Comprehensive notes Unit 4 Web Applications and Security

According to CBSE curriculum Unit 4 web applications and security have a weightage of 10 marks out of 40 marks from subject-specific skills. So this article provides you with comprehensive notes on Unit 4 Web applications and security. Here we go!

Unit 4 Web Applications and Security

There are 11 learning outcomes in Unit 4 Web Applications and Security. These skills are important for all working people nowadays. These all learning outcomes you will get as follows:

Working with accessibility options

  • Understand various types of impairment that impact computer usage
    Computer Accessibility Dialog box and its tabs
  • Sticky Keys
  • Filter Keys
  • Mouse keys
  • High Contrast
  • Cusror Options

Understand Networking Fundamentals

  • Network and its types
  • Client-Server Architecture, Peer-to-peer (P2P) Architecture,
  • internet, World Wide Web,
  • benefits of networking
  • internet, getting access to the internet,
  • internet terminology
  • Some of the commonly used Internet connectivity options
  • Data transfer on the Internet

Introduction to Instant Messaging

  • Learn key features of instant messaging
  • Creating an instant messaging account
  • Launching Google Talk
  • Signing In to your Google Talk Account
  • learn to chat with a contact that is already been added to your contact list.
  • sending text chat messages instantly by double-clicking on a contact.
  • general rules and netiquettes to be followed while chatting
  • chatting on various types of messengers

Creating and Publishing Web Pages – Blog

  • learn and appreciate a blog and its creation with the help of some blog providers
  • set up title and other parameters in a blog posting comments
  • using offline blog editors
  • Concept to create blogs using a blog application and publish the blog whenever internet connectivity is available.

Online Transaction

  • concept of e-commerce and various online applications
  • importance of secure passwords

Internet Security

  • The need for internet security
  • Cyber threats like phishing, email spoofing, chat spoofing etc.
  • best practices for internet security and secure passwords
  • concept of browser, cookies, backup, antivirus
  • clearing data in browsers

Maintain workplace safety

  • Basic safety rules to follow at the workplace – Fire safety,
  • Falls and slips, Electrical safety,
  • Use of first aid.
  • Case Studies of hazardous situations

Prevent Accidents and Emergencies

  • Accidents and emergencies,
  • Types of Accidents,
  • Handling Accidents
  • Types of Emergencies

Watch this one-shot video for more understanding.

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