Important QnA database concepts class 10

In this article, you will get QnA database concepts class 10 with objective type questions, short answer questions and long answer questions.

Objective Type Questions – QnA database concepts class 10

MCQ, Fill in the blanks and True/False

[1] Some raw facts, figures and textual contents known as ___________.


[2] The meaningful data is known as _______________


[3] Data help us to take decision. (True/False)

[4] The ___________ refers to collection of data and information in organized manner.


[5] Which of the following refers to reducing the duplicate values in a table?

a) Data Redundancy b) Data Integrity

c) Data Security d) Data Consistency

[6] In DBMS, user cannot work on a single database at a time. (True/False)

[7] Which of the following are database types?

a) Only Flat File b) Flat File and Relational

c) Only relational d) Flat File, CSV and Relational

[8] The ______________ are dedicated computers which holds the actual database and run the related database software.

Database Servers

[9] The database servers database can be accessed through command lines of interface is known as ______________

Front End

[10] The Database servers can be referred as Backend. (True/False)

[11] The ____________ feature of database give access to only the authorized users.

Data Security

[12] The Ultimate DataBase Solution is a company that provides database services to users. In a particular database few users can access certain database files. This feature is called ___________.


[13] When user do changes in a database is reflected to every user of the database. This feature is known as __________

a) Data Privacy b) Data Redundancy

c) Data Consistency d) Data Security

[14] A set of information made by various fields is known as _____________.


[15] The data available in the form of text, numeric or date in the table is known as __________


[16] The database can have multiple tables. (True/False)

[17] A ___________ is a field or column name that identifies records uniquely.

Primary Key

[19] The columns which is referenced by another table column through a primary key is known as ___________.

Foreign Key

[20] A table in a database cannot have more than one primary key. (True/False)

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Short Answer Questions (2 Marks) – QnA database concepts class 10

[1] Explain Data and Information with a suitable example.

[2] Identify data and information from the following:

  1. A student data like 111, “Saumya”, 80%
  2. Roll No – 112, Student Name-Saumya, Score – 80%
  3. Mr. Subodh, Ahmedabad, 35000
  4. Mr. Subodh is living in Ahmedabad and his monthly income is 35000.

[3] What do you mean by a database? Elaborate your answer with an example.

[4] What are the features of the database? Explain in one line.

[5] Explain the concept of RDBMS. Illustrate your answer with suitable examples.

[6] What is the primary key, candidate key, and alternate key? Explain with a suitable example with a table to explain it.

[7] What are the features of a primary key?

[8] Define the following:

  1. Field
  2. Record
  3. Relation

[9] Write a few examples of RDBMS packages. (At least 4 names required in 2 Marks)

[10] What are ways to organize data? Explain with proper examples.

[11] What do you mean by the Front end and Back end?

[12] Explain the concept of database servers and clients.

In the next section, long answer questions are given for QnA database concepts class 10. These questions can be asked in four marks.

Long answer questions (4 Marks Questions) – QnA database concepts class 10

[1] Explain Database Management System in brief with example.

[2] What are the advantages of a database? Explain each of them in short.

[3] What are the features of the database? Explain in short with examples.

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That’s all from the QnA database concepts class 10.

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