Apply styles in OO Writer important QnA for IT 402

Apply styles in OO Writer QnA for IT 402 helps students of Class 10. Find the answers from the notes section and enjoy learning.

Objective type questions – Apply styles in OO Writer

Fill in the blanks, MCQs and True/False (1 Marks Questions)

[1] Which of the is not a type of formatting supported by word processing software?

a. Character Formatting

b. Styles and Formatting

c. Page Formatting

d. Paragraph Formatting

[2] A _____is a set of predefined formats that can be applied to selected pages, text, frames, and other elements in the document.

–> Style

[3] When a styles is applied in the document it can be applied to the whole group of format at a time. (True/False)

[4] Which of the following is not included in Page styles category of OO Writer?

a. Margins

b. Header and Footers

c. Borders and backgrounds

d. Line Spacing

[5] Which of the following is not a part of characters style category?

a. Fonts

b. Bold

c. Indents

d. Superscript

[6] Which of the is not included in paragraph style category?

a. columns

b. indents

c. alignments

d. spacing

[7] To open styles and formatting dialog box or window click on ________–>_______ option.

–> Format, Style and Formatting

[8] Press ___________ short cut key to open styles and formatting window in OO writer.

–> F11

[9] A ________ mode is used to apply a style to many different areas quickly without having to go back to the Styles and Formatting window and double-click every time.

–> Fill Format

[10] To quit Fill Format mode, press _______ key.

–> Esc

[11] You cannot change the styles format once it is created by you in OO Writer. (True/False)

[12] You cannot modify the predefined styles in OO Writer. (True/False)

[13] To create a style click on _________ icon available in styles and formatting dialog box.

–> New Style from Selection

[14] Click ___________ option from styles and formatting dialog box to apply style created from another document.

–> Load Styles

[15] You cannot copy the styles from another document in OO writer. (Ture/False)

Apply styles in OO Writer – Short answer questions (2/3 Marks Questions)

Q – 1 What is formatting?

Q – 2 What are the categories of formatting supported by digital documentation software?

Q – 3 What is open office writer? Explain in brief.

Q – 4 How to start open office writer? 

Q – 5 What is a style?

Q – 6 How open styles and formatting window?

Q – 7 What are style categories? List few popular style categories.

Long Answer Questions

Q – 8 Explain buttons available for different style categories in OO writer.

Q – 9 How to apply styles category to contents of document? Write steps.

Q – 10 Write steps to create new style with below given specification:

  1. Name –> MyHeading – Font: Bookman old style, Font color: Blue, Bold, Font size: 20 pt, Title Case
  2. Name –> MyParaStyle – Font: Book Antiqua, Font color: Black, Font size: 14 pt, First line starts at 1, lines spacing 1.5, paragraph space before and after paragraph: 0.50 cm
  3. Name –> MyPageSet – Page margins: 1.5 cm (all), Page Size: Legal, Orientation: Landscape, cols: 2

Q – 11 Write steps to update/modify style set.

Q – 12 Write steps to load style from template or another document.

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