If you are a class 10 student from the CBSE board and searching for CBSE Term 1 Answer Key Social Science Class 10 Then you have landed on the right page. On this page, I will provide you with the CBSE Term 1 Answer key in Social Science Class 10 for set 4. Let’s begin!

Check out here for FAQs of OMR and evaluation.

CBSE Term 1 Answer key Social Science Class 10

Class 10 Social Science examination was conducted on 30.11.2021. This examination is conducted in the form of MCQ based OMR sheet based exam. So answer key is required to check the correct answer. CBSE Term 1 Answer key Social Science Class 10 is attached herewith for your reference.

You can download the answer key and check your answers now. The highlight of the questions paper is as follows:

  1. There are 60 questions in the question paper.
  2. The maximum marks for this subject is 40.
  3. Time duration was given 90 Minutes.
CBSE Term 1 Answer key Social Science Class 10 set 4

I hope this answer key will help you in checking your answer. Thank you for visiting my blog.

6 thoughts on “CBSE Term 1 Answer key Social Science Class 10”
  1. Ujjwal nagesh ingole says:

    Your 35 th answer is wrong

  2. Your answer number 25 is wrong

    1. Answer of 25th is (b) not (a).

  3. Answer of 25th question will be (b) not (a)

  4. Dr Shital Agrawal says:

    Answer to 25,35 is b
    And answer to 57 should be b

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