28 Important Questions Macro in spreadsheet Class 10 IT 402

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Objective type questions – Macro in spreadsheet Class 10

Fill in the blanks

[1] The ___________ feature of a spreadsheet software allows to repeat the set of commands or tasks performed by user in a single click or by shortcut key.


[2] To record macro in MS Excel, ___________ tab needs to be activated.


[3] To customize the ribbon in MS Excel click on _______ –> ________ –> ______________option.

File –> Options –> Customize Ribbon

[4] The ___________________ option must be clicked to give the respective location from where the steps would be followed.

Use relative references

[5] To view the list of existing macro click on _________ –> __________ option from code group in MS Excel.

Developer, Macros

[6] The __________ button starts the execution of macro in macro dialog box.


In next section of assignment macro IT 402 we will see True/False.

True/False – Assignment Macro IT 402

  1. A macro is a pre-recorded set of actions or commands. – True
  2. The developer is tab is available in the ribbon by default. – False
  3. “Format Worksheet” can be used as a macro name. – False
  4. You can use any combination of the short keys to run a macro. – False
  5. A cell name range can be used as a macro name. – False
  6. Record Macro option changes to Stop Recording when you start the recording. – True
  7. You can also stop the macro recording from the status bar. – True
  8. The macro can be created in New Workbook also. – True
  9. You can use the existing shortcut key to run the macro. – True
  10. The macro created once, cannot be deleted. – False

MCQs – Assignment macro IT 402

  1. Which of the following tab helps to add commands or tab in the ribbon in MS Excel?
    1. Home
    2. Insert
    3. File
    4. Review
  2. Which of the following button needs to be clicked to start recording a macro?
    1. Visual Basic
    2. Macros
    3. Record Macro
    4. Use Relative References
  3. Which of the following option is not available in Store macro in list?
    1. This Workbook
    2. New Workbook
    3. Personal Macro Workbook
    4. Sheet1
  4. Which of the following option tells a summary of a macro in the macro dialog box?
    1. Macro Name
    2. Description
    3. Buttons
    4. List of macros
  5. The options button in the macro dialog box allows to
    1. Change the shortcut key assigned and edit the description
    2. Opens the Visual Basic Code editor
    3. Delete a macro
    4. Run a macro
  6. Identify the valid macro name:
    1. Mac 1
    2. 1_Mac
    3. Mac_1
    4. 1Mac
  7. What is the purpose of the Create button available in the Macro dialog box?
    1. To open Visual Basic code Editor
    2. To assign a new macro
    3. To modify the macro
    4. All of the above

In the next section, we will discuss short answer questions of 2 marks and 3 marks for the topic Assignment Macro IT 402. Let’s have a look:

Short answer questions – Assignment macro IT 402

Refer to this article for answers

  1. Ms. Shilpa is a class teacher of Class 10. She is working in MS Excel and preparing a worksheet to insert marks for five subjects. She is confused about how to generate the sample copy of the worksheet in one click. Explain how she can use a macro to fulfill her needs.
    • She needs to create a worksheet and starts the macro recorder.
    • Then go for the formatting whatever she wanted to record.
    • When the worksheet will be ready, stop the macro recorder.
    • Run the macro in a new worksheet.
  2. How to activate the developer tab in MS Excel?
    • Click on File –> Options. An Excel Options dialog box appears.
    • Select the Customize Ribbon option from the left side.
    • Now choose the Main Tabs option from choose commands from the drop-down list.
    • Click on the Developer tab and tick the checkbox.
    • Click on OK.
  3. Write steps to record a macro.
    1. Place the cursor in a cell from where you want to start record.
    2. Click on Developer –> Record Macro. A Record Macro dialog box will appear.
    3. Type a name for Macro by following rules for giving the names.
    4. Assign short cut key, and write the description, these are optional parts.
    5. Click on the OK button.
    6. The Macro recorder will start.
  4. How to change the short cut key or and description of the recorded macro?
    1. Click on Developer –> Macros option from code group. A macro dialog box will appear.
    2. Select the macro name to edit or change the short cut key or description.
    3. Click on the options button. The Macro Options dialog box will appear.
    4. Do the desired changes.
    5. Click on OK Button.
    6. Close the Macro dialog box.
  5. How to delete the macro?
    1. Click on Developer –> Macros option from code group. A macro dialog box will appear.
    2. Select the macro name to edit or change the short cut key or description.
    3. Click on the Delete button. It will ask for the confirmation.
    4. Click on the Yes button. The macro gets deleted.

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