In this article, I am going to provide you CBSE Term 1 Report Card 2021-22 excel file for classes 1 to 8. So let’s discuss the required components and I will explain how to write the formulas and prepare report cards. So here we go!

The components of CBSE Term 1 report card 2021-22 Excel File

Before starting How to prepare CBSE Term 1 report card 2021-22 Excel File article refer to the CBSE circular for assessment structure for the session 2021-22, you can read the circular from here: Special Scheme of assessment for class 10 and 12.

So according to that schools can assess the students of the rest of classes accordingly or with the old pattern as well. So adjust the formulas as per the structure you have followed for your school. Here I have provided the report card as per the new pattern for class 8. The structure for each subject is as follows:

  1. Total Marks: 50 for each subject
  2. Interal + Term 1 Exam – 10 (Internal) + 40 (Term I – Written Exam)
  3. Additional Subject (Computer or AI or any Other) 25 (Th) + 25 (Pr)s
  4. The componenets of Internal Assessment are –
Periodic Test3
Multiple Tests2
Subject Enrichment Activities or Project3

This pattern can be followed for any of the classes with the same spirit or classes 6 to 8. Here I have provided a sample for the class 8 report card for term 1. So let’s begin now!

How to prepare CBSE Term 1 Report Card 2021-22 Excel File

Open MS Excel and Create different worksheets, Here I have created the following worksheets:

  1. Student Profile – This worksheet has the columns like Roll Number, Name of the student, Father Name, Mother Name, Date of Birth, GR NO.
  2. Marks Entry T1 – This worsheet contains the marks of various exams conducted throught the term 1 and term 2 respectively.
  3. Grade T1- This worksheet contains the formulas to display the marks in report card for Term 1 and Term 2.
  4. T1T2 – This worksheet contains the value which is going to be displayed on the report card.
  5. Report Card Term 1 – The format for report card term 1.
  6. Report Card Annual – This worksheet contains the report card format for term 1 and term 2 both exams.

Student Profile for CBSE Term 1 Report Card 2021-22

The steps to create a student profile are:

  1. Just link the required details from the main students database that contains complete details of students.
  2. Put the cursor in respective column and type =.
  3. Now switch the worksheet into the the database worksheet.
  4. Selec the desired cell to link the data.
  5. Repeat the steps for all required worksheet.
  6. Save the worksheet.

Observe the screenshot:

student profile CBSE Term 1 Report Card 2021-22

Marks Entry for Term 1 – CBSE Term 1 Report Card 2021-22

  1. Link the roll no and name from student profile worksheet.
  2. Link the marks from the worksheets received from subject teacher respectively for every subject.

Observe the screenshot:

Organize the marks received from the teachers for each subject in proper folders. Those marks will be linked here in the marks entry 1 worksheet.

Grade T1 – CBSE Term 1 Report Card 2021-22

This worksheet contains formulas to calculate the average marks of term 1. These marks will be carry forwarded directly to the term 1 report card. In this worksheet I have taken internal marks from one of the periodic tests and term 1. So the Periodic test marks will be taken as marks/7 to compute out of 3, then multiple tests, portfolio and subject enrichment will be calculated accordingly 2 marks.

Report Card

The term1 report card look like as per the screenshot given below:

Report Card Format 2021-22
Report Card Format 2021-22

So I hope this article is useful for you.

Download the excel file for report card Term 1

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  1. Above blog explained well about components of CBSE very detailed mode. By this blog I can easily understand how the fundamental working goes on the CBSE Examinations. Also about the students profiles in the CBSE. Blog is really helps to me to know the CBSE examinations.

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