A comprehensive guide for IT 402 Practical File Class 10

IT 402 Practical File class 10 is an important part of CBSE IT 402, the subject of the CBSE Skill education department. According to the revised CBSE curriculum for session 2020-21 the theory and practical both assessment given equal marks i.e. 50 + 50 = 100. In this article, we will discuss the practical work and project guide for class 10 CBSE IT.

IT 402 Practical File class 10

Here we are going to discuss IT 402 Practical File class 10. So let’s begin.

Practical Work

This part C of CBSE IT 402 curriculum for IT 402 Practical File class 10. It has three main components:

  1. Practical Examination
  2. Written Test
  3. Viva Voce

Practical Examination

This is the first component of practical work. In this part, you can ask different practical questions of 15 marks based on the different units of practical taught throughout the year. It can be like this:

  1. Unit 1 – Digital Documentation (Advanced)
  2. Unit 2 – Electronic Spreadsheet (Advanced)
  3. Unit 3 – Database Management System
  4. Unit 4 – Web Applications

The marks and weightage can be equal or subject teacher can decide for all of these 4 units for these 15 marks. Inform students to complete all of those activities and save them proper filenames and in folders for records.

Written Test

This second component of practical work. In this part, you can set questions of 10 marks. It can be asked from the practical portions of the curriculum.

Viva Voce

In this part, ask verbal questions based based lab activities you have asked in practical examination i.e. part 1. You can ask them about their observations or skills or their real life applications.

Project Work / Field Visit

This is part D of the assessment. This part is divided into two main components:

  1. Practical File/ Student Portfolio
  2. Viva Voce

IT 402 Practical File class 10

This component carries 10 marks. In this part, students has to submit one practical file which contains different lab work assignment from all the practicals done in the lab or practical sessions. They can attach 5 practical activities from each unit. There is no specific number is given by the board. So teachers can tell them to prepare a file in such a way that contains records of practical from each units as well as can consist of each practical topic.

Check out the topic wise practical lab work assignments from here

How to do the activities and attach in the practical file?

Now the question is how to do this and prepare a practical file. So here I will suggest you in this manner. I have taken example of one practical lab work assignment from Unit 1 Digital Documentation (Advanced) for the topic Create and Apply styles in digital document.

Assignment 2

Step 1 : Give proper heading for the assignment in the beginning then Type the given text or paragraph in OO Writer.

Step 2: Apply the different heading and styles mention in the assignment

Step 3: Save the file in proper folder

Step 4: Take a print out of it

Step 5: Write a short summary or steps how you have done that or you can prepare a small chart on it in creative way which can be attached in your file

For Example: Heading 1 in Assignment 2 –> Think and Success like Kohli

Step 1: Type the text by keyboard — Think and Success like Kohli

Step 2: Click on Format –> Styles and Formatting

Step 3: Select Heading 1 from the dialog box and click on Fill Format Mode button.

Step 4: Now drag this fill format bucket over the text

For Art integration IT student can prepare this written part in different manner which can be attached in the file. They can make it creative as they wish.

So similarly it will continue for different topics as well.

Class-X IT-402 Practical File/Portfolio

A portfolio is a document that tells about student day to day progress and activities that help other learners to learn the subject well. Here teacher can write the observation on specific tasks or activities performed by students and keep a proper record for the practical evaluation.

Viva voce

A viva voce is a verbal questions asked to students based on practical file or portfolio.

A sample is attached for your reference from the Unit 1 Digital Documentation (Advanced), learning outcome 1 – Create and apply styles in digital document.

Download the complete practical file for session 2020-21

Follow this link to download the complete IT 402 Practical File class 10 for the session 202-21.

Download Now

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