Important Mock Test Information Technology Class 10 Board Exam 2023

In this article, I will discuss Mock Test Information Technology Class 10 for the board exam 2023. So let us start a mock test and practice to get good marks. Here we go!

Mock Test Information Technology Class 10

After practicing this you will be confident enough to score good marks Information technology class 10 board exam. This mock test is prepared after thorough research on Sample Paper 2023 released by CBSE. If you need more practice papers follow this link:

Sample Paper IT 402 Class 10

Let us begin Mock Test Information Technology Class 10. Here we go!

SECTION A: OBJECTIVE-TYPE QUESTIONS – Mock Test Information Technology Class 10

Q. 1 Answer any 4 out of the given 6 questions on Employability Skills (1 x 4 = 4 marks)

[1] Ramesh is confused about which of the following is not an operating system. Select appropriate option for him.

a) Ubuntu Linux

b) MS Windows

c) MS Office

d) Apple Mac

[2] For stress management, The ABC of stress management should be always followed to achieve good results. What is the meaning of the given statement with respect to ABC of stress management?

“The individual responds to the event”

a) Adversity

b) Beliefs

c) Consequences

d) None of these

[3] Ved is an entrepreneur and he is able to transfer his own vision, abilities, and passion to his investors, employees, and customers. Which of the following quality of an entrepreneur he has?

a) Hardworking

b) Patient

c) Innovative

d) Self-Confident

[4] A person trying to trap you in inappropriate relationships online, bullying you into doing illegal activities online and sometime face to face is known as ______________

a) Hacker

b) Cracker

c) Online Predator

d) Cyber Mafia

[5] Which of the following is not a stress managment technique?

a) Time Management

b) Employee Management

c) Healthy Diet

d) Positivity

[6] _________ is the change of something going wrong.

a) Risk

b) Mistake

c) Adaptability

d) Loss

Q. 2 Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

[1] ______ keys tells the keyboard to ignore brief or repeated keystrokes, making typing easier for people with hand tremors.

a) Sticky

b) Mouse

c) Toggle

d) Filter

[2] ___________ provides an interface in a user specified layout that lets users to view, enter, and change data directly in database objects such as tables.

a) query

b) report

c) form

d) criteria

[3] Priya wants to store the records as a saved set of cell values for her calculations. She can named these set of cells and can edit and format separatedly anytime. What it is with respect to spreadhseet?

a) Goal Seek

b) Range

c) Subtotal

d) Scenario

[4] Jignesh wants to create a reference for a spreadsheet in his workbook. Which of the folloiwng symbol is used to create a reference in spreadsheet software?

a) =

b) $

c) .

d) ==

[5] Ashish wants to use margins, headers and footers, borders and backgrounds in his document. But he forgot the type of style category. Select an appropriate category for him:

a) Paragraph Styles

b) Character Styles

c) Page Styles

d) Frame Styles

[6] When primary key is applied on one or more column it is known as ______________

a) relational primary key

b) composite primary key

c) referential integrity

d) candidate key

Q. 3 Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

[1] Tushar wants to crop an inserted image in his word document. He wants to crop in such a way that cropping does not change the proportion of image. Which option/parameter is useful for him?

a) Keep Scale

b) Keep Ratio

c) Keep Original

d) Keep Image size

[2] The internet is which type of network out of the following?

a) LAN

b) MAN

c) WAN

d) PAN

[3] Which of the folloiwng represents a single data item in table?

a) Field

b) Attribute

c) Column

d) Tuple

[4] To set a customer template in OO Writer which command is used?

a) File – Template – Save As Default Template

b) File – Template – Set As Default Template

c) File – Template – Organize – Set As Default Template

d) File – Template – Organize – Save As Default Template

[5] State True or False – “You cannot edit comments once they have beed added”.

[6] A macro is

a) Saved sequence of commands

b) Saved sequence of range of cells

c) Saved set of formatting

d) Saved set of comments

Q. 4 Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

[1] Which of the following is not an instant messaging software?

a) Yahoo! Messenger

b) Google Earth

c) Skype

d) Facebook Messenger

[2] Chapter numbers can be added or deleted from _________ tab of Tables and Indexes dialog box.

a) Index/Table

b) Entries

c) Styles

d) Columns

[3] Raj is working on OO Base Table. He is creating a table for making ID cards. He wants to store photo of employee in a field photo. Select appropriate data type which fulfills his need.

a) char

b) varchar

c) binary

d) float

[4] Which of the following is not an online blog editor?

a) wordpress

b) qumana

c) wix

d) weebly

[5] State True or False – “You can create hyperlink for an email message that is pre-addressed to a particular recipient in spreadsheet”.

[6] Manthan wants to share the spreadsheet among users. Suggest him the option to do the same.

a) Tools – Share Document

b) File – Share Document

c) View – Share Document

d) Data – Share Document

Q. 5 Answer any 5 out of the given 6 questions (1 x 5 = 5 marks)

[1] To update the table content you can use ____________ view directly without any command in OO base.

a) Design View

b) Datasheet View

c) SQL View

d) Modifier View

[2] Rupali got a new project assignment. Where she cannnot have feasibility of broadband connection or any cable internet access because it is very difficult to laying out cables but she needs internet connection. Which of the following connectivity she can use?

a) Dial up

b) Modem Based Internet

c) DSL

d) WiMAX

[3] Shailja is working on a data in spreadsheet where she has details about customers from different cities. Her boss wants total amount of customers in the group of cities. Which option she can use for the same?

a) Consolidation

b) Goal Seek

c) Subtotal

d) Solver

[4] Which of the following is used to generate overall work outcome in clear format in OO Base?

a) Tables

b) Report

c) Forms

d) Query

[5] While selecting data source from text file for mail merge, which of the following option allows to select the field separator?

a) Row Format

b) File Type

c) Path to File

d) Raw Format

[6] Identify – It can be defined as an unfortunate incident that occurs unintentionally causing hazardous result or injury or unwanted results.

a) Emergency

b) Accident

c) Hazard

d) Pandemic


Answer any 3 out of the given 5 questions on Employability Skills (2 x 3 = 6 marks)

Answer each question in 20 – 30 words.

Q – 6 Write one positive impact of stress and one negative impact of stress.

Q – 7 Vikas is HR manager. He wants to perform a strength and weakness analysis of his employees. Suggest to him any four factors to accomplish his task.

Q – 8 Yashvi is a class 7 student. She learned how to delete a file from the computer. But does not aware of where it goes? Suggest to her where it will go after deletion and write steps on how to delete a file without sending it there.

Q – 9 How does an entrepreneur help in growing the area and society?

Q – 10 Write short notes on Small Scale entrepreneurship and Agricultural entrepreneurship.

Answer any 4 out of the given 6 questions in 20 – 30 words each (2 x 4 = 8 marks)

Q – 11 Write two ways to apply a style and two ways to create a new style.

Q -12 What are the three parameters required to be filled to complete the process of Goal Seek? Explain each of them.

Q – 13 Akshay is working as a head clerk in the school. He has a master sheet containing data from students such as a student GRNo, Student Name, Class, section so on. Now he wants to create a sheet named houses. ods by creating a reference to GRNO, Student Name, and Class. Help him to accomplish this task by writing the main steps.

Q – 14 Write two ways to create a table offered by OO Base.

Q – 15 What is SoundSentry? For which category of people it is designed?

Q – 16 Expand the following:


ii) COD

iii) IRCTC

iv) CVV

Answer any 3 out of the given 5 questions in 50– 80 words each (4 x 3 = 12 marks)

Q – 17 Bharti is a Hindi teacher in school. She is preparing a question paper for class 10. She wants to insert a picture and draw objects in the question paper. But she is not clear about the following, help her to do her work:

i) Way to insert picture

ii) Picture as watermark

iii) Group drawing objects

iv) Text Wrapping

Q – 18 Avinash is working on a spreadsheet. Where he wants to answer the following:

i) How to edit and remove existing scenarios in the spreadsheet?

ii) Differentiate between goal seek and solver

Q – 19 Consider the given structure for the table stock and answer the below-given questions:

Important Mock Test Information Technology Class 10 Board Exam 2023

i) Identify the most appropriate column, which can be considered as Primary key.

ii) Write a statement to Insert the following record into the table

Stockid – 201, dopurchase – 18-OCT-2022, name – neckphone , Make – BoAT, price – 500

iii) Decrease the price of stock by 5% whose were purchased in year 2020

iv) Write the statements to delete the record of stock whose price is more than 30000.

Q – 20 Answer the following questions:

i) Name any two DDL and DML commands

ii) Write statement to add a column named rating with decimal data type in the table stock

iii) Write a statement to drop the column rating

iv) Write a statement to rename column dopurchase to purchasedate.

Q – 21 Explain the terms Accident and Emergency. Write steps to handle accidents;

Watch this video for more understanding and explanation:

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