Comprehensive notes digital documentation class 10

In this article, Digital Documentation advanced class 10 you will get comprehensive notes, assignments and practical assignments. Let’s start!

Unit 1: Digital Documentation Class 10

Unit 1: Digital documentation class 10 is a part of CBSE IT 402 part of CBSE skill education of subject-specific skills. All of these topics are explained in Open Office and MS Office.

1 Create and Apply Styles in the document

  • Create and apply styles in the document is the first learning outcome of digital documentation class 10.
  • Styles/Categories in the word processor
  • Style formatting window
  • Fill Format
  • Creating updating new style from a selection
  • Load styles from the template or another document
  • Creating a new style using drag-and-drop
  • Applying styles

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2 Insert and Use images in document

  • Options to insert image to document from various sources
  • Options to modify, resize, crop and delete an image
  • Drawing objects and its properties
  • Creating drawing objects and changing its properties
  • Resizing and grouping drawing objects
  • Positioning the image in text

3 Create and Use template

  • Templates
  • Using predefined templates
  • Set up a custom default template
  • Updating a template
  • Changing to a different template
  • Using the template

The next topic is not given in the syllabus but given in CBSE study material for Digital documentation (Advanced) class-10.

4 Working with tables in digital documents

  • Tables in Document
  • Insert table
  • Auto-fit Options
  • Entering text into tables
  • Select, Insert, Delete a row, column, cell, and table
  • Merge and Split Cells

5 Create and Customize table of contents

  • Table of contents
  • Hierarchy of headings
  • Customization of table of contents
  • Character styles
  • Managing table of contents

6 Implement the mail merge

  • Advanced concept of mail merge in word processing
  • Creating the main document
  • Creating the data source
  • Entering the data in the fields
  • Merging the data source with the main documents
  • Editing individual document
  • Printing a letter

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