Complete Practical File for IT Class 10 assure full marks in practical

This article provide you the Complete Practical File for IT Class 10 that assure full marks in practical for class 10.

I have already provided a detailed guide about practical exam and practical file sample. Follow the below given link to access it.

Practical Exam Guide

Complete Practical File for IT Class 10

So here is the list of practical considered in this file.

Unit 1 : Digital Documentation (Advanced)
1Understanding styles categories in OO Writer
2Create & Update a new style from the selection
3Creating templates in OO Writer
4Implement mail merge
Unit 2 : Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)
5Creating reference to other document
6Setting up a spreadsheet for sharing
Unit 3 : Database Management System
7Steps to create a table using table wizard
8Create Query using wizard
9Create form using wizard
10Create report using wizard
Unit 4 : Web Applications and Security
11Signing in into your Google Account and start chatting
12Create a blog website

Download the practical file by following the below-given link:

Download Now File 1 (Only highlighted Practical)

Download File 2 (with all practical)

I am gratful to Ms. Garima for giving permission to use this file.

Watch video for more understanding:

Download Practical Questions Paper

Follow this link to download practical question paper.

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