Comprehensive Notes Prevent Accidents and Emergencies Class 10

Prevent Accidents and Emergencies Class 10 is the next learning outcome of Unit 4 Web Applications and Security for Information Technology Class 10. Let us start!

Prevent Accidents and Emergencies Class 10

Prevent Accidents and Emergencies Class 10
Prevent Accidents and Emergencies Class 10

Accidents happen many times in the workplace. So preventing such a situation is necessary at the workplace. So what can be done to prevent these? Let’s discuss.


An accident refers to is an unplanned event that may happen all of a sudden and may lead to unwanted or unprecedented results/outcomes.

In other words, any unfortunate situation or incident that leads to hazardous results or injuries or loss of lives or any unwanted result.

In the next section of Accidents and Emergencies class 10, you will know about types of accidents.

Types accidents at the workplace

The following are different types of the accidents at the workplace:

  1. Falls and Slips
  2. Fire
  3. Industrial illness
  4. Road Traffic accidents
  5. Clinical Accidents
  6. Sports related accidents

In the workplace, the most common accidents are slips and falls. Due to falls and slips or trips employees may get various injuries. These injuries include minor ache to a major accident. The common injuries are fracture, sprain, knee or elbow injury, wrist or head injuries.

Another type of accident is a fire which is not a common type of accident for every organization but it occurs at the workplace. Fire and explosions are dangerous and sometimes deadly also. It causes huge damages to organizations. The main causes of fire are:

  1. Faulty electrical equipment
  2. Flammable and combustible materials
  3. Lack of staff training
  4. Lack of resources and equipment in place
  5. Arson

The other types of accidents occur but may vary according to the organization type and culture.

Handling accidents

Handling accidents in the workplace is very crucial. When it happens it should be handled very carefully without blaming anyone or any situation. The following guideline should be followed to handle an accident:

  1. SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) should be prepared by the concerned authority.
  2. Banners and safety-related slogans should be displayed in different areas
  3. Do the necessary arrangements for the treatment of injuries
  4. Always stay alert
  5. Pay attention to and follow emergency drills.


Emergency refers to an unexpected situation that needs immediate action.

Emergency also can be defined as a sudden risk of life, property health and that needs intervention to prevent deteriorating results/hazards. An emergency includes threatens to the employee, customers or public, shut down operations, causes physical or environmental damages.

Handling emergencies

The emergency must be handled immediately to reduce or minimize the loss. Every organization must have an emergency plan to minimize the loss and recover from it.

In the next section of Accidents and Emergencies class 10 you will get familiar with some types of emergencies.

Types of emergency

The common types of emeregencies are as following:

  1. Chemical Peels
  2. Extreme Heatwaves
  3. Droughts
  4. Pandemics
  5. Terrorists Attack
  6. Fire
  7. Natural Disaster like Flood, Thunderstorms
  8. Leakage of gas or chemical

The following are some emergencies that need evacuation:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Floods
  • Earthquake
  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Toxic material release
  • Civil disturbance
  • Workplace violence

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