Important QnA Website Basics class 12

Welcome to the another QnA article – Important QnA Website Basics class 12. Here we are going to discuss some questions and answers based on the topic Website for Informatics Practices class 12. So here we begin the article Important QnA Website Basics class 12!

Important QnA Website Basics class 12

As per the sample paper 2021 the first section in objective type questions and then we will discuss the subjective type questions.

Objective type questions

In this section of Important QnA Website Basics class 12 you will get fill in the blanks, MCQs, and True/False type questions.

  1. A _____________ is a collection of web pages written using HTML. (Ans. Website)
  2. A computer on which the website is hosted and it is connected to the internet all time is known as ____________. (Ans. Web Server)
  3. The __________ of a website are linked together with different hyperlinks and share a common interface and design. (Ans. webpages)
  4. Which of the following are not a part of the web page?
    1. Images
    2. HyperText
    3. video
    4. directories
  5. An interactive web page is create through _____________
    1. HTML Only
    2. HTML and Scripting Languages
    3. Programing Languages only
    4. Through a software
  6. Which of the following component of a website allows us to navigate the user through different sections or pages?
    1. Hyperlink
    2. Home Page
    3. Design
    4. Content
  7. The first page loads when you open a website is known as the Home page. (True/False)
  8. The static webpage offers different contents to every user. (True/False)
  9. Which of the following language can be used to make a dynamic web page?
    1. C
    2. C++
    3. Python
    4. All of these
  10. Every web server has a unique name, which is known as _________ name. (Ans. domain)
  11. The space provided by a service provider to store website data is called ________________.
    1. Webspace
    2. Cloud Computing
    3. Web Hosting
    4. Web Store
  12. Which of the following is not a part of a webpage?
    1. Text
    2. Graphics
    3. Video
    4. User
  13. Which of the following is/are component(s) of a structure-wise web page?
    1. Header
    2. Title of Page
    3. Navigation Links
    4. All of these
  14. WordPress is one of the following?
    1. Programming Language
    2. Content Management System
    3. Web Store
    4. Operating System
  15. The ____________ are embedded codes in the website to develop dynamic webpage. (Ans. Scripting)

In the next section of Important QnA Website Basics class 12, you will get some subjective type questions. For answers refer to the below-given link:

Notes – website basics

QnA Website Basics class 12
QnA Website Basics class 12

Subjective type questions

  1. Explain the following terms:
    1. Website
    2. Webpage
    3. Homepage
    4. Webserver
    5. Hosting
  2. What are the main purposes of a web site?
  3. What are the components of a web site? Explain in detail.
    1. Webhosting – A space or computer provided by a service provider to store website data
    2. Address – A unique URL rendered by the browser when the request sent by the user
    3. Homepage – The first page of a website when the website is launched
    4. Design – The theme and interface design including the layout of the website
    5. Content – The text, images, links, and other media files included in the web page
    6. Navigation Structure – A structure that navigates from one page to another
  4. What do you mean by the content-wise web page and structure-wise web page? Explain their components?
    1. Content-wise webpage: The content-wise web page contains the hypertext and hyperlinks on the web page. The hypertext stores various media like text, images, video, sound and links whereas the hyperlink refers to a link from one page to another page or file or part/section of a webpage.
    2. Structure-wise webpage: This type of webpage contains a specific structure and having various parts like title, header, body, navigation menu, footer etc. In this type of pages, the structure of the header, navigation menu and footer remains the same, only the body part will change according to the content.
  5. What are the types of web pages? Explain in detail.
  6. What do you mean by HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?
    1. HTML – Every static webpage is developed up through HTML. HTML provides some basic commands to create a webpage.
    2. CSS – CSS stands for Case Cading Stylesheet. It allows using the different formatting commands for the HTML contents.
    3. JavaScript – JavaScript is a scripting language that allows adding dynamic functionality to support user interaction through a website.
  7. How to host a website?
    • The following steps need to follow to host a website:
      • Go and search for the hosting provider companies online
      • Find a suitable domain name for your website
      • Register your domain name with the Domain Name Registrar
      • Once you get to space, create your login
      • Upload your localhost website files on the allocated space
      • Map you domain name with IP address

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