In this article, I will provide a format for relieving letter CBSE spot evaluation 2023. This format will be helpful for all the schools whose teachers are called for evaluation.

Earlier I provided relieving letter for the practical exam including other documents required for practical exams. Similarly, I have also provided the formats for CBSE board examinations.

Here I will provide you relieving letter for CBSE spot evaluation 2023. So if you are working in school and looking for the relieving letter CBSE evaluation 2023 this article will help you.

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What is relieving letter CBSE evaluation?

Relieving letter CBSE spot evaluation 2023 is a document that teachers who are appointed for evaluation duties have been relieved from their school duties and submit a letter to Chief Nodal Supervisor on joining.

Here I have attached the letter in PDF form. You can download it from the link given at the end of this article.

Contents of relieving letter CBSE spot evaluation 2023

The relieving letter format word CBSE spot evaluation 2023 has the following contents:

  1. It should be printed on the school letterhead
  2. The title should be “Relieving Certificate” or “Relieving Letter”
  3. Description About the teacher appointed as an evaluator
  4. Experience Details
  5. Qualification Details
  6. When to join duties
  7. Signature, name, and Stamp of Principal
  8. Date and Place at the bottom of the letter

Observe this format for relieving letter format for CBSE evaluation duty 2023:

relieving letter CBSE spot evaluation

Download relieving letter CBSE spot evaluation 2023 by school to evaluator

Download the clean PDF of relieving letter format word for CBSE spot evaluation 2023. Follow the below-given link.

Download relieving letter for spot evaluation 2023 School to evaluator

Download relieving letter CBSE spot evaluation 2023 by CNS to evaluator

Download relieving letter CBSE spot evaluation 2023 by CNS to evaluator

I hope this article will help you in preparing the relieving letter for evaluators. If you have any doubts or queries feel free to ask in the comment section. Share this article with people who need the format.

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What is the process of evaluation in CBSE?

The process of evaluation has now become spot evaluation. CBSE elect some schools as evaluation centre and the Principal of that school is appointed as Chief Nodal Supervisor and The school as Chief Nodal Centre.

Is CBSE evaluation strict?

CBSE is preparing an answer key and marking scheme for evaluation. The papers are checked according to the marking scheme given by CBSE. If somewhere answers are relevant the appointed concerned people with discussing the answer and award the marks.

What are the duties of the CBSE observer?

CBSE observers are appointed for observing that exams should be conducted smoothly and as per rules. They will ensure the examination conduction is smooth and as per rules.

What is CBSE spot evaluation?

CBSE sport evaluation is the process of checking the answer sheet on CBSE evaluation centres done by the evaluators and other members appointed by CBSE.

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