Comprehensive notes WorkPlace Safety Class 10

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Maintain Workplace Safety Class 10

Maintain Workplace Safety
Maintain Workplace Safety

Workplace safety rules are very important for each and every organization. They must follow some safety rules and procedure to maintain workplace safety. These rules and procedures should be displayed at the crucial areas of the organization and a comprehensive guide should be also displayed for some procedures.

The employees and concerned authority must be trained for these safety rules and procedures. Regular maintenance and check for repairs of the equipment should be done by the concerned department in the organization. Some basic and fundamental safety rules are:

  1. Fire Safety
  2. Falls and Slips
  3. Electricity Safety
  4. Use of first Aid
  5. Occupational Hazards

In the next section of WorkPlace Safety Class 10, I will talk about fire safety rules.

Fire safety rules

In organizations, fire safety should be taken care of. Some types of equipment are used in the organization which can be burnt and may catch the fire. Some of the reasons are short circtruis, LPG leackage, or any other cause. So following rules or procedure should be followed to take care or prevent from fire:

  1. Emergency exits for fire escape should be installed at the proper places in the organizations.
  2. There should be a regular drill and training or awareness should be organized by the safety department.
  3. Smoke alarms must be placed at proper distance and intervals.
  4. The workplace must be declared as NO-SMOKING Zone.
  5. The equipment which are used for fire safety should be maintained and supervised properly.

In the next section of WorkPlace Safety Class 10, I will talk about falls and slips safety rules.

Falls and Slips Safety Rules

Falls and slips are common in the workplace. Many times people facing this issue while working due one or other reason. Sometimes a person gets minor injuries, sometimes it can be very dangerous too. To prevent falls and slips injuries the following rules can be followed:

  1. The area where people movement is very high should be cleaned and clutter-free.
  2. The workplace should be properly ventilated and have good light area.
  3. The employees who are working in such slippery areas must wear non-slippery footwear.
  4. The floors must be clean and dry before the movement of people.
  5. If any oil or water or dust is there should be cleaned immediately before any accidents.

Now the next section of WorkPlace Safety Class 10 contains rules about electrical safety.

Electrical Safety Rules

As you know the Electrical equipment made our life very comfortable. Buu at the same time if proper safety rules and procedure are not followed while handling them, it can be very dangerous to us. So some electrical safety rules should be followed to avoid such loss due to accident and hazards:

  1. The electrical equipment should be approved by the recognized organizations.
  2. Safety training or awareness should be provided to the people who are dealing with them.
  3. The old and outdated equipment such as wires, switches, or other damaged and hazardous electrical equipment should be immediately replaced.
  4. The equipment which generates heat should be kept away from electrical equipement.
  5. The outlates and circuits should not be overloaded.
  6. Always switch off or unplug the electrical appliances before cleaning or relocating them.

In the next section of WorkPlace Safety Class 10, we will discuss the use of first aid.

Use of first aid

The use of first aid is a primary need of every human. So an individual should learn it to save the damage or any type of loss.

First aid refers to the immediate assistance provided to the injured to save lives and minimize the health loss before the medical treatment.

Every organization must have a basic first aid kit with all necessary items and should be taken care of replacement at regular intervals before their expiry date. Follow these first aid safety rules:

  1. Assure the injured to remain calm and not to panic
  2. Keep them warm if they are under shock
  3. Do not move the victim in case of back/neck injury

In the next section of WorkPlace Safety Class 10, we are going to discuss occupational hazards.

Occupational Hazards

Occupational hazards refer to an illness one may acquire due to his occupation. For example, people working in a chemical factory may get ill due to the presence of chemicals. The common occupational hazards are as following:

  1. Physical Hazards: Physical hazards are common hazards with some injuries. Some injuries are unavoidable in some industries like construction, mining etc.
  2. Chemical Hazards: Employees who deal with chemicals in industries have a risk of illness due to the chemical.
  3. Biological Hazards: It refers to a biological substance that poses a threat to the health of living organisms, primarily humans.
  4. Behavioural Hazards: Many organizations offer insurance to their employees and some medical and healthcare services given at the subsidized rates.
  5. Radiological Hazards: Radiological Hazards derive from drinking water. Radiation exposure from drinking water is known as radiological hazards.
  6. Ergonomic Hazards: The ergonomics hazards are associated with risk factors like sitting posture, repetition, stationary position, direct pressure, vibration, extreme temperature, noise, and work stress etc.

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That’s all from the WorkPlace Safety Class 10. I hope you enjoyed the notes for WorkPlace Safety Class 10. If you have doubt or queries regarding this topic, feel free to ask in the comment section. Kindly share your views and feedback in the comment section for this article WorkPlace Safety Class 10.

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