Comprehensive Notes Unit3 Database Management System Class10

In this article, you will get Comprehensive Notes for Unit 3 Database Management System Class 10.

Learning outcomes of Unit 3 Database Management System class 10

This unit has the following learning outcomes:

  1. Appreciate the concept of a Database Management System
  2. Create and edit tables using wizard and SQL
  3. Perform operations on the table
  4. Retrieve data using the query
  5. Create forms and Reports using the wizard

1 Appreciate the concept of Database Management System

This learning outcome has the following theoretical concepts:

  • Concept and examples of data and information
  • Concept of Database
  • Advantages of Database
  • Features of Database
  • Concept and examples of relational database
  • Concept and examples of field, record, table, database
  • Concept and examples of Primary key, composite primary key, foreign key
  • Relational database management system (RDBMS) software

2 Create and edit tables using wizard and SQL

  • Introduction to an RDBMS
  • Database objects – tables, queries, forms, and reports of the database
  • Terms in the database – table, field, record
  • Steps to create a table using table wizard, Data types in Base
  • Option to set the primary key
  • Table Data View dialogue box
  • DDL Commands

3 Perform operations on table

  • Inserting data in the table
  • Editing records in the table
  • Deleting records from the table
  • Sorting data in the table
  • Field properties
  • Referential integrity
  • Creating and editing relationships – one to one, one to many, many to many

4 Retrieve data using query

  • Database query
  • Defining query
  • Query creation using a wizard
  • Creation of query using design view
  • Editing a query
  • Applying criteria in query – single field, multiple fields, using wildcard
  • Performing calculations
  • Grouping of data
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

5 Create forms and Reports using wizard

  • Forms in Base
  • Creating a form using the wizard
  • Steps to create a form using Form Wizard
  • Options to enter or remove data from forms
  • Modifying form
  • Changing label
  • Changing background
  • Searching records using Form
  • Inserting and deleting records using Form View
  • Concept of Report in Base
  • Creating Report using the wizard
  • Steps to Create Report using Wizard

If you are looking for video lectures, here I have a complete youtube playlist that contains 14 videos for this unit:

If you are looking for more questions on this topic follow this link:

Important Questions Unit 3 Database Management System

What is a Database Management System class 10?

Database management system class 10 is one of the units of the CBSE skill course Information technology 402.

What are the types of database class 10?

According to the curriculum of CBSE, there are OO base databases, which can be considered as a type of database and the introduction to database topic has two types of database:
1. Flat File System
2. Database Management System

What is Database Management System PDF?

It contains the notes PDF for database management system notes.

How is data organized in a DBMS Class 10?

Data is organized into DBMS through tables and other objects.

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