important formats and proforma documents CBSE board exam 2024

In this article, I will provide some important documents CBSE board exam 2024. If you are looking for various formats used in the CBSE board exam 2024 you are landing on the right page. So let’s start!

What are the Documents CBSE board exam 2024

The center superintendent needs to prepare some formats for board exams. So here I will provide you with the various formats documents for the same in PDF format. You can download the document by liking our page. So let’s go for it!

The first document for documents CBSE board exam 2024 is the Seating Plan. So let’s discuss the seating plan.

Seating Arrangement – Documents CBSE board exam 2024

A day before the commencement of the examination, Centre Superintendent shall see and ensure that the arrangement of tables and seats to be used by the candidates is satisfactory. He shall particularly see that the candidates are allotted seats in such a way as to render all communication between them impossible.
The roll no. of each candidate should be prominently shown on each desk/table so that the candidate has no difficulty in finding out his/her allotted seat. The candidate must be seated sufficiently apart to prevent collusion.

Where to be displayed

A combined seating plan of all the rooms/halls should be displayed each day for the examination of that day at a prominent place in the venue. A seating plan for each Hall/room should also be displayed outside each room/hall but not earlier than two hours before the commencement of the examination.

Required Copies

The Centre Superintendent shall prepare a plan of examination hall and/or room showing the order of seats allotted to candidates and the direction the candidates face and shall send a copy of the seating plan duly signed to the Regional Office along with the bundle of answer books every day as well as a complete duplicate set of each day’s plan when the examination is over.

In short, One copy of the seating plan should be sent each day along with the packets of answer books, a duplicate (consolidated for all the days) to be sent at the close of the examination and a triplicate copy to be retained by the Centre Superintendent.

What if more than one paper on a single day

In a room, the candidates should be allotted seats roll no. wise and subject-wise. Seating may, however, be mingled according to a fixed plan if there is more than one paper on a particular day and the number of examinees in each subject is small.

Absent Marking

In the Seating plan of each room, roll no. of the candidate who is absent be encircled with red ink indicating ‘ABSENT’.

Mention Proper Subject code

A seating plan as per format for each Room/Hall should be drawn displaying the actual seating position of the candidates in a Room. Question paper Code No. in a subject where multiple sets of question papers have been used should also be shown in the seating plan after the examination.

Download the seating plan Document

Here I have attached the seating plan document. Download the document.

The next document for documents CBSE board exam 2024 is Appnedix D i.e. Century list.

Appendix D or Century List or Statement of Candidates Appeared

Soon after the examinations are over, statements of candidates appeared (Appendix-D), all attendance sheets duly signed by the Centre Superintendents and duplicate copies of the seating plans are sent to the Regional Office concerned.

This format is also known as the century list. Download and print on legal size paper the same by following the given link:

The next document for documents CBSE board exam 2024 is Appendix E or Absentee List. Here we go for it!

Appendix E or Absentee List or Consolidated Absentee Statement

This document consolidated a list of casual absentees (not absent in all papers), full absentees (absent in all papers) and a list of Unfair Means Cases (Appendix-E) is also sent to the concerned RO after the exam is over.

Download this format which is provided in word format so you can edit it.

In the next section of documents CBSE board exam 2023. Let’s go for it now!

Appendix F or Unfair Means Case Proforma

The answer books of Unfair Means cases be sent in separate envelopes provided along with centre material, duly sealed, to the concerned Regional Office/collection centre. In case the envelopes have not been received, the answer books are packed and sent as per Appendix-F.

Use one separate proforma for each case.

Download the document and print it on legal size paper (appendix) f from documents CBSE board exam 2023. Follow this link:

In the next section of documents CBSE board exam 2024, we are going to see the most important document of this article documents CBSE board exam 202.4 This document is Appendix G or the Attendance sheet. Here we go for it!

Appendix G or Attendance Sheet

This document out of documents CBSE board exam 2024 will be provided by CBSE before the exam. In case the attendance sheet for any candidate whose name appears in the list of candidates is not received at the examination centre before the first day of commencement of the examination, attendance of the candidate be taken in the attendance sheet in the specimen proforma given in Appendix-G.

Points to be remembered:

  1. Specimen signature of the candidate must be verified by the Asstt. Supdt. with the signature of the candidate of the Admit Card.
  2. If the candidate is absent in any paper the Assistant Superintendent should write ‘Absent’ in red ink in column No.5 and put his Signature in Column No.6.
  3. One attendance sheet should be used for one candidate.
  4. Code No. of Question paper set as indicated on Question paper must be filled in Column 4 and verified by the Assistant Superintendent

Appendix H

In the next section of documents CBSE board exam 2024, we are going to provide you appendix h. This document is used for proforma indicating the category of candidates with benchmark disabilities. The format is attached in this link.

Appendix I Bell timing

This is most important for the students as well as all stakeholders connected to CBSE exam. This appendix indicates the timing of bells and bell types. Download this format by following link:

If you are looking for the instructions given to the candidates follow this link:

Instructions to the candidates

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