Answer key Term 2 IT 402 Class 10 Easy explanation

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The question paper is based on CBSE sample paper 2022.

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Answer key Term 2 IT 402 Class 10

This solution is not a final or official marking scheme. It is prepared by me as IT subject teacher expert. Evaluation will be done in compliance with CBSE’s official answer key and marking scheme.

[1] Name the person who combines the factors in a creative manner to generate value for customers and create wealth.

[2] Name the skill that helps anyone to lead, guide and supervise people who work for business.

[3] Name any two elements of nature.

[4] Give any method that we can adopt to promote Sustainable Development.

[5] Differentiate between agricultural entrepreneurship and Small Scale Entrepreneurship with one point only.

[6] In our daily life we can contribute to create a Sustainable Society by Following 4Rs and 1U of sustainability. Explain any one out of 4R’s and 1 U.

[7] _______ is an organization which provides you with access to the internet via dial-up or direct or wireless connection.

[8] Name the software or hardware security device that analyzes the network traffic and determines if the traffic should be allowed or not.

[9] ___________ immediate assistance is provided to the injured to save life and minimize health loss till the proper medical aid/facility is provided.

[10] When the primary key constraint is applied to one or more columns in a table is known as __________

[11] A row that represents a single, data item in a table is known as ____________

[12] Explain the term sorting.

[13] With any four rules which is to be followed for creating strong passwords.

[14] What is the special name given to the discussion style site used by non-technical(or technical) users for creating personal web pages? Give any two examples of websites that help to create such discussion style sites for free.

[15] Differentiate between LAN and WAN with two points only.

[16] Explain any two types of relationships that can be created in tables.

[17] What is the difference between forms and reports?

[18] Identify any two columnname/attribue and their data types from a given table : PLAYER



[19] Aryan is too much worried when he came to know that someone has withdrawn all money from his uncle’s bank account. He was not able to understand how this could happen when he has not given his ATM card to anyone.

(a) Suggest to him a way by which he can be assured that he is doing secured online transactions.

(b) Which type of software he needs to install in his computer to protect his computer from malware?

(c) Help him to understand about phishing.

(d) He also thinks cookies are harmless. Explain to him how cookies can also cause harm to him.

[20] Due to the pandemic everyone was bound to stay at home. But, due internet the whole world was connected.

(a) What is meant by World Wide Web? Also write any two web browsers names that you know.

(b) Explain how data is transferred over internet.

[21] Consider the following table: Student


Write SQL Commands:

(a) To display the details of all students of Green House.

(b) To increase marks by 5 whose ADMNO is 1005.

(c) To display details of all students whose MARKS are less than 80.

(d) Display the list of all students in descending order of MARKS.

[2] An NGO is working for collecting plastic garbage from the people and spreading awareness to reduce the use of plastic. How this is helpful to the people? Write any two points.

[3] Mohit is working as an entrepreneur and he brings new products and services into the market and always improve the existing products or services available in the market. Here he is demonstrating which quality of an entrepreneur?

[4] Write anyone sign of responsible consumers and producers to the environment.

2 Marks questions

[1] Identify the misconceptions associated with the following statements:

  1. Nayan started a small shop for stationery. But he doesn’t call himself an entrepreneur.
  2. Rakesh has an idea to host a website to build various courses. He has very less money to invest. So he has not started the website.
  3. Milan has a mobile shop in the market where so many other mobile shops are already there. He doesn’t call himself an entrepreneur.
  4. Anil is coming from a middle-class family. He has an idea to start up a shopping mall in his area. But he couldn’t start.

[2] What measures can be taken to create sustainable cities?

Section B (1 Mark Questions)

[1] How to remove the relationship?

[2] Write the ways to create a query in OO Base.

[3] Trishala is learning SQL Queries. She wants to know what a query will do in SQL, Help her to understand this.

[4] Name the device which is central device that connects all devices into the network.

[5] Which option tells the keyboard to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes?

[6] Paresh wants to avoid/minimize hazards. Suggest to him proper ways do this.

2 Marks Questions

[1] What is update cascade or delete cascade?

[2] Write a few advantages of referential integrity.

[3] How do modify the records using forms?

[4] Charvi wants to post content on her WordPress website. Write steps to create a new post.

[5] Hetal is going to place an order online on Flipkart. But she doesn’t know the payment modes available on Flipkart. Help her by listing the various modes of payment.

[6] Enlist any four emergency situations.

Section C (4 Marks Questions)

[1] Ankita is working as a manager in a company. Her management told her to make a list of points to handle accidents carefully. Suggest any four points her for the same.

[2] Anil is working in an electronics company as a senior engineer. He is called for a seminar to explain safety rules for electrical equipment. What are these rules can be, write them?

[3] Observe the table store and write queries given below:

1001ChocolateCadbury India15040.00PuneMaharashtra
1003CookiesDark Fantasy25035.00HaridwarUttarakhand

i) Display the records in the descending order of rate

ii) Display the itemname, and supplier from Gujarat and Rajasthan.

iii) Delete a column city

iv) Display the information of items whose price is more than 30 and the supplier is Amul.

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Follow this link for the sample papers:

Sample Paper Class 10 IT 402

Mock Test Class 10 Information Technology – Mock Test 2

Section A (1 Mark Questions)

[1] Jignesh establishes a business or a venture that generates some value for the customer and proves to be profitable for him. State the role of Jignesh here.

[2] State any two important functions of an Entrepreneur.

[3] What do you mean by the green economy?

[4] State 4 Rs and 1U of sustainaibility.

2 Marks Questions

[1] List out any two characteristics of wage employment.

[2] How an individual can protect life on land?

Section B (1 Mark Questions)

[1] Define DSL.

[2] Write full form of (DDL) and DML. Give one example of each.

[3] A table named Hospital (containing data of patients of the hospital) is created, where each record consists of several fields including AdmissionNo (Unique Admission Number), Patient_Name, Doctor_Name, Adm_date. Which field out of these three should be set as the primary key and why?

[4] What is the significance of the Entry Required property field?

[5] Expand the following:

  1. IRCTC
  2. OLTP

[6] Write any two safety measures in the event of fire.

2 Mark Questions

[1] Aniket is working on a table having a field comm. He wanted to display the records of those persons who are earning a commission. He wrote the following command but unable to get the desired result.

select * from emp where comm !=null;

Suggest him the correct command.

[2] What are the steps involved in creating a form using a wizard?

[3] What are the clauses used with the SELECT command?

[4] Match the following Column A and Columna B correctly:

S.NoColumn AS.NoColumn B
1Cognitive Impairments1Carpal Tunnel
2Dexterity Impairments2low-vision
3Hearing Impairments3dyslexia
4Visual Impairments4deafness

[5] Bhavin is a networking engineer in a multinational company. He is confused about types of the network architecture. Explain to him the types of network architecture.

[6] Rutvik is paying money from his phone through an app whenever he is doing online shopping. Enlist some UPI based apps that provide online payment facilities.

Section C (4 Marks Questions)

[1] Vanshika has activated her chat account for the first time. She wants to know some etiquette followed while chatting. Write the same for her.

[2] What are cookies? How to clear browser cookies?

[3] Consider the following table – ‘Candidates’ and write the answer to below given queries:


(i) Display the records of candidates whose city names start with A.

(ii) Add a column status with varchar datatype.

(iii) Display the name, age and city of those candidates whose marks are more than 90.

(iv) Rename column marks to score.

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