Comprehensive Guide CBSE TA DA Bill 2023

In this article, I will guide you on how to fill CBSE TA DA Bill and claim TA DA bill for outstation candidates performing various duties for board examinations and CBSE spot evaluation or any other official work. So here we go!


CBSE has introduced IPS portal for payment to any functionaries involved with CBSE official duty or examination as well CBSE sport evaluation work. Sometimes due to a shortage of manpower or due to some other reasons, CBSE appoints an outstation candidate for the duty.

The outstation candidates performing duty are eligible for their CBSE TA DA bill. But in IPS system there is no option for claiming TA DA. Hence the candidate as to claim TA DA through the center and with appropriate documents.

In this article, I will provide a guide about how to claim TA DA for External Examiner and CBSE spot evaluation. So let’s begin now!

Such CBSE TA DA bill payments will be released by the concerned RO.

Important Dates for CBSE TA DA Bill for Term 2 Exam 2022

CBSE has given clear direction to CNS and the Practical examination center to complete the forms and details and send them to the concerned RO latest by 24.05.2023.

Generally, the complete CBSE TA DA Bill must reach to board’s office within 60 days after completion of duty. The claim will not be entertained, if not submitted within the stipulated time as per the norms of GOI.

So let’s see how to claim CBSE TA DA Bill for the term 2 exams 2022. To claim CBSE TA DA Bill follow these steps.

  1. Download the CBSE TA DA Bill Format.
  2. Fill up the information required
  3. Attach the necessary tickets and bills
  4. Attach necessary documents
  5. Get it signed by authorities
  6. Send it to the concerned RO

Download CBSE TA DA Bill PDF

Follow the link to download CBSE TA DA Bill in PDF form.

Download CBSE TA DA Bill PDF

Fill up the information required

After downloading the PDF, fill up the personal details and journey details.

Attach necessary tickets & bills

Keep all the tickets and bills for each day and paste them on separate sheets day-wise. Use the number of sheets you required. Write the amount in the proper place for clarity on each page and grand total on the last page.

Attach necessary documents

With the bill, few documents are required. The documents are as follows:

  1. Salary Slip for per DA charges, if not attached then they will calculate minimum as per rules
  2. Canceled Cheque
  3. Relieving orders of both schools (Your School/Center[Evaluation/Practical Exam/Board Exam] School)
  4. Sheets where Tickets and Bills pasted
  5. Appointment Letter

Get it signed by authorities

Finally get it signed by all authorities, for evaluation – CNS and practical exam Principal of the school where the practical exam is conducted.

Send it to the concerned RO

After following all the above steps prepare one envelope and write the RO office address and send it. This form should be sent by the candidate only.

Watch this video for more understanding:

If you are looking for other CBSE formats follow this link.

Download other CBSE format

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