. What is a style?
    • Styles are a set of predefined formatting already defined in the style gallery or can be created by the user.
    • The set of commands can be font colour, size, font names etc.
    • Documentation software has its own gallery of inbuilt styles.
    • It’s just a drag-and-drop facility to apply frequently used formatting in documents. 
  6. Pratik wants to apply styles to his digital document but he is a little bit confused about which content he can apply the styles. Suggest to him any four content of the document where styles can be applied.
    • Pages
    • Text
    • Frames
    • Tables
  7. How open styles and formatting windows?
    • Click on Format –> Styles and Formatting.
  8. What are style categories? List a few popular style categories.
    • Style categories are different styles available in the style gallery.
    • They are different names of appropriate styles category with different formatting styles.
    • Some styles categories are as follows:
      • Text Styles
      • Chapter Styles
      • Index Styles
      • HTML Styles
  9. Identify the category of the styles:
    1. Includes margins, headers and footers, borders and backgrounds – Page Style
    2. Includes alignment, tab stops, line spacing, paragraph spacing and borders – Paragraph Style
    3. Includes bold, italics, underlines, the colour of the text, text size – Character Style
    4. Includes wrapping type, borders, backgrounds and columns – Frame Style
    5. Includes attributes for font, indents, spacing, alignment, and tabs – Presentation Style
  10. Puja is working in OO Writer. She has opened the dialog box of styles and formatting. Where she found some style buttons. Suggest these style buttons’ names to her so she can identify them and work properly.
    • Paragraph Styles
    • Character Styles
    • Frame Styles
    • Page Styles
    • List Styles
    • Fill Format Mode
    • New Styles from Selection
  11. Below some styles are given which are present in the Styles and Formatting window of the OO Writer dialog box. Identify their style categories:
    • Headings – Paragraph Style
    • Drop Cap – Character Style
    • Water Mark – Frame Style
    • Landscape – Page Style
  12. What are the various ways to create/apply styles in OO Writer?
    • New Style from the selection
    • Fill Format Mode
    • Drag and Drop
    • Load Styles from template or document
    • Update/Modify Styles
  13. How create a style using drag and drop?
    • Select the formatted text which style you want to create using drag and drop.
    • Simply drag the text to the Styles and Formatting window. The selected style will be added to the active style category.

The next section talk about long answer questions for Apply styles in OO Writer.

Long Answer Questions

  1. Explain buttons available for different style categories in OO writer.
    • The Styles and Formatting dialog box is having the following buttons:
      • Paragraph Styles – Display the list of all styles available and applied to the paragraph. For example, Address, Bibliography, Caption, etc.
      • Character Styles – Display a list of character styles which is applied to the text of the document. For example, Bullets, Drop Caps, Caption character etc.
      • Frame Styles – This style category displays the list of syles applied to borders and frames applied to the contents. For example, Formula, Frame. Graphic etc.
      • Page Styles – Page styles contain various categories of page styles. For example, Endnote, Envelop, First Page etc.
      • List Styles – Display a list of styles that can be applied to lists in the digital document. For example, List 1, Numbering 1 etc.
      • Fill format mode – This button allows to apply a selected style on selected content.
      • New Style Form Selection – This button allows you to create of a new style with various options. Such options are New Style From Section or Update Style or Load Style.
  2. How to apply the styles category to the contents of a document? Write steps.
    • Click on the Format –> Styles and Formatting option to activate the styles gallery.
    • Click on Create New Style from Selection, a new drop-down menu will appear, select the Load Styles option. Load Styles dialog box will appear.
    • Select styles from available templates or the Find button From the File and click on it.
    • Select document template to load styles.
    • Click on OK when finished, Style will take place in the styles gallery. 
  3. Write steps to create a new style with below-given specification:
    • Name –> MyHeading – Font: Bookman old style, Font color: Blue, Bold, Font size: 20 pt, Title Case
    • Name –> MyParaStyle – Font: Book Antiqua, Font color: Black, Font size: 14 pt, First line starts at 1, lines spacing 1.5, paragraph space before and after paragraph: 0.50 cm
    • Name –> MyPageSet – Page margins: 1.5 cm (all), Page Size: Legal, Orientation: Landscape, cols: 2
      • Open OO Writer and type the text or prepare contents. 
      • Apply the desired formatting.
      • Open styles and formatting dialog box window, click on format→styles and formatting option. 
      • Select and drag the formatted contents from document to styles and formatting window. 
      • Type new style name for style dragged.
      • Click on the OK button.
  4. Write steps to update/modify the style set.
    • Follow the below-given steps to update/modify the style set.
      • Open the Styles and Formatting dialog box.
      • Select a style you want to update/modify.
      • Click on New Style from Selection -> Update style or right-click on the style and select modify option.
      • Now apply the desired format and click on ok when you finished.
  5. Write steps to load style from the template or another document.
    • Open the Styles and Formatting dialogue box.
    • Click on the Load Style button.
    • Select the categories and templates.
    • Your styles will be loaded from that document.
  6. What are the advantages of styles?
    • Styles are logical attributes.
    • Using styles combines some of the formattings in the style with a great combination.
    • It shifts the emphasis from what the text looks like to what the text is.
    • It helps to improve the consistency of a document.
    • It makes major formatting easy.

If you are looking for notes, follow this link to read notes:

Digital Documentation Class 10 Notes

Download digital documentation class 10 questions and answers pdf from here.


How do you apply a digital documentation style?

You can apply a digital documentation style very easily. Select the content to apply the style. Open the Styles and Formatting dialogue box and choose the desired style. Drag or double-click on the style you want to apply and that’s done.

What are the types of styles in digital documentation?

There are various types of styles such as character styles, bullet styles, border styles, page styles etc.

What are the advantages of using styles in digital documentation?

Styles save the time to apply the same formatting to various content. Styles allow applying more than one formatting to the content at a time.

What are the different types of styles in Class 10?

In class 10 you learn these types of styles:
1. Page Styles
2. Character Styles
3. Paragraph Styles
4. Frame Styles
5. Numbering Styles
6. Cell Styles
7. Graphic Styles

That’s all from QnA Create and Apply styles in OO Writer. I hope it helps you for understanding the concept well. If you have any doubt or queries regarding this article Create and Apply styles in OO Writer.

Thank you for reading this article.

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