Important QnA Data Types in Base Class 10

Important QnA Data Types in Base Class 10 will help you to learn and prepare well for CBSE Information Technology 402 subject. We have already covered the following topics and QnA sessions if you missed them go through it:

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QnA Data Types in Base Class 10

Let’s start QnA Data Types in Base Class 10 with objective type questions and then we will see subjective type questions.

Objective type Questions

As you know that according to the latest sample papers, Objective type questions of 1 mark is very important for the question paper. In this portion of QnA Data Types in base Class 10, we will cover Fill in the blanks, MCQs, One-word Answers, and True/False can be asked. So here we go for Objective type questions first!

  1. The ___________ data type stores numeric values with fractions and without fractions in the fields in the OO database. (Ans. – decimal)
  2. Which of the following data type store only Yes/No or On/Off or 0/1 type values in a OO database.
    1. Binary
    2. Boolean
    3. Tinyint
    4. Int
  3. The ______________ data type is used to store the data in the range of 0 to 255 numbers without decimals. (Ans. TinyInt)
  4. If you want to store a value ranging from -32,768 to 32,767 in OO base tables, you can use ______________ data type. (Ans. SmallInt)
  5. The _____________ datatype can store the largest integer number in OO Base table. (Ans. BigInt)
  6. Which of the following datatype can store a number with a decimal point in OO Base table?
    1. Number
    2. Integer
    3. Boolean
    4. Float
  7. The ____________ datatype allows to store long text in the field. (Ans. Memo)
  8. The _____________ datatype allows to hold a value with fixed-length text value upto 17 characters. (Ans. char)
  9. The varchar datatype allows padding in the fields. (True/False)
  10. VarcharIgnoreCase data type allows you to accept any case i.e. small letters or capital letters in OO Base tables. (True/False)
  11. To store an image, you have image datatype in OO Base. (True/False)
  12. Which of the following are correct date ranges allowed by OO base?
    1. 0/0/0001 to 31/12/9999
    2. 1/1/0001 to 31/12/9999
    3. 1/1/99 to 1/1/9999
    4. 1/1/99 to 31/12/9999
  13. The dates are store in MM/DD/YYYY format in OO base tables, by default. (True/False)
  14. Which of the following data type allows to store the value with date and time together in the OO base table’s field.
    1. date
    2. date/time
    3. timestamp
    4. date_time
  15. When you use the time as a data type in field value it stores seconds since 1901. (True/False)

Now in the next section of QnA Data Types in Base Class 10, we will talk about the subjective type questions.

Subjective Type questions

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  1. Enlist the basic data types you can use in OO base.
  2. Explain various numeric data types used in OO base tables.
  3. What are basic text data types provided by the OO base? Explain them in detail.
  4. What do you mean by binary types? Explain each of them in detail.
  5. What are the three main basic date/time data types supported OO base.

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