Comprehensive notes on Instant Messaging Class 10

Instant Messaging Class 10 is one of the learning outcome of Unit 4 Web Applications and Security for CBSE IT 402 Class 10 Curriculum. In this article, I am going to cover this topic with a detailed explanation by Comprehensive notes on Instant Messaging Class 10 so read the complete article and learn about this.

Comprehensive notes on Instant Messaging Class 10

Let’s start Comprehensive notes on Instant Messaging Class 10 with the meaning of instant messaging. It is very simple and we are using it every day. Whenever we care using a chat application or software, we are doing instant messaging. In fact these software or apps are instant messaging tools.

What is instant messaging class 10?

Instant Messaging class 10 is one of the topics of unit 4 web applications and security. Lets understand the meaning of instant messaging.

Instant messaging refers to conversation through the chat software. Sending a message to anyone and we are getting immediate response.

Instant messaging also refers to chatting.

What are instant messaging advantages and disadvantages?

In this part of Comprehensive notes on Instant Messaging Class 10 we are going to discuss instant messaging advantages and disadvantages.

Instant messaging offers following advantages:

  1. Provides rapid transmission of a text message from sender to receiver
  2. Provides the facility of file transfers, audio chat or voice chat, video calling, and conferencing, sharing screens or desktop etc.
  3. Widely used for personal and commercial use
  4. It offers real-time conversations, the user will get a response from the recipient immediately, live interaction
  5. Some applications provides offline messaging

Instant messaging has some disadvantages:

  1. Requires internet (Offline messengers are an exception)
  2. Need to have an account
  3. The potential risk of data privacy
  4. No time for review or draft any message
  5. Free applications display some irritating ads with links and pop-ups
  6. Anyone can send you message after getting your user id or number

What are the key features of instant messaging class 10?

The key features of instant messaging software are:

  1. Text messages can be sent individually or using broadcast or in the groups
  2. Audio calling, audio conferencing, video conferencing and video calling
  3. Contacts and File transfers such as documents like audio, video, docs, PDFs, PPTs, vCards etc.
  4. Offers to save message history for future reference or use

So the next session of Comprehensive notes on Instant Messaging Class 10 will talk about some examples and about instant messaging account.

Examples of instant messaging software

Nowadays we are using so many instant messaging software in out routine life. Some of the very popular software are:

  1. WhatsApp or WhatsApp Web
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Google Hangout
  4. Skype
  5. Windows live messenger

How to setup instant messaging account?

To set up an instant messaging account, you need to download the software or app or you need to have an e-mail ID. Because basically instant messaging offers to types of services: application based and web based.

The application-based software can be downloaded from the official sources and can be installed in the device. Whereas the web-based software using your device browser application.

Creating an instant messaging account

Creating an instant messaging account is an easy task. If you have already an email id then, your username before @ symbol can be your instant messaging account by default. Some software or applications provides an option to choose different IM account user name.

Here we discuss how to create account with google and how to use google hangout for instant messaging.

  1. Open google account sign up form by following this link.
  2. The form will ask about basic information related to account and your personal information like date of birth, mobile number, alternative email account etc.
  3. Fill up the data as per the requirement.
  4. Click on I agree for the privacy policy and its done.

Opening google account and chatting with a contact

Whenever you want to google account login with Gmail. Then follow these steps to use hangout:

  1. Find the option hangout in the left side of the main screen of Gmail.
  2. Choose any online account available there in the list of online contacts.
  3. Now send the message and wait for the reply.

You can also download the hangout application into mobile and computers.

General rules and etiquettes to be followed while chatting

In the next section of Comprehensive notes on Instant Messaging Class 10, we will discuss some of the general rules and etiquettes to be followed while chatting.

  1. In chatting your message should be short, simple and concise.
  2. Introduce yourself if your account doesn’t reveal your name.
  3. Ask the other person about the time that he has for chatting or not.
  4. Convey the exact message what you want to convey
  5. Don’t type your entire message in capital letter, as it is considered as shouting and aggressive in chatting terms
  6. Wait for their reply then send another message
  7. If you are doing an important chat, avoid to do chatting with others at the same time
  8. Always say thank you or end your chat conversation with proper messages

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