Important QnA network protocols class 12

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Important QnA network protocols class 12

Objective type questions

The objective types questions for the article Important QnA network protocols class 12 are as following, which contains fill in the blanks, True/False and MCQs.

  1. The ___________ is a set of rules in network that governs communication. (Ans. Protocol)
  2. The protocols are responsible for communication between
    1. Customer, Supplier and Vendor
    2. Salesman, Manufacturer, Client
    3. Sender, receiver, another stakeholder
    4. Network administrator, website developer, CEO
  3. Which of the is not a matter of consideration for designing a protocol?
    1. Flow Control
    2. Access Control
    3. Addressing
    4. Network Type
  4. The flow of control in the network is related to
    1. Data
    2. Speed
    3. Topology
    4. Cables
  5. The _____________ will check and access shared links in the network. (Ans. Access Control)
  6. The __________ defines the source and destination of data in the network. (Ans. Address)
  7. Which of the following protocol defines a unique logical address for the computers in a network?
    1. TCP
    2. IP
    3. FTP
    4. HTTP
  8. The TCP protocol defines the path of the route from source to the destination. (True/False)
  9. You cannot access FTP without login with username and password. (True/False)
  10. Which of the following protocol is capable to handle issues like a different convention for filenames, representation of data in different formats, and different directory structure?
    1. FTP
    2. IP
    3. HTTP
    4. PPP
  11. The _______________ protocol provides a direct connection between two devices. (Ans. PPP)
  12. Which of the following protocol plays an important role in the transfer of webpages and website data?
    1. FTP
    2. WWW
    3. HTTP
    4. TCP
  13. The ________________ protocol works on the email headers and going into the outgoing emails. (Ans. SMTP)
  14. The TelNet is a protocol that allows accessing a remote computer. (True/False)

In the next section of QnA network protocols class 12, I will provide you some subjective type questions.

Subjective type questions

Follow the below given link for the answers:

Network Protocols Notes

  1. What do you mean by protocol?
  2. What is the need for protocol?
  3. What are the roles of the protocol in-network?
  4. Expand the following:
    1. FTP
    2. HTTP
    3. TCP/IP
    4. PPP
    5. POP
    6. TelNet
    7. SMTP
    8. IMAP
  5. Explain the following protocols with their functions:
    1. TPC/IP
    2. FTP
    3. PPP
    4. TelNet
    5. HTTP

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