400+ IT 402 Class 10 Important Questions

IT 402 Class 10 Important Questions

In this article, I will discuss IT 402 Class 10 Important Questions. I will cover the entire syllabus for CBSE IT 402. So let us begin!

Topics Covered

IT 402 Class 10 Important Questions

In this subject Information Technology, the following units should be covered in IT 402.

  • Part A: Employability Skills
    • Self Management Skills
    • Entrepreneurial Skills
    • ICT Skills
  • Part B: Subject-Specific Skills
    • Digital Documentation (Advanced)
    • Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)
    • Database Management Skills
    • Web Applications

As per the sample paper of IT 402, there will be three types of questions.

S.NoQuestion TypeMarks
1MCQs / Very Short Answers1
2Short Answer Questions2
3Long Answers 4

Let’s start this article with important questions about Self Management skills in Class 10. Here it is!

Employability Skills – IT 402 Class 10 Important Questions

Follow this link to read questions from employability skills class 10 for IT 402 Class 10 Important Questions.

Unit NoUnit NameLinks
2Self Management – II MCQ Questions
All Types of Questions
3Basic ICT Skills – IIQuestions

Lets us begin the article IT 402 Class 10 Important Questions with Entrepreneurial Skills.

IT 402 Class 10 Important Questions 2023 – Entrepreneurial Skills

I will divide this section into 3 parts. 1 mark questions, 2 marks questions, and 3 marks questions. So here we go!

If you are looking for a sample question paper IT 402 along with units covered in the subject-specific skills, follow this link:

Sample Paper CBSE IT 402 Class 10

Entrepreneurial Skills

In this section, we are going to cover the questions from entrepreneurial skills class 10 very short answer and short answer questions.

1 Mark Questions

[1] I refer to the type of self-employment where one is running a business to satisfy the needs of people and looking for ways to make the business better to make profits. – Who am I?

[2] List out the qualities of an entrepreneur.

Note: Kindly write the qualities as desired in the question such as 1 or 2 in 1 mark.

[3] Rohan is working for a private organization and gets paid for that work whereas Manish has started his own business to satisfy the needs of people. Identify the profession of Rohan and Manish.

[4] A self-employed person who is always trying to make his/her business better by taking risks and trying new ideas. Who is this person?

[5] Diya and Bhavya both own a shop. Bhavya is sitting at her shop always and sells whenever a customer visits her shop. Whereas Diya walks around and get a customer at her shop and she is working to do more and grow her business.

She added different ideas for that. Identify the role of Bhavya and Diya.

[6] Name the business run by Bharti Manav a woman from Bihar.

For more details, you can visit Manavi Natual Handicrafts.

[7] What do you mean by demand?

[8] What do entrepreneurs do with respect to demand?

[9] What is the local resource used by Bharti Manav to make jewellery?

[10] Name the term used for a way in which a person acts or behaves.

[11] The term is used for the chance of something going wrong.

[12] Mohan is sitting in his shop. A customer came to his shop and shouted at him without any reason. But Mohan did not get angry. He listened to him. Name this quality of an entrepreneur.

[13] Manthan has started a catering service in his area. But due to a few reasons, he couldn’t make a profit in it. He stopped working on this idea and apologies to the people involved for the work and promised to work better in future. Which quality of an entrepreneur, he demonstrate here?

[14] Anjali pays salaries to her employees every month. Which function she is performing as an entrepreneur here?

[15] Mahesh needs to purchase raw materials from farmers for his business. He is purchasing the materials from another state where he is not doing business. Here he pays more cost. The local farmer approached him for supplying the raw material. He started purchasing from them at a lower cost and stopped from another state. Here which function he is performing as an entrepreneur?

[16] Name the term used for a false belief or opinion about something.

[17] A person needs a lot of money to start a business. It is considered as _________

[18] A person is having a large business is an entrepreneur. (True/False)

[19] Name the term is used for a line of work that a person takes for life.

[20] If a teacher is working in a school, owned by someone else is considered as

[21] If a teacher has opened a coaching class and is managed by him is considered as

[22] What are the three main steps of the career process?

[23] Identify the step of the career process: Pintu has started a catering service in his local area.

[24] Dev is struggling with his competitors in providing online teaching due to some initial ups and downs. But now he has opened two new branches of his institute in nearby cities. Identify this step.

[25] There are many coaching institutes till Dev earns profit from this coaching institute. Name this step as an entrepreneur’s career process.

Watch this video for more understanding:

In the next section of IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions, I am going to discuss 2 marks questions from the entrepreneurial skills class 10. So here we go!

2 Marks Questions

[1] What do you mean by entrepreneurship?

[2]Explain the qualities of an entrepreneur.

[3] Differentiate between wage employed and self-employed people.

[4] How do entrepreneurs help in growing the area and society?

[5] What do entrepreneurs do when they run their businesses?

[6] What are the functions of entrepreneurs? Explain any two of them.

[7] What are the myths/misconceptions of an entrepreneur?

[8] Identify the misconceptions associated with the following statements:

  1. Nayan started a small shop for stationery. But he doesn’t call himself an entrepreneur.
  2. Rakesh has an idea to host a website to build various courses. He has very less money to invest. So he has not started the website.
  3. Milan has a mobile shop in the market where so many other mobile shops are already there. He doesn’t call himself an entrepreneur.
  4. Anil is coming from a middle-class family. He has an idea to start up a shopping mall in his area. But he couldn’t start.

[9] State the truth behind the misconceptions of entrepreneurs.

[10] Explain the steps of a career process.

[11] Differentiate between an entrepreneur and a businessman.

[12] What do you mean by a business plan?

Watch this video for more understanding:

Part B Subject-Specific Skills

Now in this section of IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions we will discuss subject-specific skills questions and answers. There are two units in Part B Subject Specific skills.

  1. Digital Documentation (Advanced)
  2. Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)
  3. Database Management System
  4. Web Applications and Security

Important Questions Digital Documentation (Advanced)

So let’s start with important questions from digital documentation advanced. Follow the links given in the tables to read questions and answers from digital documentation (advanced) class 10.

Chapter NoChapter Name
135+ Important Questions Create and Apply Styles in the document
235+ important questions Insert and use images in the document
320+ Important Questions Create and use a template
420 Important Questions Create and customize a table of contents
5Implement Mail Merge

Important Questions Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)

In the next section of IT 402 Class 10 Important Questions for electronic spreadsheet (advanced). Follow the given chapter-wise links for questions.

Chapter NoChapter Name
120+ Important Questions Use Consolidating Data
215+ Important QnA Subtotals in OO Calc
320+ Important Questions Scenarios
430 important questions GoalSeek and Solver
520+ Important questions setup multiple sheets
625 Important Questions Create references in the spreadsheet
740 Important Questions share and review the spreadsheet
828 Important Questions Macro in spreadsheet Class 10
924 important questions Macro as function Class 10

So let us start with Unit 3 Database Management System Class 10. In term 1 we have considered the first two sessions from this unit. So here I will consider from Session 3 – Perform Operations on Table. So here we go!

Important Questions Unit 3 Database Management System Class 10 IT 402

We have already covered these topics in Term 1. Follow the links for topic wise questions and answers:

As per the syllabus and suggestions are taken from various sources we have selected topics from session 3. So let’s start questions from this topic:

Unit 3 Database Management Systems – Perform Operations on tables – 1 mark questions

[1] Mrinal wants to insert records into the OO base tables. Suggest the ways to insert records in the table.

[2] Raj is using OO base where he is typing contents directly into the table and modifying the data. In which view he is working?

[3] What kind of operations are supported by the datasheet view?

[4] Samyak wants to delete the entire row. Suggest how to delete a record from OO base.

[5] Write any two DML commands.

[6] Write SQL command to insert the following records in the table – customer


[7] Write SQL command to modify the records from the customer table

Change Amount to 5500 for the orders given on 22/03/2022.

[8] Write SQL command to delete the records given after 22/03/2022.

[9] Satyam wants to set the value for the serial number which is going to be incremented itself when a new row will be inserted. Which option he should use for this purpose? Suggest the name of the properties.

[10] The length field property set to __________ by default.

[11] Nirmal wants to insert a fixed value in the column stream as Science. Which field property will be useful for him?

[12] Which field properties won’t allow a cell to be blank or empty?

[13] Define sorting.

[14] How to sort data of emp table by ename?

[15] Define referential integrity.

[16] In OO Base data can be linked between two more tables. To link data what is required?

[17] Define relationship.

[18] Write step to create a relationship between two tables in OO Base.

[19] Kajal wants to know the three types of relationships. Suggest their name to her.

[20] Satvik wants to create a relationship. He knows this task can be done from two menus. Suggest the menus to him.

[21] How to remove the relationship?

Watch this video for more understanding:

Unit 3 Database Management Systems – Perform Operations on tables 2 marks questions

[1] How to insert data in OO Base tables? Explain in detail with steps.

[2] What do you mean by field properties? How to set the field properties?

[3] Differentiate between Auto Value and Default Value.

[4] Write a few advantages of referential integrity.

[5] Explain how to create a relationship using the insert menu from the relation design window.

[6] Enlist the options available under update and delete options in the relations window.

[7] Explain all types of relationships supported by OO base.

If you are looking for more questions follow this link:

Table operations in OO Base

Referential Integrity

retrieve data using the query 1 mark questions

[1] Define query.

[2] Define filtering.

[3] What are the ways to perform queries supported by OO base?

[4] Write the full form: SQL

[5] Ronit is a learning Database. Where he notices people pronounced SQL with a different word but he doesn’t remember what it was? Suggest your answer for the same.

[6] Trishala is learning SQL Queries. She wants to know what a query will do in SQL, Support her by writing the answer.

[7] Which command is mostly used to retrieve data?

[8] What do you mean by clause in SQL command?

[9] What are the clauses used with the SELECT command?

[10] Write SQL command to retrieve all data from a table?

[11] Hiteshi wants to execute the query from SQL view. Which key hee need to press in order to get the result?

[12] Ishika is writing a query, where she needs to display only practical marks from total marks and theory marks from exam_results table. Write a query to get practical marks from total marks and theory marks. The column names are total for total marks and theory for theory.

[13] Write the use of where clause with select query.

[14] Write SQL query to display students of commerce stream from exam_results table.

[15] Write SQL query to get the result in ascending order of total marks scored by students.

[16] Priya wants to sort the records of students in the descending order of marks scored by students. She knows the command but forgets only the keyword which is used to get the result in descending order with an order by clause. Write that keyword.

[17] Manisha is working as a team leader. She wants to update the salary of her department employees. She wants to open SQL command window for the update command. She forgets how to open SQL command window to update the records. Help her by suggesting the answer.

[18] Write a command to update the centre city of students from Baroda to Ahmedabad from the table candidates.

[19] Write a query to display marks between 91 to 100 from exam_results.

[20] The SQL Command window has which button to run the query?

Retrieving data using query unit 3 DBMS class 10 – 2 marks questions

[1] Write steps to create a query using the wizard.

[2] Nilesh is working in Krishna Automobiles. His manager told him to perform a query to return records for his Ahmedabad branch. He is going to use the option to create queries using design. Write the steps.

[3] Explain the parts of the query design window in SQL view.

[4] Enlist some of the operators used in SQL command in where clause.

[5] Explain the update command with syntax and example.

retrieving data using queries Unit 3 Database Management System – 4 marks questions

[1] Observe the following table (examresult) structure and determine the appropriate data type and constraints for the table as per the given specification then write a query to create a table:

Field nameData Type DescriptionConstraint Description
rollnoStore 4 digit unique numbersUnique and Not empty
snameStore name of 20 characters longNot empty
marksStore marks with 2 decimal placesDefault 0
gradeStore grades with two characters

[2] Aman is working in a multinational company. He wants to maintain records of employees in the database and create a database to keep a track of all the records. Help him to write the following commands:

i) Create a table emp with the following structure:

FieldData TypeConstraint
empnoint(4)Primary Key
enamevarchar(20)Not Null

ii) Write SQL command to insert a record of your choice

iii) Write SQL command to add new column comm with int datatype.

[3] Observe the following table student and write answers for the below-given queries:


i) Display the student’s details of the commerce stream.

ii) Display records of class 12D and 12B students

iii) Change the percentage of Mahek to 64.15.

iv) Delete records of those who secured less than 60%.

[4] Consider the following table – candidate and write queries given below:


i) Display the candidates for PCM subject

ii) Display names of candidates whose admission is pending in ascending order of name.

iii) Display the records of PCB candidates whose marks are less than 70.

iv) Display the name, fees and subject of candidates whose fees are more than 400.

[6] Consider the following table teacher and write the given queries below:

101Kamlesh Mali55Physics1991/04/0175000M
102Praveen Singh48Maths1998/06/0165000M
103Hemisha Patel45Gujarati2000/02/0755000F
104Alauddin Sayed41Computer Science2008/04/0252000M
105Dipti Agrawal38Maths2012/04/0148000F
106Krunali Prajapati37Computer Science2016/04/0144000F

i) Display the information of Maths and Computer Science subject teachers

ii) Display the information of teachers who are getting salaries in the range of 45000 to 75000

iii) Display the information of teachers whose age are more than 45 years

iv) Display the name of teachers along with a report on how many years remain for their retirement

[7] Observe the table store and write queries given below:

1001ChocolateCadbury India15040.00PuneMaharashtra
1003CookiesDark Fantasy25035.00HaridwarUttarakhand

i) Display the records in the descending order of rate

ii) Display the itemname, supplier from Gujarat and Rajasthan.

iii) Delete a column city

iv) Display the information of items whose price is more than 30 and the supplier is Amul.

[8] Observe the following table team and write queries given below:

MaheshHouse KeepingH4528000Peon
AnkitHRHR0150000HR Head
VikasHRHR0334000HR Manager
DineshHRHR0239000HR HOD

i) Display the information whose name ends with sh.

ii) Identify the primary key and justify your answer.

iii) Display name, department, and salary of an HR department.

iv) Display the information with a 5% of increment in salary for admin department team members.

Watch this video for a practical demo:

For more questions follow this link:

Queries in OO Base

In the next section of IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions I am going to discuss important questions from the next session CREATE FORMS AND REPORTS USING WIZARD. So here we go!


[1] Ayushi is learning OO Base. She wants to provide an interface to users that allows them to view, enter and change data directly in database tables. Suggest the database object fulfils her need.

[2] Write one feature of a base form.

[3] Jayshree has opened OO Base window. She wants to create a new form. Help her to select the option to create a form.

[4] Vanshika is looking for ways to create a form provided by OO base. Write the same for her.

[5] The option – “Use wizard to create form” is available under which group?

[6] In which step does the form wizard allow you to select the field to display the field on the form?

[7] Users can select specific fields or all fields for a form in the OO base. Which buttons are present to do so?

[8] What is a subform?

[9] In which step you can place the fields or contents to the right place on a form in form wizard?

[10] The steps that let users set up the data entry model. Mention the step of the database form wizard.

[11] Nilesh wants to set background and text colours on a form through a wizard. Which step helps him fulfil his task?

[12] Write any two features of a report.

[13] Aniket wants to create a report in OO Base. He is not familiar with OO base. Help him to initiate the process.

[14] There is only one way to create a report in OO Base. Which it is?

[15] What is the significance of labelling fields in report wizard?

[16] Which step of the report wizard allows to filter and display the fields according to specific fields frequencies?

[17] Nitin wants to set the orientation of OO Base through the wizard. Which step will help him to fulfil his task?

[18] Which types of reports can be generated through the wizard in OO Base?

Create forms and reports using wizards – 2 Marks questions

[1] What are the uses of forms?

[2] What are the steps involved in creating a form using a wizard?

[3] What are the options available under arrange controls?

[4] Distinguish between forms and reports.

[5] Manan is working on the form. He is going to create a form to add new records only. Enlist all the options available for data entry in the form wizard. Write the option which helps Manan to fulfil his need.

[6] What are the styles available for designing a form? Write any four styles.

[7] Priya wants to add a border on the form using the wizard. Help her by suggesting the border options available for the form.

[8] Shital has almost finished all the steps and she wants to continue with the form. What are the options available for her after setting up the name of the form?

[9] How to add a new record through form?

[10] Ritesh wants to delete a record using the form. Help him to finish this task.

[11] How do modify the records using forms?

[12] Kunjan wants to display data in a summarized manner from the queries and tables. Which database object will fulfil his requirements. Define the object which is used to do this task.

[13] What are the main steps required to create a report through the wizard in the oo base?

[14] Rashmi wants to create a report. She wants to customize the labels in the report. Suggest how she can fulfil the task?

[15] Zeel is working in a domestic company and she wants to display state-wise records in the report. Write steps so she can do this task easily.

[16] Explain sorting options present in Create Report wizard in OO Base.

[17] Explain the options provided in the step choose the layout in OO base to create a report wizard?

[18] Explain the options supported in the step create report the final step of creating report wizard.

Follow below-given links for more questions:

Creating forms in OO base

Creating reports in OO base

Watch this video for more understanding:

Now in the next section of IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions we are going to cover the questions from unit 4 web applications and security.

Important Questions Unit 4 Web Applications and Security IT 402 Class10

Let’s start this section with questions and answers from unit 4 web applications and security topic wise.

accessibility options – 1 marks questions

[1] Bhavin is a class 10 IT student. He read somewhere about the concept that the friendliness of computer systems for all regardless of their disability. Help him to recall the concept.

[2] What refers to the combination of software and software enables a person with a disability or impairment to use a computer?

[3] Enlist the various impairments.

[4] Which utility provides the customization of keyboard, display or mouse settings to assist people with impairments in computer systems?

[5] Annu wants to launch the control panel in windows 11. Help her by writing the steps she needs to follow.

[6] Ruchik wants to launch accessibility options in windows 11. Help him by writing steps.

[7] Vats is working on accessibility options. He wanted to change the keyboard settings. But he is not getting the correct way to do so. Suggest a proper way for him to complete his task.

[8] Which accessibility option of keyboard setting helps computer users with physical disabilities and is also used by others as a means to reduce repetitive strains?

[9] Milan is learning accessibility options. Suggest to him some features of sticky keys.

[10] Ram is working on computers. Someone has turned on sticky keys on the computer. How he know about this?

[11] Enlist all the accessibility options available under keyboard settings.

[12] Help Ms. Vedika to disable sticky keys.

[13] Which option tells the keyboard to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes?

[14] Which option is useful for people with hand tremors?

[15] Tarun is suffering from vision impairments. He wanted to use computers. Name the option which should be activated for him from accessibility options.

[16] How a person can identify that the toggle keys are turned on?

[17] The option is designed for users having auditory impairments. While using computers such options generate visual warnings like blinking a title bar or a flashing border whenever computer generates a sound.

Identify the above option.

[18] Which option is available to activate Sound Sentry option in windows 11?

[19] Nitin wants to disable the sound sentry option. How to disable sound sentry?

[20] What is the use of show sounds?

[21] What are the features of high contrast?

[22] Rahul wants to know what the cursor options will do in the accessibility options? Suggests answer to him.

[23] Someone has changed the mouse clicks behaviour on Rimpy’s laptop. Now she wants to restore that as it was. How she can change it to as usual now?

[24] Enlist the tabs available for the mouse settings window.

[25] Ritu has turned on the mouse key but she is not able to operate the mouse pointers through the keyboard. What can be the reason for the same?

[29] Write the mouse cursor movement by pressing the following num lock keys:

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 6
  4. 8

[30] Recognize me: I am an accessibility option that assists people that have difficulty using a keyboard or mouse or both.

[31] Enlist some special devices which are used to provide input to the computer through Serial ports.

[32] What happens in sipping and puffing?

Accessibility options class 10 IT 402 – 2 marks questions

Follow the below-given links for topic wise questions and answers:

[1] What do you mean by computer accessibility? What is assistive technology?

Refers 1 marks questions.

[2] Give at least four examples of cognitive impairments and learning disabilities.

[3] Match the following Column A and Columna B correctly:

S.NoColumn AS.NoColumn B
1Cognitive Impairments1Carpal Tunnel
2Dexterity Impairments2low-vision
3Hearing Impairments3dyslexia
4Visual Impairments4deafness

[4] Write at least two examples of each.

  1. Visual Impairments
  2. Hearing Impairments
  3. Motor or dexterity impairments

[5] Avinash has activated the sticky keys. Now he wanted to check that its working or not, write steps to be followed to see the effect of sticky keys.

[6] Leena wants to see the effect of filter keys while working on computers. Suggest steps to help her.

[7] Vanshika is working on a laptop. Where she notices whenever she is pressing NUM lock or CAPS lock or SCROLL lock computer plays a beep. Which accessibility is activated on her laptop? How it is activated?

[8] Vijay is working as a hardware engineer in the company. The company has signed an AMC contract for schools where children with special needs are studying. He is instructed to prepare a computer lab with computers that help students having auditory impairments. Suggest how he can prepare such computers which help the students to use them easily?

[9] Vijay has enabled sound sentry in the computers. Where he checked a few systems but till some of the systems are left. He instructed Laxmi to check the sound sentry is working properly or not. How Laxmi can check this?

[10] What is the significance of ShowSounds option?

[11] How to activate high contrast theme on computers?

Follow this link for more questions:

Watch this video for more understanding:

Networking Fundamental Questions

In the next session of IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions I will discuss questions from Session 2 networking fundamentals of Unit 4 Web applications and security for IT 402 Class 10. Here we go!

[1] Define computer network.

[2] Nirav is learning network about networking architecture. Suggest the kind of network architecture he is going to learn.

[3] Identify me: A network in which all computers have equal status and each terminal has an equally component CPU.

[4] Define: i) Server and ii) Clients

[5] Identify the type of network:

  1. A network connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area and offers very high speeds and connects printers and peripherals
  2. A network that covers a broad area and countries

[6] Which type of network links across metropolitan, regional, or national boundaries?

[7] Define: Internet

[8] How internet is helpful for student?

[9] How the internet is used by businesses?

[10] Write full form of WWW.

[11] Rinku wants to know about the system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the internet. Suggest your answer for the same.

[12] What is a web browser?

[13] Identify: A computer stores websites and their related files for viewing on the internet

[14] Write the full form of: ISP

[15] Enlist a few ISP companies.

[16] What are the some parameters on which the internet connectivity is dependent?

[17] Sumesh wants to use internet connectivity at his home. Which type of internet connectivity is suitable for him?

[18] Jitesh has started a business in his area. He wants to start the internet in his local office. Suggest the type of connectivity he can use?

[19] Extract the following internet connectivity into wired or wireless connectivity: Dial-up, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, DSL, Cabel Internet Access, 4G hotspot

[20] Write Full form of : DSL, PSTN, HSPDA, EDGE, WiMAX, WAP, WiFi

[21] Shailesh is using an internet connection where he is dailing a number every time when he wants to connect to the internet. Which type of connectivity he is using?

[22] Which internet connection is extremely slow out of Dial-up, DSL and Modem.

[23] Which type of internet connection allows to use of telephone and data transmission at same time simultaneously?

[24] Which type of internet connection is best for the areas where DSL or cable internet access cannot be used?

[25] What do you mean by a packet with respect to data transfer on the internet?

In the next section, we are going to discuss 2 marks questions.

[1] Distinguish between LAN and WAN.


It covers a limited geographical area.It covers a broad area of links across metropolitan, regional or national boundaries
It is used at homes, schools, offices etc. It is used in large organizations, businesses, governments, entertainers etc.
This type of network offers a very high speeds network and is used for connecting computers and peripherals. This type of network offers the internet and online web services.
It can be set up using unguided media as well guided media. For example Ethernet and WiFiIt can be set up using unguided media. For example Microwave, Satellite

[2] Write a few characteristics of the Internet.

[3] “The Internet is the largest encyclopedia for all age groups.” Justify this statement.

[4] Write short note on ISP.

[5] Write a short note on Modem.

In the next section lets discuss 4 Marks Questions -Networking Fundamentals IT 402 Class 10.

[1] What is a network? Explain the types of network architecture.

[2] Javed is applying for a network administrator in a multinational company. Where he has asked to explain LAN and WAN in brief. Suggest an answer to him.

[3] Chandani is appointed as an IT administrator in a multinational company. The company is thinking to start the internet in its various branches. So they asked Chandni to prepare a presentation about the internet. Now Chandani is going to make a PPT on the same. Help her by answering the following questions to make PPT.

  1. What is the internet?
  2. Who is using the internet?
  3. How to it is going to be helpful for the company with respect to maintaining databases?
  4. How it is useful for employees of the company?

[4] Harpreet is an IT student. She is going to learn the concept of the Web and technologies. Help her by answering the following questions.

  1. What is WWW?
  2. What is a web browser?
  3. What are the functions of a web browser?
  4. What is a website and web page?

[5] What are the advantages of networking?

[6] Amit and Rajendra are students of class 10. Their teacher assigned a project for them to choose the ISP for internet connection. and make a list of internet connectivity options. So they are searching for relevant information. Help them by suggesting your answers for the same.

[7] Param is confused about selecting the internet connectivity type for his company. Write an explanation about the internet connectivity options and clear his confusion.

[8] Manisha purchased a brand new laptop for her study. She wanted to use the internet through WiFi. Suggest steps on how she can use the internet on the laptop?

[9] Write a short note on data transfer on the internet.

[10] Shaurya is working as a network engineer. His boss asked him to prepare a list of common questions that should be answered to choose an appropriate internet plan. Make list for him.

Follow the below-given link for more questions:

Watch this video for more understanding:

Now in the next section of IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions we are going to discuss questions from the topic introduction to instant messaging. So here we go!

Important questions Introduction to Instant messaging Class 10 IT 402

We will start this topic IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions – Introduction to instant messaging as usual with 1 mark questions then 2 marks and finally 4 marks questions. So let’s start now!

Let us start with 1 mark questions Introduction to Instant Messaging Class 10.

[1] Ashwin wants to communicate with his friend frequently who is far away from his location. Which software help him to fulfil his need?

[2] Identify The form of communication over the internet that offers an instantaneous transmission of text-based messages from sender to receiver.

[3] Anurag is working as an IT engineer. He has asked to make a list of operations performed by instant messaging software. Help him to complete his task.

[4] What do you mean by offline messages?

[5] Shreya wants to use IM software and video call her friend. What are the peripherals she needs to do this efficiently?

[6] What are the two kinds of instant messaging software?

[7] Riya is chatting with his friend without downloading any app on his mobile. Which type of IM software she is using?

[8] Name some popular application based IM software.

[9] Name some popular web-based IM software.

[10] What are the basic requirements for using any IM software?

Now we are going to discuss 2 Marks Questions Instant messaging Class 10. Here we go!

[1] What do you mean by Instant Messaging?

[2] What are the uses of Instant messaging software?

[3] How IM software is different from other online services like email, groups etc?

[4] Kiran is using IM software daily for his work. Help him to note down key features of IM Software.

[5] Differentiate between application based IM software and web-based IM software.


Application Based IM SoftwareWeb-Based Application Software
1Needs to be downloadedNo need to download
2Requires regular updatesNo updates required
3More secured compared to web-basedLess secured compared to application-based
4Examples: Skype, Twitter, Facebook Messanger, WhatsappExamples: MSN, Hotmail, Whatsapp web etc.

Follow this link for more questions based on Introduction to instant messaging:

Watch the following video for more understanding:

Chatting with a contact important questions Class 10 IT 402

In this section of this article IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions we are going to discuss questions from chatting with a contact topic. So let’s start now!

In the next section we will discuss 1 and 2 marks questions chatting with a contact.

[1] Alpesh has created a profile on messenger. Now he wants to start chatting with his friend. How he can start?

[2] Nidhi has signed in her messenger. But she is confused to identify online friends. Write how she knows who is online?

[3] Rekha found 3 friends online when she signed in to her messenger profile. Now she wants to chat with a friend. How she can start?

[4] Janki wants to send the message received from her friend Ketaki. Which option is useful for her?

[5] Vicky wants to give a response to a question asked by his classmate in messenger. Which option is used to fulfil his need?

[6] How to start chat when your name doesn’t reflect on the screen of the receiver?

[7] Swarnim is always typing an entire message in capital letters. Is it the correct method or not?

[8] Vedika has activated her chat account for the first time. She wants to know some etiquette followed while chatting. Write the same for her.

In the next section of IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions we are going to discuss questions on the topic of creating and publishing blogs. Let us begin!

Creating and Publishing web pages – Blog

Let us start this section with 1 mark of questions. So here we go!

[1] Ravi is a class 10 student. He has some unique ideas in art and drawing skills. He wants to share his idea with people. Suggest the best way to share his idea and get a response from the audience.

[2] Mitesh is a class 10 student and learning the topic of creating and publishing web pages – Blog. Where he read something like a discussion style site used by non-techies for creating web pages as well as an online personal diary and simple to use. What it is?

[3] Sohan is confused about how a blog is helpful for him? Give your opinion in short for the same.

[4] Saloni is confused about the basic requirements to start a blog. What does she need to start a blog and how its managed?

[5] Which software allows to create content without an internet connection and later publish the content when an internet connection is available?

[6] Write any two popular free blog service websites.

[7] What do you mean by posting content?

[8] Hetvi has created a blogpost. Now she wants to write an article on how she got succeded in her sports event. She has written something on top which focus on keywords to attract the audience. What she has written over here on top of the blogpost?

[9] Shashwat has finished his article. Now he wants to make it live. Which button helps him to do the same?

[10] Bhavika read an article on a blog online. Now she wants to give her feedback on the same. Which option helps her to provide feedback.

Let us discuss 2/4 Marks questions Online Transaction IT 402 Class 10.

For more questions follow this link:

[1] What do you mean by a blog? Write a few websites that offer blog services for free.

Refer 1 marks questions: Q.No 1,2,3 and 6 for an answer.

[2] Priyesh wants to start a new blog. He wants to create a blog account on WordPress to help him by writing steps.

[3] Charvi wants to post content on her WordPress website. Write steps to create a new post.

[4] Dimple is reading an article on a blog. She wants to give feedback through comments on the blog. Help her how she can proceed with the same.

[5] Write a short note on Qumana including launching the app and adding a blog.

[6] Jasmin has her blog in Qumana. Now she wants to write and publish a post and then want to view the published post in Qumana. Help her to fulfil her needs.

[7] Write steps to insert an image or picture in the blog.

Important Questions Online Transactions IT 402 Class 10

In this section, we are going to discuss questions from the topic Online transactions IT 402 class 10. First we will start with 1 mark questions:

[1] Expand: OLTP

[2] Rakesh wants to know what are examples of online transactions with banking services. Help him by writing your answer.

[3] What are the benefits of online transactions?

[4] Hetal is going to place an order online on Flipkart. But she doesn’t know the payment modes available on Flipkart. Help her by listing the various modes of payment.

[5] Rutvik is paying money from his phone through an app whenever he is doing online shopping. Enlist some UPI based apps that provide online payment facilities.

[6] Expand: CVV

[7] Write full form: IRCTC

[8] Name websites for online bus ticket booking and flight booking.

Now let us see 2/4 marks questions Online Transactions Class 10.

[1] Define online transactions.

[2] What is online shopping?

[3] Simran is a class 10 IT student. She missed a few classes when her teacher taught online transactions topics. She is not familiar with the concept of online shopping. She wants to know the situations where online shopping is useful and suggests the situations.

[4] Mention some popular online transactions websites.

[5] Write steps to book a railway ticket online using IRCTC.


What are the steps required for railway ticket reservation?

[6] Chirag is going to plan the journey from Ahmedabad to Jaisalmer, Rajasthan by bus. Help him to book an online ticket from redbus.

Follow the below-given link to read questions and answers to topic online transactions:

Online Transactions

Important Questions Internet Security IT 402 Class 10

In the next session of IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions we are going to discuss questions from session 8 internet security.

[1] I am a branch of computer security specifically related to the internet, often involving browser security but also network security.

[2] Mr. Praveen wants to know the objectives of internet security. Help him by writing the objectives.

[3] The internet represents an insecure channel for exchanging information leading to a high risk of intrusion or fraud. What it is?

[4] Mention a few online threats.

[5] Sonu wants to reduce the risks by using best practices. Mention any two practices.

[6] Sandeep wants to use a strong password. What is a strong password?

[7] Mention some passwords which are easy to remember but could not be kept as they can be easily guessed by the hackers.

[8] Mention a website that generates a random strong password.

[9] Naresh heard about software or hardware and can assist in keeping a computer and a network secure. Suggest the name for this term.

[10] What firewall will do?

In this section we will discuss 2/4 Marks questions Internet Security.

[1] Mentions some online threats that may leave the computer insecure.

[2] Mention some important points to be remembered for password security.

[3] Write steps to generate a strong password using www.strongpasswordgenerator.com.

[4] How are antivirus and antispyware software useful?

[5] Nobody should immediately respond to emails from unknown users. Why?

[6] What are cookies? How to clear browser cookies?

Important Questions Maintain workplace Safety

In this section of IT 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions we are going to discuss questions on the topic maintain workplace safety.

[1] Mention basic safety rules to follow at the workplace.

[2] Paresh wants to avoid/minimize hazards. Suggest to him proper ways do this.

[3] Harsh wants to know basic fire safety rules in an organization. Help him by suggesting basic fire safety rules.

[4] What are the falls and slips safety rules? Write them.

[5] Amit is working in an electronics company as a senior engineer. He is called for a seminar to explain safety rules for electrical equipment. What are these rules can be, write them?

[6] Ms Reeta is working as a teacher. Now she is given the duty of first aid in-charge. She wants to know about first aid and the rules for first aid. Suggest first aid and its rules.

[7] What do you mean by occupational hazard? Mention some examples.

Follow this link for more questions:

Important Questions prevent accidents and emergencies IT 402 Class 10

In the next section of IT, 402 Class 10 Term 2 Important Questions from the topic prevent accidents and emergencies.

[1] What do you mean by accident?

[2] Enlist some accident types.

[3] What are the common injuries suffered include?

[4] Mention some points to handle accidents carefully.

[5] Any unexpected situation that needs immediate attention or action. Name that.

[6] Enlist some emergency situations.

[7] Enlist some kind of emergency.

[8] Enlist some types of emergencies that require evacuation.

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