Computer Science Class 12 Term 2 Study Material – Comprehensive Notes

In this article, you will get Computer Science Class 12 Term 2 Study Material. This sturdy material is purely prepared based on the topics given in the term wise syllabus for the 2021-22 session. So let’s begin now!

Computer Science Class 12 Term 2 Study Material

There are three units in term 2. These units are:

  1. Computational thinking and programming 2 – Data Structure Stack
  2. Computer Networks
  3. Database Management

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Sample Paper Term 2 Computer Science Class 12

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Most expected computer science class 12

Unit I Computational thinking and programming – 2

This unit contains the data structure – stack, operations on the stack (push & pop), and implementation of stack using the list.

Data Structure – Stack

  • Data Structure: Stack, operations on stack (push & pop), implementation of stack using list – Notes | QnA

Unit II Computer Networks

  • Evolution of networking: introduction to computer networks, evolution of networking (ARPANET, NSFNET, INTERNET) – Notes | QnA
  • Data communication terminologies: concept of communication, components of data – communication (sender, receiver, message, communication media, protocols), measuring capacity of communication media (bandwidth, data transfer rate), IP address, switching techniques (Circuit switching, Packet switching), Transmission media: Wired communication media (Twisted pair cable, Co-axial cable, Fiber-optic cable), Wireless media (Radio waves, Micro waves, Infrared waves – Notes | QnA
  • Network devices (Modem, Ethernet card, RJ45, Repeater, Hub, Switch, Router, Gateway, WIFI card) – Notes | QnA
  • Network topologies and Network types: types of networks (PAN, LAN, MAN, WAN), networking topologies (Bus, Star, Tree) – Notes | QnA
  • Network protocol: HTTP, FTP, PPP, SMTP, TCP/IP, POP3, HTTPS, TELNET, VoIP – Notes | QnA
  • Introduction to web services: WWW, Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), domain names – Notes | QnA
  • Website basics- Notes | QnA
  • web browser, web servers, web hosting – Notes | QnA

Unit III Database Management System

  • Database concepts: introduction to database concepts and its need
  • Relational data model: relation, attribute, tuple, domain, degree, cardinality, keys (candidate key, primary key, alternate key, foreign key)
  • Structured Query Language: introduction, Data Definition Language and Data Manipulation Language, data type (char(n), varchar(n), int, float, date), constraints (not null, unique, primary key), create database, use database, show databases, drop database, show tables, create table, describe table, alter table (add and remove an attribute, add and remove primary key), drop table, insert, delete, select, operators (mathematical, relational and logical), aliasing, distinct clause, where clause, in, between, order by, meaning of null, is null, is not null, like, update command, delete command
  • Aggregate functions (max, min, avg, sum, count), group by, having clause, joins : Cartesian product on two tables, equi-join and natural join

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Unit III Database Management System Notes for Class 12 Computer Science

  • The interface of python with an SQL database: connecting SQL with Python, performing insert, update,
  • delete queries using the cursor, display data by using fetchone(), fetchall(), rowcount, creating
  • database connectivity applications

Python MySQL Connetivity

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