Electronic Spreadsheet Class 10 comprehensive reference guide

Unit 2 Electronic Spreadsheet Class 10

Electronic Spreadsheet Class 10 is the second unit of the CBSE IT 402 curriculum. In this unit, I have explained the concepts according to CBSE Study material. So somewhere I have used Open Office Calc and Somewhere I have used MS Excel.

What are the learning outcomes of electronic spreadsheet class 10?

  1. Analyse data using scenarios and goal seek
  2. Link data and spreadsheets
  3. Share and review a spreadsheet
  4. Create and Use macros in spreadsheet

1 Analyse data using scenarios and goal seek

Consolidating Data | ASSIGNMENTS

Create Subtotal | Assignments

Using “what-if” scenarios | Assignments

Goal seek and solver | Assignments

Practical Questions

2 Link data and Spreadsheets

  • Setting up multiple sheets

  • Create a reference to other sheets by using a keyboard and mouse
  • Creating a reference to other documents by using keyboard and mouse
  • Relative and absolute hyperlinks
  • Hyperlinks to the sheet
    • Linking external data
    • Linking to registered data sources

3 Share and Review a spreadsheet

  • Setting up a spreadsheet for sharing
  • Opening and saving a shared spreadsheet
  • Recording changes
  • Add, Edit, and Format the comments
  • Reviewing changes – view, accept or reject changes
  • Merging and Comparing

4 Create and Use macro in a spreadsheet (HOT topic for Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced) Class-10)

  • Using the macro recorder
  • Creating simple macro
  • Using a macro as a function
  • Passing arguments to a macro
  • Macros to work like built-in functions
  • Accessing cell directly
  • Sorting the columns using macro

Practical Questions

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